Friday 13 December 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 December  2019


When Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe stepped down from the position of Prime Minister after the 2019 Presidential Elections – the reason he  expressed was that he respected the mandate of the People. Given that it was not Parliamentary Elections, it did not make sense – unless he feared a no-confidence motion by those in Parliament who themselves did not appreciate the demotion of the Executive Presidency through the 19th Amendment. It is like resigning when you know you are going to get dismissed. It may also be due to Ranil not being able to successfully show economic progress that majority were expecting. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa was able to ‘show’ this to the People. But what the People did not ‘see’ was the debt to China which became a sin. All debts when unpaid become sins after their final due date – which is the date on which the borrower gives up. When that  happens their relationship gets completed and they separate. The net Common Value becomes negative and hence the separation.

China is now taking its pound of Sri Lankan flesh – first through Hambantota Port and now through Colombo Port City – effectively creating two countries in Sri Lanka. Nikkei Asian Review’s reporter Marwaan Macan-Markar includes the following in his article ‘Development and legal framework draw 'one country, two systems' comparison’:

[But as CHEC Port City Colombo points toward its goal of attracting a further $13 billion in property development investments, it awaits some action in the Sri Lankan parliament, which needs to pass several pieces of legislation, including one to make the island a special economic zone.
Some of the legislation is contentious, especially that calling for a new legal regime and regulations that some observers are likening to the "one country, two systems" formula China uses with Hong Kong. That will require an amendment to Sri Lanka's constitution.]

I have discovered through my own life that Truth leads and supports one who upholds truth even in the most challenging of environments. Ownership and Truth are the same. They are eternal and maintain the balance of facts – even though the other side might be at the other end of the world.
Tamils of Sri Lanka fought for autonomy due to this feeling of ownership in Sri Lanka. It was this feeling that helped me feel ownership in Australia as a first generation migrant. I believe that when a true owner feels hurt and does not retaliate – one who causes the hurt loses ownership value. One of my strongest contributions to protecting Australian borders is based on my own experience with relatives we helped migrate to Australia – through family reunion program. Recently a young Tamil mother said that most young ones who did likewise are suffering. It is due to dual systems resulting in this kind of polarisation.

As is my way, in penance, to balance the autonomy of the community – I deny myself any status in Vaddukoddai – higher than  the status attributed by the Vaddukoddai branch of the family. Hence when many activists are working to keep the asylum seekers here in Australia – I work to prevent welfare seekers from leaving towards Australia. If  I was hurt by those whom I sponsored – then the policy through which they were sponsored has failed in Australia. Hence a few years back when our Government handed over books that specifically discouraged migrants to Australia – I undertook to distribute them  in Jaffna. More importantly – I am helping those remaining in Sri Lanka to value the life they have, instead of running after a mirage. This renders me insight into Common Australian as well as Common Sri Lankan psyche. That is the way of Truth – as Jesus showed through the Way of the Cross.

Both sides to the ethnic war invoked the past as a current benefit. One through King Duttugemunu and the other through Emperor Ellalan. Both thus confirmed lack of investment in the pathway of law and/or current merit based pathway. The path of law could be effectively invoked only by those who respect the architects of those laws. When one condemns the current heirs of those architects – for example the British in the case of Sri Lanka – there is no continuity of ancestral belief. The Prescription Ordinance for example confirms that one has to have uninterrupted,  undisturbed possession to be eligible to claim ‘ownership’ through belief. One who believes would demonstrate  that uninterrupted,  undisturbed custody/occupation. This includes the British leadership. Both discarded this and took Sri Lanka back to the days when eventually King Duttugemunu won and Ellalan ‘owned’ by dying in the battlefield. Mr Rajapaksa won and Prabhakaran owned by dying in the battlefield. To the true believer this ownership would have rendered the positive aspects of the respective leaders . This was - respect for the opposition in the case or Rajapaksas - and shared leadership with the voiceless citizen in the case  of  LTTE Leader. By invoking history for current benefits Rajapaksas invoked disobedience by their cadre – and LTTE Leader – lack of discrimination between human parenting order and animal parenting order.

Tamil politicians systematically claimed the One Country – two Nations policy. They were punished for doing so. This led to armed militancy on the claim of separation. When LTTE was defeated and the Rajapaksa government claimed ‘victory’ it failed to consider the feelings of parents whose children died in the war or worse – were disabled in the war. Those parents who were good parents had the power to invoke the good side of Ellalan who became the grieving mother cow whose calf was killed by the prince. Hence together – these Energies have produced Separate Territory within the area under the direct control of the victors.  With China comes international interference. As we sow, so shall we reap.

Article 157A (1) of the Sri Lankan Constitution states as follows:
[157A. (1) No person shall, directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.]

Is Prime Minister Rajapaksa guilty of breaching the above Article  in the Constitution which was aimed towards warning  Tamils and therefore India? Is this why Mr Wickremesinghe who has deeper insight into the Common law – stepped down as per the karmic urge / vote of the Common Sri Lankan?

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