Wednesday 11 December 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 December  2019


Most of us believe in the Absolute Power through various concepts – Truth / Love / God. A big part of that power is unknown and we recognize it through Effects rather than as Causal Forces. Causal Force – is often recognized through ‘motive’. There are however many Causal Forces that cannot be recognized through motive also. These are usually as invisible as the root.
The manifestation of the Citizenship Amendment Bill, in Indian Parliament is due to strong invisible causal forces. If India recognizes itself as a Regional Leader and if by structure this is not recognized externally, it is understandable that India would ‘include’ militant Energy by including genuine victims of their autocratic parallels in the region. Sri Lankan Hindu-Muslim  power  is Equal to Sinhala-Buddhist power under the current government. It ‘happened’ due to that truth within the silent sufferers who naturally were hurt by the Sinhala-Buddhist declaration by the new President.
The author of Ceylon Today article ‘President Gotabaya and Govt’ for example claims as follows:

[Whether influenced or not by players in India, Sri Lankan Tamils and Muslims as a larger whole shunned President Gotabaya with a greater measure than that which he admittedly later conceded. That rejection was more than adequately chided in terms of Sri Lanka's socio-political truism of being in fact an actually aggressively sustainable electorate under superior pro-Sinhala Buddhist ethno-religious compulsions.]

To my mind – the above author is stating that Sinhala-Buddhism is presented as a Defence front to prevent Indian invasion. It has already been proven that at times of crisis – Sri Lankan Tamils would access India’s Hindu power to which we have natural entitlement.  These are the causal forces that manifest themselves without our knowledge and often we ourselves recognize them only through effects. They often become invisible due to time. But the Energy continues to exist.
Where we know another’s truth naturally – it is subjective power and it confirms common belief. We have a duty to take senior position over  the other – as parent does with a child.  That is how the motive is known to a judge / higher officer through the subjective system.
Where subjective power is weak, we calculate  the reason through outcomes/effects. This is the way of the ‘Objective system’. Hence the following in our Australian Racial Discrimination Act 1975:
[has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of any human right or fundamental freedom in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.]

This is naturally applicable to all non-Buddhists through article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution which states:

[The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).]

Articles 10 & 14 (1) (e ) state as follows:

[10. Every person is entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice.
14. (1) Every citizen is entitled to – (e) the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching;]

One who believes in Lord Muruga for example would be entitled to kill evil – as in Soorasamharam. As per my knowledge there is no such parallel in Buddhism. Yet the JVP insurrection happened in 1971 when the Soulbury  Constitution was effective. Buddhism foremost clause was introduced in the 1972 Constitution – and as per the effects that JVP produced , a non-Buddhist is entitled to conclude that this was to oppose ‘Socialism’ as interpreted by the Sinhalese youth. I would not classify these youth as  Buddhists. Likewise, the current President who resorted to arms to eliminate the opposition in his position as Defence Secretary. That is Hindu pathway or Secular pathway – depending on which one the person has greater belief in.

Hence how could the new President legitimately claim that he is a Buddhist when he has demonstrated otherwise through ‘effects’?  Kathiragamam in South confirms that a good proportion of Sinhalese are Hindus.  When in ‘free’ environment – a traditional Sinhalese relative to a Buddhist would have demonstrated tribal behavior. This is ok – if not for the declaration that Sri Lanka is a Buddhist nation.

Buddhism being a pure religion would manifest the other side of truth manifested by someone using its name. If there were no borders – such manifestation would happen through other Buddhists who are not Sri Lankans. But where the benefit has been taken within firm borders - the other side would manifest through weaker practitioners without those borders. THIS is how the Sri Lankan Government including the current president have strengthened retaliatory actions within Sri Lanka.
Out of the recent leaders – Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has committed deeper investment than others in the Common system through Secular laws. His truth would thus diffuse the wrongs committed as per Articles 10 & 14 (1) (e ) to wider world beyond Sri Lankan borders. During last year’s Constitutional Crisis Ranil quietly waited for Secular Law to work through the natural system. He did not react through the tribal pathway as Premadasa has indicated he would have. Sri Lanka without leaders who respect our secular heritage – would continue to tend towards tribalism.

