Monday 16 December 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
16 December  2019


We develop certain structures through our truth. Our particular structure may be stronger or weaker than the apparent and known structure of  our environment. Within the Sri Lankan Tamil community also – we have those structures. To the extent – they are all based on Sovereignty of the group – the merger would happen naturally. The current reality of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community is that LTTE is very much part of the Tamil psyche. Every individual within LTTE, whom I interacted with – had some value. To my mind, none of them were terrorists. All of them as individuals demonstrated respect for me – mostly as a senior and in the case of a couple as Equal. Those who respected me were natural. In turn I did not interfere in any way with their special area which was armed warfare.
My mandate through the UNDP was to develop Administrative systems in the areas under the control of the LTTE. Theirs was to show wins against the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. In Civil Administration – mine would have been the senior structure. But if the fighters considered me to be their senior – they would have lost the urge to fight as they did by considering as seniors the clever fighters who ‘showed’ most victory. This exists also between Politics and Public Administration.

A leading member of the Sri Lankan Diaspora stated  in relation to expressions of appreciation and ‘special mention’  of the Tamil community: ‘Hard working Minorities are appreciated in the UK and rewarded: Chancellor is a Muslim, Home Secretary is of Indian origin

Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa also spoke in Tamil and there were/are Tamil Ministers in his cabinet. The difference is the mind structure which goes often into political mode rather than remain in Administrative mode. Within the one mind, where Politics is senior to Administration – the person would tend to ‘show’ more results that ‘save’ as Reserves in the form of structures. These structures are pathways through which we share our Reserves ‘confidentially’. Natural Unions happen when such reserves are strong.

Each time we forgo earned benefits we ‘save’ our contribution as ‘structures’. Each time our heirs  thank  us for those structures and/or pay their respects to us for and through those structures – our original contribution is invoked as Energy. This Energy comes into our mind and structures Itself as per the need of that time at that place.

When there are appropriate structures through which our work is processed the Reserves come to us as discipline – the heritage formed by our ancestors by foregoing immediate enjoyment of their wins. This elevates our own work to the higher level for all  benefit of the whole group we are part of. That is when the value of the total becomes greater than the sum of the individual parts.
The Australian Federal Government’s Country Information Report dated 04 November 2019 includes the following introduction:

[Tamils received preferential treatment during British rule, including in education and civil service employment. To address this imbalance, in the period following independence successive Sinhalese-led governments introduced measures to promote the primacy of the Sinhalese community, including: making Sinhala Sri Lanka’s sole official language; favouring Sinhalese students in higher education admission; granting special constitutional status to Buddhism; and denying citizenship to Tamil migrant plantation workers from India (see Demography). Against a backdrop of growing Sinhalese nationalism, Tamils were also the target of large-scale countrywide riots, including in July 1983 (‘Black July’). These developments created a sense of marginalisation within the Tamil community and encouraged calls for an independent Tamil state, Tamil Eelam, in the predominantly Tamil-populated north and east of the country.]

  To my mind, the British who were themselves a minority by numbers would have felt comfortable with Tamils of ruling class standards but without portfolios – who accepted the positions allocated to them. They are the parallels in the UK Tamil Diaspora who team up naturally with British leaders who are open to such partnerships. Unless this group ‘includes’ those who are driven by outcomes and therefore Division & Separation – of the whole - they would be separated.

As opposed to the above, the interpretation of the Tamil problem is perceived by majority race differently. Through ‘A Letter to Tamil Citizens from a Group of Sinhalese’ published by the Island on 14 December,  the author presents her/his interpretation as follows:

[In the 30-year war started by Prabhakaran and the Tamil Tigers, they paralyzed our nation, costing us dearly in terms of precious lives and money. Thousands of innocent Sinhalese people died or were affected by LTTE attacks. The western media talks about the loss of Tamil people but never about the Sinhalese. Your diaspora have done well to misguide the western world, but you know the truth.]

Prabhakaran took control because Politically Tamil leaders were getting defeated by the Sinhalese government and the young and the restless driven by outcomes got upset. His bait was taken by his level Sinhalese who wanted to show that they could deliver more dead bodies than did Prabhakaran who according to them was their junior in rioting. Hence the July 83 black picture in the history of Sri Lanka. This would not have happened if the UNP government led by Mr Jayawardene had read the picture of Truth that was manifested in 1977 Parliamentary Elections he would have not created the Executive Presidency but respected the Divine manifestation that confirmed that majority  Tamils considered themselves to be Sri Lankans but also that there were enough Sinhalese who also considered themselves to be Sri Lankans to demote the Sinhala-Buddhist government of Mrs Bandaranayake which manifested the above victory for Equal Opportunity values. This was repeated through the 2015 Presidential elections also. Tamils have been consistent in the 2019 Presidential elections in which Muslims also formed a natural coalition with Tamils.

The 1978 Constitution through which the Executive Presidency was created – blocked the path of Tamils and Muslims from showing their Equality through a network of Equal and self-sufficient Units.  The Viyugam / Strategy in cold-war was to keep Tamils as Political  juniors. This naturally activated the armed militants who had their own separate laws to the politicians. But to date – Tamils as a whole community -  are stronger Viyugam/Strategy -makers than those who failed to use the merit based assessment in distribution of benefits through Common Principles.
Those Tamils who genuinely respect  their ancestors who contributed strongly to Education, would continue to form opposing Viyugam/Strategy that would diffuse superiority in majority race. The above author naturally lacks the blessings of the likes of Mr D S Senanayake who expressly valued Tamils as Common Sri Lankans.

The value of Commonness is its exponential power which is invisible. The above author who seriously lacks this power states:

[In 2009, when you managed to run away from the clutches of Prabhakaran, the most cruel criminal of all time, when you had to be housed in tents, which had to be erected overnight, when you had to be fed, when you had to be kept safe and needed facilities, we were affected too. We, the Sinhalese felt your pain and sorrow, because we knew you were the collateral damage. The government at the time immediately went into action to bring back normalcy for you and your children. Before long, your children were going to school, instead of being child soldiers.]

In 2009 – the foreign Journalists were first to go from the scene of war. Were they running away from Prabhakaran? At that time – the Tamil civilians were under the natural protection of those International Missions present in that war zone. Had they stayed on – the civilians would have stayed on. Prabhakaran was NOT a criminal to the locals in that area. He was a ruthless dictator to some Tamils – but they chose not to live there. This also would have been the case with the Sinhalese in terms of the JVP leader.

The problem is that leaders abandon the matter when they are not able to win and this is hijacked by the young and the restless. The above is a strong example of low level interpretation which leads to rebellion when the young and the restless desire power. To such interpreters - we the minorities – would be younger and younger juniors - the more we forgo our earned status – to maintain harmony .  Eventually Nature takes over and balances the Equation in the most appropriate form of the truly needy.

Gandhi forewent his status as a lawyer so he would experience the British rulers as if he were of labour class. This generated the power to show the rulers through their own laws – how they did not have the real authority to rule over Indians. The British who had the conscience – saw themselves through Gandhi as his other side. They did not like what they saw in that mirror of truth. Tamils who carry forward the true value of the heritage formed by sacrifices would lead by Opposition. Victory in war and development of heritage through civil administration cannot be measured by the same measure. Likewise majority by numbers and minorities who become true Opposition Mirror that shows that majority their own truth.

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