Sunday 15 December 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 December  2019


Priority to Nationalism over Regionalism was strongly indicated by the British PM, during the recent election campaign. Whether he believed in it or not he now has the duty to facilitate it for those who voted for him as per that picture.
The British PM demonstrated much dignity for Nationalism as perceived by the British Tamil Community as follows:

[Vanakkam. I want to thank the Tamil community for everything they do for our country. And I think that the values of the Tamil community and the contribution they make to the NHS, to the entrepreneurship in our country, the value they attach to education, educational achievement make a fantastic difference.”
“I just want to say very much that I hope there will be a reconciliation in Sri Lanka, accountability for what has gone before us, what’s happened in the past and long term peace in Sri Lanka. Nandri.”]

The speech began with ‘Vanakkam’ / Greetings and ‘Nandri’ / Thank you. To my mind these were used to indicate the inclusiveness  the Prime Minister demonstrated. Listening to it – I felt included. The British PM included also the merits of Australia’s ‘Points based’ Australian style immigration system. In terms of numbers the UK population is about two and a half times that of Australia. In terms of age of the migrant population – we are much younger than England. But the UK PM has identified with our speciality through our immigration system. The commonness here between Tamils and Australian Point system is the National Identity through which we  identify ourselves. The written law should not reduce this expression of natural sovereignty.
This morning a fellow Australian of Sri Lankan Sinhalese origin shared the following with a common interest  group - about the British PM:

[The Prime Minister's next mission could be to propose to girl friend Carrie Symonds after dropping a hint of a possible engagement 
Mr Johnson and his 31 yr old Partner are the first unmarried couple to live at No.10 - But the UK Press predicts wedding bells could be on the horizon after the PM said he was very happy with the long term girlfriend ]

My response to the above was:
[Marriage renders the protection through boundaries. If Boris is happy with his partner then there is natural oneness. Why would he want to lose that for status of marriage?]

Marriage as per the law – religious or common, helps regulate the relationship. Without such boundaries of the relevant law – it could be a de facto relationship based on the balance of costs and benefits or it could be beyond those laws – based on realized  Love. If the current relationship is the former – then lawful marriage would be a promotion. If latter, it would be a demotion.
Likewise, ownership of a country. When the new President of Sri Lanka made his victory speech,  he effectively thanked the Sinhala-Buddhist voters. There was no recognition of Muslim or Tamil minorities’ contribution to what Sri Lanka is today. Yet his Legal Counsel is a Muslim. When this is not recognized – the Muslim community’s contribution to Mr Ali Sabry PC is not recognized. The real vote is the one that gives one the inner confidence that s/he is part of the whole. Nature manifests that vote at the appropriate time in some part of that person’s home area. As per the new President’s declaration – this did not include Mr Sabry or  that Mr Sabry was part of the Sinhala-Buddhist community which is the stated home-nation of the new President. Sinhala-Buddhist nation is the parallel of ownership through Prescriptive rights. Sri Lankan Presidency is the parallel of ownership through lawful purchase. The corpus of the former is the Sinhala-Buddhist community and the corpus of the latter is Sri Lanka. One who has owned through the lawful path – does not need to declare as per Prescriptive Rights. One who declares through Prescriptive Rights confirms having paid less than the lawful costs – i.e. the cost of the portion instead of the whole.

When the Hon D S Senanayake described Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan – as  the greatest Ceylonese of all times – he placed a Tamil above him in status. We have not seen that after the British departed and ‘Buddhism foremost’ started developing as a political tool. Such recognition was in fact effectively separated from mainstream and allocated to the  Tamil community – when the University of Jaffna was established on the land inherited from  Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan by two Jaffna Schools – Parameswara College and Ramanathan College. To the extent the Jaffna community values this ancestor – they takeover the heritage of global standards. THIS is the potential that the University of Jaffna carries. The British Prime Minister also made special mention of the investment made by Tamils in Education. This was ‘lost’ in the sight of Buddhist nationalists who wanted all the credit to themselves.

The way Natural Justice works – one who is denied her/his status and/or  money benefits relative to the top executive / one’s senior – acquires the power of the whole-institution / relationship. Where even one member of the Tamil or Muslim community is believed to have contributed to the success of such a leader – their respective community ought to have been specially mentioned as the British PM did. When a member of the minority community contributes to the common system – that merit based elevation is essential to maintain the principle of Equal Opportunity. That special mention confirms Equality between the one who holds the senior position and the one who actually contributed to maintaining the relationship despite receiving lesser benefits.  The maximum level to which one could grow in that system is taken as that of the person who is apparently in that position. . The rest of the contribution becomes Natural Power and as is the case with all Natural Powers - this is shared exponentially. Likewise, when such is denied – as happened through the Standardization Policy and the Buddhism foremost policy – in 1972 -  it demoted the leadership through true Sri Lankans who are apparently Sinhala-Buddhists or apparently Tamils or apparently Muslims. This was demonstrated in 1977 as well as in 2015 when Tamils became the Equal Opposition to Government in National Parliament. It happened due to the hidden exponential value of Muslims, Burghers, Tamils and Sinhalese who became owners through believe which all voters are. Then we vote for each other through a common candidate available.

True Buddhists would merge with true Muslims and true Hindus and true Christians and v.v. A true Buddhist would not take benefits that belong to other communities on merit basis. This to me, is what Nationalism is about. Voting is the parallel of lawful purchase. Belief based participation is Divine power which invokes Itself in all believers and naturally consolidates the outcome. Like in the case of Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan whose heritage was abandoned by Sinhala-Buddhist leaders , whose predecessors were released from their charges for their part in the 1915 Sinhala-Muslim riots -  by Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan as their representative. This was possible because Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan considered  himself to be Sri Lankan. Now that karma in Britain is supporting British Tamils.

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