Saturday 21 December 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 December  2019


Pasikaran was having a nap on the side cement bench of our family temple in Sangarathai-Thunaivi, Northern Sri Lanka. During my parents’ time they were not seen anywhere near the temple when we the legal owners were present. When they did not see us – it was Terra Nullius to them. ‘They’ are the ‘Toddy Tappers’. But all that changed when I took over management of the temple. I was continuously ‘seen’ and gradually,  each time I identified with a weakness that this Toddy-Tapper community could not come out of – I introduced rules that made it difficult for them to use the temple compound as ‘Terra Nullius’.
I went up to Pasikaran and said for him to go to his home which is visible from the temple – and rest there.  Pasikaran sat up. I walked back to the cottage. A couple of minutes after that Pasikaran came over to the cottage and sought to discuss matters with me. To my mind – that was an improvement to showing opposition in action when others were not around. Pasikaran said that ever since he was a child he had the freedom to use the temple premises. I asked him how old he was and he said thirty plus. I said that meant he was about my children’s age. I said that our family  had always taken care of the temple and that back then when I was a child – we did not need fences. Now we do – as he himself had around his home. I said this meant privacy. Pasikaran argued a bit but eventually left without agitation. Now the gates are open only at limited times. Preserving the positive Energy is important to the whole community – and the expression of that Energy at the level of the educated is even more important to the children of Pasikaran and his generation from that area. Pasikaran’s child ranks first in her class.
Yesterday we had a discussion about owning Cyber Space. Following is an account of the communications:
1.     I forwarded my article to the media group in which the following participants are members :
2.     Malinda Seneviratne: referred the group to
3.     KKS Perera responded to Malinda with copies to all in the group : ‘Thanks for sharing! I read it earlier. Excellent article.’
4.     Gaja wrote: The two of you are invading my space. Shame on you
5.       Malinda :your space??’
6.     Gaja: Understanding no come?  Let me put it this way.  It’s the parallel of - Entering North through Eastern LTTE Leader Karuna
7.     KKS Perera: ‘It is the CYBERSPACE-- individuals can interact, exchange ideas, share information, provide social support, conduct business, direct actions, create artistic media, play games, engage in political discussion, and so on; it does not belong to an individual. ‘
8.     Gaja:     Cyber Space is not ‘free’ space. We each have a position as per our input. Within this group my entitlement was as per my reading of the material published by each person and / or through my contribution to a common structure – for example – Harry and Yoga. If likewise, you read my work – then you are entitled to include my name in YOUR list. Instead you are taking over the relationships I have developed individually and/or through common structures.GOT IT?
9.     Eranda Ginige :  ‘Gajalakshmi, at least be happy that this group that you created without our consent is getting diverse inputs rather than your single-handed biased repetitive narratives. Be open to other people's ideas as well. Let the conversations happen. Be happy for others. Perhaps then you will be able to have a broader world view.
Thanks and best regards

10.   Gaja:       Eranda’
‘Telling me how to think’ !. We call that brain washing. I think and act as per MY truth and MY conscience. You have no direct control over it. You have influence through Common structure – but that is seriously getting out of your reach due to you supporting Mr Rajapaksa politically. Please remember I am your opposition.

The above in essence renders a strong indicator of  the basic reason for the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka. Jaffna was NOT Terra Nullius and after the threat of Sinhala invasion through ‘Sinhala only’ language legislation – Tamils, as a community,  opposed Sinhalese government – including through the recent Presidential Elections.

Cyber Space, like Formless god, truth, love – is NOT Res Nullius / nobody’s space/thing. That which is formless does not exist / is nothing - or-  always exists/everything. It is zero or infinity. Through Belief , we have common ownership over that which always exists. We do not need any other’s consent to enter and be there as part of It.

This in essence is the Law of Prescription – exercised in Sri Lanka through Prescription Ordinance.

Australia was considered to be Terra Nullius by the British and this led to long years of suppression and now finally the attribution to Indigenous land owners. Every community that has managed within its territory through its own laws is owed that respect by new comers. When I go to Toddy Tapper functions, I demonstrate respect for their ways of following our culture. This automatically negates the contribution my caste made to caste based unjust exclusion. Thereafter Truth naturally keeps us together. Now – at the physical level – I am not seen around that area as much as I was – but my systems are in place through the locals who follow my structures.

Often when using the internet, I think of the Posting Rule exception to the law of contract. According to this rule,  an offer is validly accepted if one sends that acceptance by post even though the offering party does not receive that document of acceptance. To my mind that is ‘belief based’. In belief the two sides happen simultaneously. Hence when one accepts an offer in one’s mind, and uses a Public Facility with belief – the acceptance has happened. Likewise, belief based communications. When no one else does – the Absolute space keeps it for future which is never visible.

