Friday 20 December 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

20 December  2019


As per the latest reports on the Swiss Embassy staff matter – the lady has been tested for mental fitness:

[The Swiss Embassy staffer Ganiya Bannister Francis has been taken to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Angoda this morning (19), stated Ada Derana reporter.
Francis has been named a suspect for a case of exciting disaffection against the Government and fabricating false evidence to be used in a future judicial proceeding.]

The Swiss Government is reported to have recommended as follows:

[Cassis also said that he “regrets” Sri Lanka’s decision to incarcerate the woman at the centre of the dispute and called on her to be transferred to a hospital on health and humanitarian grounds.
“Switzerland considers the Sri Lankan authorities to be responsible for the health and safety of all its embassy staff,” read a Swiss statement on Thursday. “Mr Cassis also pointed out that the high level of media coverage, lack of privacy safeguards and public condemnation in this case not only endangered Swiss embassy staff but also eroded the trust and confidence required to jointly clarify the incident.”]

The Sri Lankan government has chosen to ‘punish’ the citizen by labelling her a mentally ill person. The magistrate may have ruled so – to ‘avoid’ legal process. The Colombo Page reported on 11 December:

[On a directive by Colombo Chief Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne, Ms. Garnier Banister Francis was produced before the Colombo Judicial Surgeon on two occasions to inquire whether the alleged victim was physically or sexually assaulted as she has claimed.
The Magistrate ordered the relevant sections to submit all relevant reports to court tomorrow.]

On 12 December, the Colombo Page reported as follows:

[Senior state counsel Janaka Bandara told court that accordingly, a forensic examination has been conducted.
The senior state counsel has told the court that the Judicial Medical Officer has decided that it is appropriate to submit a report by a team of specialist psychiatrists about the officer's mental health. He requested the court to order the woman to be referred to a specialist psychiatric team and to obtain a report.
The Colombo Chief Magistrate accepting the request ordered the JMO to present Ms. Francis to a specialist psychiatric team for evaluation and obtain a report.
Responding to a question raised by the magistrate, the senior state counsel informed the court that according to the order, she could be referred for a psychiatric examination tomorrow and a report on the matter would be submitted to court on the 17th.]

If the mandate of the Judicial Medical Officer concerned was to examine and verify whether the lady had been sexually assaulted – and then that JMO requests  that the lady ought to be sent for psychiatric assessment – one is entitled to conclude that the JMO found no evidence of  sexual assault. Why can they not complete the case by applying the law – on the basis of disrupting the course of Justice?

Is the Police and therefore the Government trying to use this lady to punish the Swiss Government for rendering refuge to CID Inspector Nishantha Silva who was investigating high profile cases? Ms Francis is entitled to be treated as an individual entitled to the protection of the law. If the National Institute of Mental Health does conclude that the lady is mentally unstable – would that result in the process of law being avoided?

I was sent for psychiatric assessment by the Magistrate who identified with my truth and did not want me to be in prison. Like in the above – the other side was high profile and hence the Magistrate did not want to apply the law directly. Her way out was to send me for mental health assessment.

[Dr. Peter Vaux – who was the senior Registrar of the psychiatric unit of Prince of Wales Hospital to which Magistrate Gilmour sent me  on 01 November 2004, wrote to the Courts – that the matter needed to be resolved legally and that I was mentally stable. Dr. Vaux said to Jodi who was interviewed as a family member – that I was like Gandhi.  During the interview I shared with Dr. Vaux my experience with Sathya Sai Baba and how the holy powder had materialized on my picture of  Him.  Dr. Vaux smiled and said he had knowledge of such materializations.  Dr. Vaux asked me also ‘So, what did you do when you went to see the Vice Chancellor? Just sat there and waited?’  I smiled and said I sat there and read the books I had taken with me.  To me at that time – this was the value of my work for the Hospital system when I was Revenue Manager of South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service.  It was because I had invested in that system by doing more than what I was getting paid for – that I was able to share as a common owner with Dr. Vaux who to me was also an owner and not mere employee. An owner is higher than an employer who is higher than an employee. At the UNSW – the Chancellors were owners but the Vice Chancellors were mere employers. An employee contributing more than is required by her/his position is likely to become an owner more quickly than an employer who does less than her/his duties.  Hence they were the ones who required my approval to enter the area that I was occupying as an owner in that University.  ] Chapter 25 – Naan Australian
Later I found out that on that same day – 01 November 2004 – the Daily News (Sri Lanka) had published my response to   - the speech on Gandhi by Justice C.G. Weeramantry, former Vice President of the International Court of Justice. I took that Commonness as blessings from Gandhi himself.

Gandhi would have condemned the excessive punishment rendered to Ms Francis. Justice Weeramantry who enjoyed high international status would have had the duty to use principle of relevant global law to express an opinion on this. All that would point to the negative karma in the current government which punished mothers of militants who have ‘disappeared’.  It’s very painful  see the parents  suffer. If they had died in combat – most of those parents would have accepted it as bravery. Not knowing is so very painful. It is bad karma for the government that has failed to account for those disappearances. Officer Nishantha Silva has shown in action that he does not trust this government. Numerous Sinhalese likewise fled Sri Lanka even though they were not directly affected by the LTTE like Tamils were by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in their areas. When majority Sinhalese elected such a person as their President – it means that their own standards of Justice is indeed low. By Opposing them as minorities – Tamils and Muslims have protected their own commitment to higher laws. This in turn would motivate them to invest in higher education through which we mind-merge with wider world of those standards. In turn – those who voted for lower level rulers will naturally waste their expenditure in higher education.

In terms of mental health – the immediate past president who was groomed by Mr Mahinda  Rajapaksa raised this doubt in the mind of some Sinhalese last year when he unlawfully dismissed the duly elected Prime Minister.  To the extent Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa benefited from it – the disorder would be shared by him also. That is the way of Dharma. Such a government which used the Presidential immunity to protect its position, does not have the moral authority to punish a citizen for abuse of lawful process. When it does punish and that person is protected by those who have upheld the law followed by truth  – it is like self applied Sooniyam / Black Magic - by oneself on oneself.
Tamils and Muslims would be well advised to remain as opposition as per their truth and not attack. That way Dharma takes care of all those who contributed to Dharma.

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