Wednesday 1 January 2020

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 January  2020


The relation who sacrifices immediate benefits towards harmony of the relationship merges naturally with the whole relationship. That then becomes a ‘common’ structure to whoever takes the other side. The boundaries of the pathway through which one reaches that wholesomeness is the natural structure of that relationship for others to follow.  Laws are such heritages from our elders. Those who believe in elders and bring them into their heart as part of themselves would naturally be supported by such elders raised to the higher common level through our own memorials.
Was the new President of Sri Lanka blessed by King Dutugemunu or Lord Buddha when the President attributed to the Sinhala-Buddhist voters? In his Daily Mirror article ‘Dangerous ethnic politics in monopolising the national anthem’ Ranga Jayasuriya highlights the National Anthem problem as follows:

[Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara says each time the national anthem is sung in Tamil, it is violating the constitution.   

 However, legal clarity on the issue was established long ago. After the national anthem was sung in both languages at the independence day celebration in 2016, three fundamental rights petition were filed before the Supreme Court challenging the decision. Later, on November 16th, the same year, after considering submissions by the Attorney General and the intervenient petitioners, a three-judge bench comprising then Chief Justice Priyasad Dep, Justice K.T. Chitrasiri and the late justice Prasanna Jayawardena refused leave to proceed and dismissed the petition, upholding the right to sing the national anthem in Tamil
. ]

Now that Justice Prasanna Jayawardena has left his mortal coil, he has become a Sri Lankan elder at the height reached by him. Any government that acts in breach of the above except through Judicial Process – is weakening the Respect for the Judiciary who are the primary nurturers of law. The Common structure that was developed by the UNP Government is being abandoned to suit the new President as interpreted by his followers in the current government. As per Wikipedia Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara is the convener of the National War Heroes Front. He is a pioneer member of Viyathmaga and Eliya organisations inaugurated by Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksha.

The way an Navy leader interprets a law is likely to be different to the way a Judicial leader would interpret the same  law. But the Judicial leader’s  decision is applicable to the whole whereas that of the Navy leader’s is applicable only to the group under his Administration. Buddhists who believe in rebirth would know that we carry only the Truth from one birth to another. Likewise from one group to another. One who uses the past for current benefits is not a true Buddhist. Hence Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara is a Sinhala only Separatist who has no room for Tamils.
Ranga Jayasuriya highlights also the influence of India as follows:

[Another half-baked assertion is that the national anthem in India is sung in one language, and hence Sri Lanka should follow suit. The national anthem in India is written and sung in Bengali, a minority language, not in Hindi, one of the two official languages at the national level. ]

English is also India’s official language. In essence this confirms that even after the British departed –India did not ‘forget’ the British but included the British as part of Indian ancestry. To my mind this is due to the commitment to truth by the likes of Gandhi. Truth is Eternal and operates independently to guide and recognize those who uphold truth.
Ranga Jayasuriya highlights:

[President Gotabaya Rajapaksa won the election to the highest political office in the land without the help of the Tamil voters.]

The truth that surfaced through the elections is that Tamils & Muslims are the true Opposition of the Military Government of Sri Lanka that Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa stands for. It is therefore false to state that the elections were won without the help of Tamil voters. A military group cannot win democratically without an apparent military opposition. This Opposition was led by Tamils. Hence they are the primary reason why Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa was preferred over Mr Premadasa. This means also that to the extent there is no opposition to the armed forces – this government will start idling or activate old wrongs within their own community to punish instead of disciplining. We witnessed this after the war and we are already witnessing this under the new President’s rule.
So long as we the leaders by belief of the Tamil community, prevent ourselves from reacting – we would facilitate non-violent separation from a group that has produced military leadership. Those amongst the Sinhala-Buddhist group who truly believe in Lord Buddha and / or democracy would be the media through whom we would show our independence from a government that promises Inequality.  Every self-governing Sri Lankan is an Equal citizen to the President. Such a person entitles her/himself and the group that s/he is part of – to sing the National Anthem in her / his mother language. If this is prevented by force – the country under such leadership would show a weak government to others.

A government that upholds the 13th Amendment to the Constitution through which the Tamils’ contribution to Independence was recognized – would facilitate the singing of the National Anthem in Tamil also. Ultimately Truth will prevail even if there is one seeker to whom Sri Lanka is home.

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