Tuesday 31 December 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

31 December  2019


I  was delighted to read the article Daily Mirror articleTsunami A lost opportunity by Tamils for peacemaking’ by Mr M S M Ayub. I was delighted not because of the literal value of the message but of the lateral spread of the mind structure of the author who related the Lankan experience of war and Tsunami to Indonesia’s Aceh experience at the same time. I learnt also the following:

[The separatist insurgencies in Indonesia and Sri Lanka had several parallels with separatist movements in both countries officially commencing in 1976. Gerakan Aceh Merdeka(GAM) or Free Aceh Movement at the Aceh Province in Northern Indonesia started its armed campaign for the secession and independence of the province from Indonesia in that year.   
Interestingly, it was in the same year that Tamil United Front (TUF) changed its name to Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) while adopting a resolution at its historic Convention in Vaddukoddai to carve out a separate State in the Northern and Eastern Provinces in Sri Lanka for Tamil-speaking people. Despite Tamils rebels having started to kill their opponents such as the then Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappah the previous year 1975, it was only at the Vaddukkoddai convention that the idea of a separate State was formalised.   
Another parallel between separatist wars in both countries was the two failed peace attempts among rebels and governments of respective countries in 2000 and 2002 with
international mediation

Truth is Universal and hence the borders of time and place are lost to the mind that is in Truth. My example of Ancient Greece in relation to Tsunami – was prepared and  published on 27 December 2019, under the heading ‘ALLI - RAANI SAYS YOU ARE WRONG MR SINHALESE PRESIDENT!’

I read Mr Ayub’s article only today even though that also was published on the 27 December 2019. This commonness holds the key to resolving our ethnic problem. Mr Ayub is a Muslim and I am a Hindu. That diversity is confirmed by the outer values of our articles – i.e. Mr Ayub used Aceh of current times and I used the war between 431BC and 404BC in Ancient Greece and the Tsunami there in 426BC. My article earned me the following expression of appreciation from a fellow Sri Lankan:

[Dear Gaja
Let me wish you the very best for the season and a peaceful New Year. May God grant you strength to continue your work which stimulates others to think.  I must say that you are very knowledgeable and write very well.
With lots of love and warm regards.
Mevan Pieris]

Through such appreciation, Mevan has shared with me , his high status as a Sri Lankan of world class. To me that is what good governance is about.  The three minds have thus merged through genuine common interest in Sri Lanka and we are the example of integrated Sri Lanka.
The Tsunami was a strong indicator that the Sri Lankan war had come to its natural level. In terms of solution, Mr Ayub presents the following:

[In mid-2005, the government agreed to grant greater autonomy to the Aceh Province and GAM rebels reciprocated with a pledge to lay down arms and renounce violence. And the peace holds in Aceh since. However, the situation in Sri Lanka was different. A part of the areas devastated by the tsunami was under the control of the LTTE while foreign aid received for relief and reconstruction work were with the government and thus the need of a joint mechanism between the government and the LTTE arose.  ]
There is a major hindrance to solutions through higher minds in the case of Tamils largely due to the LTTE getting separated from the Common Political mind of Tamils led by Northern  Tamils. A political solution was possible if LTTE was a separate group to the Politicians or were juniors to the Politicians. A political solution was NOT possible due to this natural and true structure not being recognized by the LTTE which killed political leaders.
Even during Tsunami Reconstruction work – they surfaced the truth that they lacked the humility to honor those of us who  provided the service to victims of  Tsunami. By blocking Had they done that ‘Development’ led by Democratic minded Tamils would have diluted that negative karma that affected the Natural Rights of the whole Community. The dictatorial karma of the LTTE was worsened when they mind-merged with Mr Rajapaksa to block Tamils from voting in the 2005 Presidential elections.

In contrast to LTTE leadership, Free Aceh Movement was led by Dr Hasan Muhammad di Tiro. LTTE failed to accept such leadership from within the Tamils community and hence naturally mind-merged with those driven by military wins. This separated the militant mind from the civilian mind nurtured by Education.

By killing Tamil Political leaders – LTTE  confirmed that it had dropped to the standards of Dutugemunu who overruled his father in terms of Tamils. The current President declared that he was elected by Sinhala-Buddhists in front of the monument of King Dutugemunu. That diluted the investment needed to develop Common Sri Lanka.

LTTE paid the prize in 2009 and in 2015 Tamils voted for UNP Leadership and confirmed that we have restored our Political rights in Sri Lanka. This cleared also  the karma for Tamils who did not have the courage to overrule and vote in the 2005 Presidential elections. . In our own way  we have confirmed  our diversity through the recent Presidential elections also.

From 1976 – when the Vaddukoddai Resolution was made we have not deviated from this diverse pathway. This diversity means that we have to redeem ourselves and become universal through our truth. So long as we drawn on the wisdom of our ancestors – we would continue to redeem ourselves and if Sinhalese block our path – we would go global. That is the true solution if there is no devolution to facilitate our contribution to independence to Sri Lanka as a whole.

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