Saturday 14 December 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 December  2019


I was happy that the Conservatives led by Mr Boris  Johnson won the UK elections. The previous night I said that I would like for Mr Boris  Johnson to win.  Until Mr Boris  Johnson became Prime Minister – I was not actively interested in the Brexit issue. But I did get involved through the issue of  BRIGADIER PRIYANKA FERNANDO in relation to which I wrote to Mr Boris  Johnson, then Secretary of State – on February 2018 (Appendix). Since then I have been sharing my communications with Mr Boris  Johnson also. Hence my feeling that I wanted Mr Boris  Johnson to win.

The feeling was developed not only due to my true belief in the issue but also the other side was open to it in Common.  That is when the experience gets completed. This connection of truth which is Universal  is beyond our conscious mind. Hence my expression that I would like Mr Boris  Johnson to win. In belief we know when the other side has accepted our contribution.  Regularly through his communication acknowledging my emails - Mr Boris  Johnson kept going, my  confidence in the reliability of the  system that he was part of.

In contrast there is no such simple acknowledgement from Sri Lankan Government. Mr Navin Dissanayake did respond to me on the basis of the above communication. But after that he also stopped. Due Processes confirm our truth and protect our positions from unlawful possession / occupation by juniors. One may not understand the meaning but one who believes participates in the experience of the one who discovered the truth. Hence we attribute to the origin. That is then team ownership even when the original architect / discoverer has no knowledge of us.
In the real world, only some get the position even though many others may deserve the position at equal level or more. The human system is incapable of rewarding all those who deserve but do not get the position and its benefits. But the Divine system balances it  by facilitating the returns through other avenues and/or raising the value to exponential level towards Ultimate Reality. This means we have heirs all over the Universe. We connect to most of the heirs naturally and beyond our consciousness. We know we have connected usually through outcomes that cannot be explained logically.

On the day of the UK Elections I accumulated that kind of power when Mr Eranda Ginige sent me and those in my media list an article headed ‘How to select top officials to public corporations’ . I asked Eranda:

              Did you hold any senior position in Public Service or were you victimised in any Public Corporation? If yes – I need to know. If no; yours is paper information ; hearsay. If the President used your suggestions his governance would be frivolous
There was no response back from Eranda. But the Daily Financial Times did publish the article the following day at
Similarly, on 12 September 2019, Mr Raj Gonsalkorale’s article ‘Gotabaya – A breath of fresh air at Viyathmaga anniversary celebration’ was published by Daily Financial Times. I got to know Raj through Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum Sydney and I could not reconcile the two sets of outcomes produced by Raj. I expressed my views through my usual path of emails.

Daily Financial Times published my article ‘Easter bombings in Sri Lanka – Déjà vu?’ on 03 August 2019. I connected that space allocation to my reference to Daily News reports in 1942 about the harassment in relation to the report headed:

“Leave the country immediately” - Gota’s Viyathmaga threatens female journalist was, to my knowledge NOT published by Daily Financial Times, despite Ms Marianne David who had the experience, being their Associate Editor .
This confirms that the above medium lacks freedom of expression.  Through  his article [Why is the Swiss Embassy Woman Employee’s Claim of being Abducted and Molested Being Refuted and Why is she Being Made the Target of a Witch Hunt?], at,    Gamini Akmeemana presents the following conclusion:
[The doom of democracy is not just oppressive governments. It is also a press without a conscience.]
As per my discovery our truth is the basis of our personal law. This law that is our conscience. Likewise in a group – the common truth is the basis of that group’s conscience.
I believe that many of us in the Tamil Diaspora contributed to the conscience of the UK Conservatives which resulted in the Two Nation proposal  for Sri Lanka becoming part of the Conservative Election Manifesto. To my mind, this confirms again the Vaddukoddai Resolution which became the parallel of Brexit in Sri Lanka where the fact that Jaffna Kingdom existed is a FACT. Our Nation is the one we recognize through belief and not the one we are ‘told to accept’ or ‘shown’.
The fact that Sri Lanka was divided after the first elections following the 1972 Constitution and after the standardization policy in Education was confirmed through the 1977 elections in which the government of Mrs Bandaranaike during whose period of leadership the above happened lost badly and the Tamil Political group became the leading Opposition in National Parliament.   Making Buddhism the foremost religion takes one back to the pre Colonial era when Tamils were governed by Thesawalamai Law and ruling class Kandyan Sinhalese were governed by Kandyan Law and Muslims by Muslim law.  To that extent we were three nations. Like the European Union we chose to coexist under Colonial rulers. Thereafter – we sought to exit because in terms of exercise of Sovereignty the community was worse off than under British rule. If Brexit is up to the British – Vaddukoddai Resolution which is Jaffexit is up to the Jaffna Tamils who were / are governed by Thesawalamai Law.


