Friday 8 July 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 08 July    2016

50:50 in Politics

In 1939, our Tamil Sri Lankan Politician – the Hon G.G.Ponnambalam advocated 50:50 in Parliament. We now call it Equal Rights but not many attribute true credit to that brilliant mind. Australian elections 2016 have confirmed this 50:50 value as per the minds of the voters. Current Sri Lankan Government called it ‘Common Opposition’ to get into power. So long as they maintain the 50:50 Balance of Power – they would be leading true Sri Lankans – made up of Natural Opposites.

A high thinker like the Hon Malcolm Turnbull does not need too much majority to lead Australians. As per my own direct interactions – Mr. Turnbull, like Mr. G.G.Ponnambalam  carries that Equal Opportunity value in his Business mind. To the extent we are investing reasonably in Equal Opportunity values – any leading party needs only 50% vote to maintain Balance of Power and  therefore Harmony between Majority Race and the Coalition of Minorities.  Any more makes them laidback and dull due to complacency. I added my earned status  to the Coalition of Minorities which led to me maturing  into a self-governing Australian – living in the fringes so to speak. Back then I did not know that the rest of my true earnings would go direct to ‘ownership’ Energy which helps me recognize the outcomes I need to maintain my inner harmony.

Back then my expectations from the Government and the Judiciary were higher than the reality of Australian leadership. I stuck to my Truth through all the defeats by that unreliable system and ultimately I was ‘free’ of my own expectations. I still feel sad but there is no anxiety. Just inner Peace. Gradually, I realized that  I was travelling along my own pathway – my own law as per my Truth. I realized gradually  that each one of us develops this personal pathway and when we stay within that pathway – we recognize the Truth of another who blocks that pathway – as being the ‘other side’. Once we recognize this other side – we give form to Truth at that point. It’s a milestone on the way to self-governance. The lower our pathway – the more such milestones we need to give form to. Once our elder daughter said in terms of religion and god – that she believed in her own personal god. That god is the Experience through that pathway of Truth.

In Australia, my legal action against the then Prime Minister John Howard was such a milestone for others of my particular culture – which to my mind responds to all other cultures in my environment. I needed to manifest that milestone  at the point where I was blocked due to Government’s negligence. Once we produce – we are relieved of the burden of our expectations through excessive policy based authority.

 Truth being Universal Power – those who travel as per their Truth would manifest milestones / Facts, each-time there is a challenge to their claim. They are Acts-of-god. The confirmation that I was ‘right’ as per the Destination that the global pathway was leading to,  came when Mr. Howard was physically present at the place of 9/11 attack and was the leader when we had the sad experience of Bali Bombing – majority Australian victims  of that Bombing being from my ‘home’ suburb of Coogee. A true global citizen has the power to return the pain of mind to the opposition – to complete the picture of Truth as the foundation of Lessons Learnt by her/him and needed to be Learnt by her/him and/or by wider world. I did not have any direct participation in the two manifestations – but to the extent I was in genuine pain – I identified them to be ‘Acts of God’ beyond my control. Had I continued to hold expectations of returns due to me – I would not have identified with my own Governing Power through the system of Truth. I did not have any direct participation in the Sri Lankan ethnic war. Hence I was/am able to identify with the Truth and help maintain the Balance of Power needed – by elevating or lowering my visible status as needed.  

Now with the above awareness -  I recognize the side that Sri Lanka needs, to maintain this Natural Balance of Power. I thought in that consciousness when this morning my attention was drawn to the following message forwarded by a Community leader:

Sri Lanka PM says difficult decisions have to be made to avert complete collapse of economy 

I was already feeling sad that I did not have money to support my younger daughter’s efforts to improve her home. The feeling was strong because I am in the middle of preparing my mind in relation to the upcoming Leave to Appeal hearing in Jaffna – Northern Sri Lanka. I was sad because my husband’s family who migrated to Australia due to my efforts also, devalued my status -  first within the family and later in Mallakam Local Courts, followed by setting us aside during common family occasions. Once this happens – there is no room for ‘internal’ settlement. Hence I published the milestones despite members of my community reducing my status for doing so. Eventually – I recognized in my own mind – only the status allocated by my children and the few individuals who valued me as I was. Given that my current service work is in Vaddukoddai area – the ‘fall’ is significant. I now feel comfortable in Thunaivi – recognized as a low-caste suburb by the folks of Vaddukoddai – the former being the parallel of Asian migrants in Australia and the latter being the parallel of White only migrants in Australia.