Belief based Voting also produces simultaneous results – even though one does not ‘see’ the other side. Some examples relating to the votes of Tamil & Muslim minorities are:

(1)   The British Leaders’ special recognition of the Tamil community and the confirmation that the Conservatives recognized the two nation formation.
(2)  On or around 03 December 2019, the Swiss Federal Court ruled that the Tamil Tigers were not a criminal organisation and acquitted 12 people of charges filed by the Office of the Attorney General
(3)  CID Officer Nishantha Silva fleeing Sri Lanka for asylum in Switzerland
(4)   The Swiss Embassy staff Ms Francis being supported by the Swiss Government.
(5)   The death sentence to Pakistan’s former President General Pervez Musharraf who was a military leader.

In his article ‘The Switzerland Connection in LTTE Fund Raising Activity’ D.B.S.Jeyaraj confirms that members of the Tamil community in Switzerland complained to the authorities about those who were harassing them for money. To the extent the Tamil community believed that the LTTE was acting on behalf of the community – the community acted as per its conscience above which there is no greater human law. I myself was approached here in Australia, from time to time for cash contributions but when I declined there was no further pressure. Those who appreciated my sharing at policy level did not ask me for any money contributions. Through my own experience with various sections of LTTE I identified with the levels that D.B.S.Jeyaraj has highlighted. To the extent LTTE was autonomous without enforcement – their contributions would naturally empower fellow members of the Tamil Community which has invested more and more at global level – including through the UN. Likewise, in the Muslim community.

In this regard, I identify very much with  the essence of Dr Ameer Ali’s Financial Times article ‘GR’s political exclusion and economic inclusion’ – in which Dr Ali states:

[The first issue is to unpack the bundle called majority.  This is not the impermanent political majority, which may change after every democratic election, but the permanent Sinhalese ethnic majority, and within that, the Sinhalese Buddhist majority. Even then, it does not include the entire community of Sinhalese Buddhists, but only those who went behind the supremacists led by sections of the Sangha, and voted for PGR at the last election. 
Within that 52% of votes he received, were tens of thousands of Sinhalese Christians against whom Buddhist supremacists have a long history of intolerance and animosity. (That may erupt again once the supremacists finish with the Tamils and Muslims). There was also a small contingent of voters from the minority communities who voted for PGR. 

Similarly, within the losing 48% were tens of thousands of Sinhalese Buddhists who did not want to go along with the supremacists. In actual fact therefore, the supremacists are a minority in the total vote bank. To this minority, democracy and pluralism are anathema. They simply want a government by the Buddhists, for the Buddhists and of the Buddhists. The first half of the Presidential solution is therefore meant to satisfy the wishes of this minority.

If indeed the Sinhala Buddhists believed in their authority to govern – that electorate is the Sinhala Buddhist electorate with its own Opposition. Lord Buddha would have upheld this. Like in the case of LTTE which was open to contributions but did not enforce,  – a government by Sinhala Buddhists was entitled to be open to others being represented by them. But they have no authority to rule over others who do not belong in that group of Sinhala-Buddhists – once they have expressly stated that they were Sinhala-Buddhist rulers – as the current President has stated. They did not need the Democratic Voting Process after such declaration.

Under those circumstances – those ethnic minorities who have, through the secular pathway registered themselves as residents of areas where Sinhala-Buddhists are in majority – become Diplomats through belief in a different nation to Sinhala-Buddhists. This would now be easier due to migrant Tamils & Muslims who live in democratic nations like Switzerland.

Politicians have the authority to rule over citizens on the basis of  common belief. Like the Postal Rule mentioned above – this is automatic and does not need the consent of the citizen. That citizen in the case of the current President is Sinhala-Buddhist. Express consent is needed by elected politicians to exert authority over others including Sinhala-Christians.

As per Dharma, under this President - every Sinhala-Buddhist officer has the duty to expressly state the secular law when disciplining or punishing a non Sinhala-Buddhist . The immediate past President also promoted Sinhala-Buddhism but UNP under Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe balanced  to maintain equilibrium through secular law connection of the educated in minority communities. Much of this was developed through common life in educational institutions.

Presidency through the  voting system is the parallel of  Ownership through documentary title. The Sinhala-Buddhist leadership declaration is the parallel of Ownership by  Prescription. The corpus of the former is Sri Lanka. The corpus of the latter is Sinhala-Buddhist nation. Since belief is based on truth – and therefore its absolute power – the above declaration naturally created two nations within Sri Lanka. Thank you Mr President for upholding the Truth.

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