Velupillai Prabhakaran did not take the Hindu pathway. He took the tribal pathway. He became the medium of manifestation for Tribal fighters who were invading Tamil and Muslim spaces.
Often, those who live off the past become disorderly because they deplete the ‘savings’ by their seniors. My husband and I often discuss our last family conflict with his sisters. I said a big  part of his problem was that he wanted to get ‘good name’ from his seniors  whom I could not accept as seniors. From time to time my side seniors also tried to take position over me. I accommodated them to a degree or moved away when this got difficult. But after I had to begin from zero base here in Australia and yet not getting my dues in a new environment I became independent of the subjective system in which I was always a junior. Sometimes it happened because I found it easier to be a junior than an Equal Opposition in a different culture. But so long as I remained that junior – I myself could not see myself as a Senior in the same culture or an Equal in a different culture. It was when Swami Sathya Sai Baba’s miraculous manifestation of holy powder happened on the same day the auditor general’s report upholding  my assessment was published in the Sydney Morning Herald – that I realised that the true power was keeping an account of my genuine contribution. It took me a while to lose consciousness of what I was owed by the human system. But once I made the connection to the Soul Connection – I have  never felt alone.  That is the value of faith / belief.

My husband’s problem was that his sisters did take responsibility for the homemaking activities after their mother passed away. The elder of the two was stopped from school and hence her position was elevated by women who followed Thesawalamai  Codes – albeit subconsciously by effect based habit. After the main architect of that system - the father -passed away – the sisters claimed leadership over all siblings including brothers which  is prohibited by the order of Thesawalamai law. Hence when his sisters ‘took’ credit as seniors my husband was quiet. Beyond a certain point – as a senior in my own system – I could not accept this. The opportunity came through the Testamentary case of my husband’s bachelor brother. I worked tirelessly to apply each known fact through Thesawalamai law and eventually in terms of dowry and muthusum (inheritance), I became the source of clarification to those who had the need to be bound by it. Likewise in Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Australia). The original makers need to endorse us from within -  for us to have peace of mind.

In my husband’s case I said that he failed to uphold that I had mothered him since marriage and that that period is far longer than the one with his sisters which ended when he left home. Most importantly – since I did not claim benefits on that basis – it was a common ownership power which facilitated continuous sharing of energies. In terms of his relationship with his sisters - when he started earning he felt the urge to share his money as a senior and did not submit as a junior – as he would have to his father if his father was alive. By feeling sorry for them – he allowed them to take credit – which became disorderly – considering that I had mothered him more deeply and for longer period. I always paid my respects to the brother who passed away and took over the father’s responsibility more than any other sibling. Hence I had the authority to step into his shoes when he passed away. This was categorically denied by the sisters. Since we were using two different systems - I said to my husband to use the simple test of his own truth. If his sisters had really mothered him – they would have valued my mothering of him – especially when he was in hospital due to injury to his spine through an accident. If I were a block – they would have mothered him by asking about that pain and agony that he went through. It is that sharing of pain that makes us One through the express pathway. Wherever one takes more than one’s share from the common pool – one starts becoming a divisive person. It eventually becomes a curse. This curse often manifests through the young and the restless.

Sinhala-Buddhism – like my Vaddukodai sisters-in-law is restricted as per its current population  to narrower space than Buddhism which is also more limited than secular law in our current environment. To the extent these are based on ancestral powers and traditional laws – they cannot be indiscriminately applied on those who believe in other forms of Absolute Power. They must become invisible truth that would take any form appropriate to the environment. When they are so applied indiscriminately – the other side of benefits-taken will manifest as losses within the space of the leaders responsible. LTTE as well as the Sri Lankan armed forces who attacked outside their areas of belief are guilty of breaching the laws of the land. The Government that had the duty to stay within Buddhist area – but exercised power in majority Tamil area – is guilty of serious breach of the bible of  Sri Lanka – its Constitution – as well as Buddha Sasana itself.

This karma is carried within Sinhala Buddhists who elected the leaders during whose command such atrocities happened. If leaders like Mr Modi are open to sharing in the pain of minorities – then whenever they meet someone from Sri Lanka who by her/his own assessment is a junior to Mr Modi – the power of the minority naturally surfaces to form partnership with Mr Modi and this invokes the old karma which remains unsettled and which was activated by the Sinhala-Buddhism claim. 

Likewise – Muslims and Christians through their own traditional powers connect to mother nations.
One who is an insider identifies with the early warning signs of truth. The author of the above article is an outsider / foreigner to the common Sri Lankan.

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