The above family and community experience resulted in me denying myself any participation in benefits earned by diverting my energies to that part of the family and community. If not for the Law and Practice of Thesawalamai – which promotes sons to inherit status of father and thus uphold the common status of the family – my husband would have developed his own home – as our unmarried daughter is doing now. My brother in law who passed away was a Bachelor and as per the Law of Thesawalamai my husband inherited the family leadership status – but was denied it by other members of the family.

My sadness came from my realization that I was absorbing the insults and demotions from my husband’s family to preserve that Bachelor’s heritage – whereas I was not able to help my daughter develop her own to a standard our family has earned. It’s a bit like owning the Coogee property but not being able to prevent a Sinhalese stealing my Land in Colombo. Like when I lost against the Management of the University of NSW – I cried and let go of my urge to contribute to my daughter’s home development. Some of the  return came when I identified with the True value in the Sri Lankan economy – at National level. I believe that each one us who identifies with the Truth – influences outcomes to ensure development and recognition of positive  heritage.

Details of the above  mentioned message are:
[Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says considering the nation's current economic situation, difficult decisions have to be made to avert a complete collapse of economy.
The PM said the decision has been reached during a meeting held at Temple Trees in Colombo Monday evening with the Ministers, Members of Parliament and Electoral Organizers.
"During this meeting, we analyzed the future of Sri Lanka’s economy, and the reasons behind the Nation’s dire economic situation," the Premier said in his official Facebook account today.

As per my Truth – my ‘economy’ collapsed due to me investing in a cultural system that did not develop the root capacity to sustain expansion and facilitate the multicultural spread due to migration. When my economy collapsed – my status also collapsed – except with the poor in Northern Sri Lanka relative to whom I seemed to have more money. But when I accept that collapse as being of my ‘choice’ to remain ‘local’ I am able to identify with the Truth and manifest that milestone – that those who live off handouts – are foreigners to my pathway. Once they are eliminated from my mind through consolidation and  only their Truth is added – I am free to be reborn in the higher pathway of self-governance. Attachment to physical outcomes keeps us imprisoned within the lower pathway. It’s the gravitational pull that we and we alone can overcome by completing the lower experience however wide the gap between earned and received benefits may be. Hence where there is lack of sharing between the haves and have-nots – the choice is to sacrifice towards our own freedom.

One driven by economy would tend to ‘hoard’ money which would be wasted by the next generation and one driven by votes would tend to hoard status and land titles which would attract ‘foreigners’ rather than co-owners.

One of the feedback comments to the above message went as follows:
[Indrajit is indeed a brave man to have taken up the position of the Gov. of the CB, especially at this time with Sri lanka’s finances in a perilous state !

An accomplished economist with an impeccable career and ideal for the job has taken this up as a true son of the soil  following his family tradition of civil service, but in today’s context the Gov.’s job is not only steering SL through and past economic hurdles but also fighting political fronts and taking abuse.]

To my mind, the new Governor of Central Bank – Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy contributes to the maintenance of  50:50 Balance of Power at Senior Management level in Sri Lankan Public Service. In areas that are culturally independent of majority race – one must stay away from the other. In areas that are Common to all Sri Lankans – the 50:50 balance between major race and the coalition of minorities is essential for level Administrative  field and needs to be visible at the top. Hence Equal Opposition in Parliament.

Once this balance is achieved – we are confirming that our minds are ready to use Laws and Principles common to all concerned. We are ready for external knowledge that is certified as being reliable by other higher users. Then we become co-owners in global issues rather than foreigners receiving cheap handouts. The lesson learnt through Mr. Mahendran is that foreigners travel hastily and lose connection to their own roots. A Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or Burgher  in National Sri Lankan Politics is a foreigner to a Sri Lankan in Sri Lankan Parliament. They are entitled to use the Common Parliament as per their Truth which pathway would be Independent of the pathways of another group. Such travel would help them recognize the other groups only through independent outcomes produced at the end of that pathway or on the way at the milestone. They are not entitled to  exercise power directly using Rules and Policies that they themselves are not bound by as per their minds. . If Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy is more committed to his profession than to the politicians inside or outside Sri Lanka – he would travel through such a pathway and survive and contribute to National Ethnic Harmony – which is of higher value than economic prosperity. When there is Ethnic Harmony in Sri Lanka – the world will come to Sri Lanka through Business partnerships of global values. 

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