Vairavar-Kali Kovil; Sangarathai-Thunaivi; Vaddukoddai; Sri Lanka
906/ 56, Carr Street; Coogee  N.S.W. 2034; Australia

The Right Hon Amber Rudd, MP
Home Secretary
House of Commons - London

The  Right Hon. Boris Johnson, MP
Secretary of State for
Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs
House of Commons - London

Dear Members of the Government of the United Kingdom,

Escalation of the Conflict Between LTTE supporters and Sri Lankan Armed Forces in the Territory Governed by the British

I write in my role as a leading member of the Tamil Diaspora.

I refer to the communication dated 09 February 2018, addressed to you, from the following Tamil Diaspora organizations:

British Tamil Conservatives (BTC), British Tamils Forum (BTF), Global Tamil Forum (GTF), International Centre for the Prevention and Prosecution of Genocide (ICPPG), Tamils Coordinating Committee (TCC-UK), Tamils for Labour Tamil Friends of the Liberal Democrats Tamil Information Centre (TIC), Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE), Tamil Solidarity (TS).

The subject matter has been presented under the following heading, by the above group:


My search for the basis brought up the following presentation by Wikipedia:
[Under Article 9 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a receiving state may "at any time and without having to explain its decision" declare any member of a diplomatic staff persona non grata. A person so declared is considered unacceptable and is usually recalled to his or her home nation. If not recalled, the receiving state "may refuse to recognize the person concerned as a member of the mission".]

Given that the Government does not have to explain its decision, one is entitled to conclude that the acceptable basis is belief. The question then arises as to how the independent observer would ‘reconcile’ between the belief based outcomes expressed by the two governments or are we expected to know that – the outcomes manifested by the Government of Sri Lanka and the Government of the United Kingdom  are beyond reconciliation?

Knowledge of this is important for us as – the Tamil Diaspora.

The Sri Lankan Government’s Responsibility
As you may already know, the Sri Lankan Government is committed by Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution to afford ‘Buddhism, the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana.’  As a Hindu, born and groomed in Sri Lanka, I view this issue through my Hindu mind which practice is also facilitated through Articles 10 and 14(1)(e) of the Constitution. I believe that it is the Responsibility of the Sri Lankan Government to ensure that the outcomes manifested by itself – satisfy both these Fundamental requirements. This may require certain degree of Separation between the groups concerned.

As you would appreciate, the provisions in the Constitution need to be self-balancing in their logic. As per the system of karma – common to Buddhism as well as Hinduism and indeed Christianity through different forms – manifestations have three levels of influence: - (1) Current Merit; (2) Common faith developed in current environment and (3) Truth of our past/Predestined influence/karma.

To my mind, Diplomatic missions are of group (3) – where instead of time based separation – they have distance based separations – away from the current base. The groups that have complained against the Sri Lankan Diplomatic mission are also of this category in terms of the Sri Lankan public whom the groups have disowned by inheriting the LTTE philosophy of Separation rather than realizing Independence within one Common structure of Administration.

These groups are entitled to be respected as distinctly separate entities to the groups that have migrated to the UK with active memory of their life in Sri Lanka through which they remain part of the community currently resident in Sri Lanka and to whom (the latter) Sri Lanka is the only ‘home’. Within the Tamil Diaspora, these are sub-communities who rely heavily on their ‘local’ culture to enjoy freedom. Some end up merging with others like themselves while others remain at their already earned credit levels or lose their identity as a special purpose groups.

As confirmed by my address above, Sangarathai-Thunaivi in Vaddukoddai, Northern Sri Lanka is part of my Sri Lankan heritage. I carry that heritage as Energy when I am operating outside that territory – physically and/or mentally. While residing in that territory I take my place as a respectable elder who represents that area to wider public. This is the position that majority in that area have allocated to me. This is ‘Structural’ and  was developed by investing in common values and showing them to wider world,  through visible structures. There are very few ‘current benefits’ that I take from that life. This helps me not have conflicts with my Australian values in Australia. Identifying with this psyche may help appreciate how the actions of some sections of the Tamil Diaspora may be received by those within the Tamil community to whom Sri Lanka is still the ‘only home’. I have been actively involved with this group since 2006 and they are my Sri Lankan parallels of the groups that have written to you. 

