Tuesday 3 December 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03  December  2019


The Indo-China issue has, to my mind highlighted the natural endowments of Sri Lanka that confirm Divine Sovereignty by structure. As in Australia, the Island formation confirms natural completeness and independence. Every ‘outsider’ who comes in needs to pay her/his/its respects to this natural sovereignty as a whole. It is generally accepted that we as individuals, come into this world as Sovereign entities. Even if we have sinned in the past, if we are active in the current – to be debt-free those sins would naturally be dormant. Being debt free requires us to be self-sufficient in terms of money, human resources and policies/law  in practice.
The first President from the Rajapaksa family – Mr Mahinda – has been open about his belief in the system of karma. Otherwise he would not have resorted to horoscope guidance. Our karma precedes us when we are not active as per our current systems. A new government starts with majority vote in politics and if it acted without breaching the laws, it would complete its governance by identifying and highlighting including through laws – the Truth that maintains the sovereignty of government.
In his interview with Hindustan Times’National Editor, Ms Padma Rao Sundarji, the new President of Sri Lanka stated words to the effect ‘Islamist Terrorism is not restricted to Sri Lanka. It is a global threat.’
As per known facts, the LTTE were NOT considered a global threat. Yet global resources – including Chinese funds  were accessed to defeat the LTTE. Thereafter, the Rajapaksa government refused to Account as per global policies, despite the fact that there was serious damage to thousands of civilians. The question is whether the Rajapaksa government became indebted to the global community and by failing to be Accountable – did it allow the debt to become a sin? Sins control us. Is this why we had the Easter Attacks ? Is Mr Rajapaksa confessing to the Easter attacks being influenced by global forces? The group may not be from outside Sri Lanka. But the mind worked through the Sri Lankan Muslim parallel of the LTTE which also was influenced by minds outside Sri Lanka – including Indian minds. It happened during  the Presidency of Mr Sirisena who shared in the Rajapaksa karma for better or for worse and he was also dormant in the new Democratic structure of the UNP.
As highlighted in my yesterday’s article - the President is reported to have stated ‘The 19th amendment (passed in 2015) is a failure and if we get 2/3rds majority in parliament we will drop it from the constitution.

In his article ‘Gotabhaya presidency, democracy and minorities’ – Dr Amir Ali of Murdoch University, highlights as follows:

The 48% that did not vote for the President exercised their legitimate democratic right, and bulk of that 48% happened to be the two minorities, Tamils and Muslims.’
As per my knowledge only 84% voted. As a percentage of the total votes available – Mr Rajapaksa received the approval of only 46%. This is 21 percentage points short of the 67% approval needed. The 19th Amendment was passed by 95% of members which includes members of the new government. If those members would vote against it now – they are confirming that their vote in 2015 was not based on belief or that the President is thinking of sacking this government and forming a government with entirely new persons! New Administrators often fool themselves through such thoughts. UNP’s  senior MP Mr Lakshman Kiriella has already expressed against such a move. If it were put to parliament now – the Opposition has more numbers to defeat the new Government. It is therefore inappropriate to project such speculations.
The 19th Amendment has paved the way for minorities to be more democratic instead of choosing an Equal and Opposite autocracy to that of majority race. This is essential if we are to function as a Unitary State. It is the parallel of articles 10 and 14(i) (e ) which are about Equal rights without which the Constitution would be devoid of the spirit of Sovereignty. If 19th Amendment is repealed – the contributions all of us made – especially spiritually – mind to mind would remain in Parliament and haunt those who disrespected genuine work – so we do not have a repeat of the ethnic war and all its consequences.

The 13th Amendment, like ‘Buddhism foremost’ article -  has not worked because it is politically disastrous to majority who fear India’s power. This was to offset the Executive President’s Executive power which effectively had no opposition after election. The 19th Amendment is a way out – by curtailing the Executive supremacy of the President.

Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa had knowledge of this and if he sought to repeal it – he should have made that a priority in his election mandate. May be he learnt from Mr Sirisena as to not say it as a promise. But even having it in the mind carries the risk of bipolar disorder. Desire and Fear when they are separated by long strength of time – carry the risk of bipolar disorder. Belief is based on consolidated value. The next best is intellectual balance – which is strongly promoted by laws.  

Minorities who are more law abiding than majority would continue to hold the balance of power in Sri Lanka. Many members of minority communities contributed to the structure of higher order in Common Sri Lanka. They would awaken themselves to support all current investors in democratic Sri Lanka. Divine forces would naturally support such minorities to be self-sufficient within their areas. Small groups often promote realization of higher skills – as LTTE demonstrated for a long time. It would be wise to respect and let them sleep in Peace. 

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