Friday 1 July 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam- 01 July   2016  

King Wicki & the Political Phantom

As per Hindu culture we have Asurar as well as Thevar within us. The former rely heavily on Physical power and the latter on Mental power. The class/caste system was also based on this. The way a process worker cannot be measured directly by using the same yardstick used to measure a CEO, an Asuran cannot be measured by the same yardstick as the Thevan. Likewise the Politician cannot be measured by the same yardstick as the Administrator.

The Political influence used in judging the Central Bank Governor became public through the President. The steadiness of the intellectual path was demonstrated by the Prime Minister who is reported to have stated :

The Governor has said he needs to be exonerated from these charges, or there is no point. There may be charges but none of those charges have been proved yet. If it is proved, I will do what is necessary” – ITN

Politicians, like prescriptive titleholders go directly from majority vote to ownership. This Prescription Ordinance is a beautiful heritage from our Colonial Rulers. It recognizes realization of ownership above legal title where the latter is lacking in belief and the former is full of belief. In rural areas of Sri Lanka’s North and East, where the folks are not wise in law Common to all Sri Lankans – this pathway is well known and rightly so. If someone merely holds land for the purpose of title to ‘show’ as a symbol of wealth – while someone else has worked that land and developed it enough to believe that it is hers/his – then the property rightfully belongs to the latter. Likewise any opportunity left vacant by the legal titleholder.

The simple test for Prescriptive Title/ De facto status   is wholesome physical possession. Likewise, the following requirements are needed for a Politician to override an Administrator:

1.      Be seen to have taken the responsibility continuously from day one of the matter to the day of decision-making
2.       Take a position adverse to the one taken by the Administrator OR act Independent of and be seen to be acting independent of the Administrator.

In the case of the Central Bank Governor it is reported that the President was seen to have acted as follows:

On Wednesday morning, President Sirisena addressing an event in Badulla announced that he will appoint the new governor ‘within a few hours,’ however more than one and a half days later; he is yet to make the announcement.’ – Colombo Telegraph
The above report confirms that the announcement was premature and emotional and unfitting of the President. A leader needs Belief based ownership in the institution to make a Political decision. The President is entitled to make such decision for his electorate and/or his profession/portfolio  but not beyond. In this instance such Political right is allocated to the Minister concerned. Within the Institution that right belongs to the Governor who has made the right decision to suspend himself until the Parliamentary Inquiry is completed.

One who criticizes the Central Bank Governor, without logical analysis, is guilty of the very offence s/he is using – in relation to the Bonds Issue – that the rules were not followed. Mr. Mahendran is the Governor and is the parallel of Mr. Sirisena. A Governor needs no external permission to act as per her/his Truth but has the responsibility to give form to her/his Truth after following Due Processes of the Institution. Often that is how new policies are born.  Gandhi followed that pathway and hence was the Natural Governor of India. Yet, many of his actions were unlawful as per the laws of the British Empire. Gandhi accepted the punishment and thus eliminated the British shareholding in Indian Administration to the extent of that punishment.

Belief is needed to limit the excessive use of status-based authority – including through Administration. As per the Hindu Legend Ramayanam – the king of Lanka – Ravana was an Asuran and he was very clever – including as an Administrator. But he and his clan went beyond his territory to disturb the Peace of Ascetics whose intelligence is pure wisdom through sacrifice of physical pleasures which help raise our happiness to the higher level and ultimately realize Bliss. Hence Rama waged war against Ravana and restored the balance needed for Harmony. The solution was for  the Asuras to stay within their territory.  Those who claim Nationalism through language – are of this category. Sri Lanka has confirmed that there are these Asuras in both Sinhala as well as Tamil races. The war in Sri Lanka happened due to these two groups who usually function Independent of each other sending their leaders to  Parliament without converting that space based ‘Freedom’ into Adversity by allocating Equal status to the other.

As per the Colombo Gazette report ‘Government denies claims of delaying tactics in war probe’:
[Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva during the 32nd session today that consultations were taking place with all stake holders in the accountability and reconciliation process…………….
These are the forces of extremism on both sides of the divide, who, in league with the ghosts of the past, wait to rejoice to see Sri Lanka fail to succeed in its journey of reconciliation.]

If the Government is lacking in courage to uphold the Common Truth – Common to all investors in Sri Lanka’s ‘Good Governance’ – the Political Vethaalam (ghost/phantom) will go back to the war tree to climb upside down.

Tamil Administrators had to find cleverer ways of defeating the political phantom. In many ways minorities due to their limited choices at the physical level  tend to accept challenges and forego immediate pleasures of the body and brain. This automatically raises the thinking to the higher level – and one learns to rule by rights and wrongs. Steady mind is needed towards this. Political haste disturbs the mind’s steadiness. A true Buddhist would know this intuitively. The President had the duty to invoke Article 9 and stilled his mind in this issue. 

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