Since this is a Sri Lankan issue – affecting the group that I represent through my ownership investment of my free will, in that area, I believe I have a duty to place on the common table my  contribution on behalf of those folks. As you may know, the first Tamil Political Declaration of Independence was made in Vaddukoddai in 1976. I believe that anyone to whom that place is ‘home’ will inherit the values (positive as well as negative) of that which was proven to have had the blessings of Natural Forces, in 1977 and more recently in 2015 when the leading Tamil Political group became the Equal opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament, confirming the strong investment in intellectual independence made by Sri Lankan Tamils over a long period – including during the rule of British who were also a minority group at primary level. The essence of this manifestation is that whenever Tamils claim Independence as a Political right – their true status is elevated and those who failed to respect that right were demoted. Both – the true claim by minority and the true deterioration have to happen at the same time.

The claim by minority group through the Political path is weakened to the extent minority  as a community ‘show’ an alternate pathway and/or are indifferent to who governs them. It is strengthened exponentially by those who realize independence and therefore practice self-governance as individuals or sub-minorities within the main group of minorities.

The contents of the above mentioned letter from some such Tamil groups confirm that these groups are themselves dependent on others – for example - the non-Tamil British Politicians -  to establish good governance. They have thus weakened the value of Independence that Tamils have already contributed to through various pathways as individuals and/or groups.

As per my discovery – Belief confirms ownership to the person by the person. Management is a combination of Ownership and Administration trough common principles. The higher the value of ownership – including as an individual -the more reliable would the outcome be. Hence those who qualify entitlement in Diplomatic Missions have to self-assess and confirm themselves as owners.

When belief is manifested it confirms perfect balance. A political group needs to have ‘belief’ as the driving force in seeking an Administrative ruling involving an opposition. By seeking an Administrative ruling by the British Government, this consortium of groups has also confirmed acceptance of the Sri Lankan Defence Forces as their Opposition. To that extent they have confirmed distance from the LTTE which acted for itself towards its stated purpose of ‘Separation only’ as a solution to the ethnic problem.

The Sri Lankan Government’s Responsibility
This particular group of Tamils carried the flag of LTTE which as per your Home Office was proscribed as follows:

[Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) - Proscribed March 2001 The LTTE is a terrorist group fighting for a separate Tamil state in the North and East of Sri Lanka.]

As per the Common, Law Abiding British Citizen, the above group that carries the LTTE flag is a group that is infected by proscription. The complaints and suggestions from this group have to be discounted by that degree of proscription and likewise any punishment to the ‘opposition side’ needs to be outside the activities that led to the LTTE to be  listed as Terrorist Group by the British Government – by itself for its own purposes.

The LTTE were heroes to some and tyrants to others. Each one is entitled to be driven by their own experiences. As per mine, the LTTE were, as per their own confession in 2003, zeroes in Democratic Civil Administration. 

We await in this regard an outcome that would facilitate intuitive identity with the respective governments that we have invested in. The Sri Lankan Government is required by law to be Dharmic/Righteous  as per Buddha Sasana. The British Government is expected to deliver as per its role as a leader in the global community.

In your shoes, I would strongly recommend to the Sri  Lankan Government as quid pro quo to the inappropriate conduct of the Sri Lankan Diplomatic Mission, the release of all LTTE prisoners in Sri Lanka, in respect to whose imprisonment the Government does not have objective evidence of wrong-doing AND who have been endorsed positively by their respective elected leaders.

In matters of Belief,  Governance ruling has to be through Independent voting by the Parliament and not by Administrative rules in the making of which minorities have not had equal opportunity to contribute. I identified with the beauty of this through my own belief in the investment made by Jaffna Tamils in higher education. The opportunity came through the University of Jaffna whose Governing Council has demonstrated dire need to balance between Intellectual Independence and Physical Freedom (Politics)  where they would be kings and queens of locals and locals only.  The University of Jaffna paved the way for a good proportion of  rural Tamils to improve their self-governing abilities I wider world, through investment in  Intellectual Independence. Some of them are likely to be in the groups that protested in London on 04 February when Sri Lankans celebrated Independence in common. If one were to use the merit based method – the credit goes to Indians led by Mahatma Gandhi whose Truth reigned Supreme and resulted in the British departing to confirm their self-dignity. To my mind, Sri Lankans like myself who respect and value British contribution to our life – celebrate on 04 February the preservation of this self-dignity that is the nucleus of self-govervanance. As an Australian I value this dignity with fellow Australians – including Indigenous Australians on 26 January.

Yours sincerely
Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

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