Tuesday 12 July 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam- 12 July    2016  

Cause -Devolution to Provinces
Equal & Opposite Effect - Godfather Rule

As I read the news that the son of Sri Lanka’s former President was arrested for Financial ‘irregularity’ I thought to myself as to how much like ‘Tamil Nadu’ we were becoming. Those of us who follow Tamil Nadu news  are well aware that it is no big deal in Tamil Nadu, for politicians to go in and out of prison on financial irregularities. This is also because a good proportion of Indian Tamils do not understand the laws that empower officers nor are they connected to the minds of those who gave them many of those laws – the British. The moment people start losing confidence in the authorities with power to imprison, and they have alternate choices – through Politicians and godfathers  they evade authority. News reporters and film-makers who ‘judge’,  portray the picture that would bring them highest business. Those who watch Tamil films and Tamil TV serials – and that is a good proportion of Sri Lankan Tamils – would tend to connect to those who use the ‘alternate’ system that avoids the law. Hence the support to the Tamil Tigers who were godfathers.

One needs to ask the question whether the Devolution of Power to the Provinces would result in such an ‘alternate’ system of Administration which would have the effect of disconnecting with Central Administration that has to manage affairs beyond Sri Lankan borders. Once we lose the power to manage internally – the outcomes produced at lower levels would surface to damage Central Administration responsible for the Nation as a whole. As per my personal experience of the University of NSW, the devolved unit (Medical Faculty) would not have been strong enough for the whole University to move towards Democratic Management. The parallel of the Medical Faculty is the Northern Province of Sri Lanka and the parallel of the Dean of Medicine is the Chief Minister – both capable of higher Administration.

In his article ‘13th Amendment not meant only for N&E’, the editor of Ceylon Today states:

Northern Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran who was a career judge finally reaching the Apex Court of the country has been emphasizing the need of devolving Police powers to the provinces on the basis of his own experience as a former judicial officer and presently as the Chief Minister.

If Mr. Rajapaksa had not acted as if Sri Lanka and Hambantota were the same and exercised Hambantota power as Sri Lankan President – his son who is currently the MP for Hambantota – would have been saved the downfall in Administrative status. In Truth – the liability of parents is naturally inherited by children who enjoy the assets of parents. Powers of the Land are Natural and could rank above a legal/official titleholder – as is recognized by Prescription Ordinance 1871 – inherited from the British.  

 Unless Mr. Wigneswaran sees with his Third Eye – the Jaffna Provincial High Court reaching the standards of  the Apex Court – his proposal would deny Tamils – especially of Northern Province the opportunity to play the big game. I myself am preparing to take my legal matter to the Supreme Court in Colombo if the Jaffna Provincial High Court fails to not only uphold the law technically but to make amends for the insults suffered in Mallakam District Court which tarnished the value of my investment in a very strong marriage system. One marriage only is for those who are driven by pleasures and those who have found their Equal match in institutional life. No one except my parents protested when I married someone with far less education than mine. The Dowry system gone wrong in Northern Sri Lanka, would not have facilitated me to marry someone with the qualifications that my current husband holds. I did not seek one either. But due to my contribution to the marriage system as it was inherited by us from our ancestors – respecting  my husband as per his position rather than as per the money and status I would have had but  did not have – I believe I earned the elevation to Central Administrative position as a higher status wife. Again I did not seek it. The man did so. This is resulting in higher value heritage for that Vaddukoddai family and community – especially those living in Western nations and locals closely linked to the Tamil Diaspora.  I identify  this ‘karmic pathway’ also in the case of  Tamils who contributed to Sri Lankan Administrative values who enjoyed lesser benefits than their Sinhalese counterparts, but did not give recognition to it at the Public level – as the LTTE did. They quietly raised their Earnings to Energy level – which demoted the Opposition side’s status – through the drastic fall of  the SLFP in 1977 and through the formation of Common Opposition in 2015. Truth has unlimited avenues of manifesting Itself even if One person genuinely sought as per her/his Truth. Those who sought through their Truth would identify with the manifestations even if they did not actively participate during the time of manifestation – for example those in the Diaspora who did not vote in the elections but yearned to see a Sri Lanka they had invested in.

Mr. Wigneswaran in politics, is my  parallel when I got married to someone with lower educational and social status. But instead of taking the People ( his other side )  as they are – Mr. Wigneswaran is pushing to elevate their Common status to that of  TNA in Parliament – so he would be the Equal of the Prime Minister in Northern Province as Madam Jayalalitha is to majority Tamils of Tamil Nadu.

If Northern Sri Lanka were to be separated from other Sections of the Sri Lankan Tamil community and they would be through devolution to Provinces beyond the level they have earned – Tamils would lose their Equal Position in Sri Lankan Parliament. That elevation was like my second marriage. Had I not taken rebirth from my first marriage – I would have not developed the family structure that answers the laws of both cultures Hindu as well as Australian.

Majority Tamils of my generation living in Australia, have given up the opportunity to raise their family system to accommodate both cultures. They compromise and accept when they are not able to have their say with their Australian groomed children – largely so they do not lose their children – as happens between Mr. Wigneswaran and Mr. Sumanthiran. On the other side – they hang on to their old status – to be active in their part of the community made up of others like themselves. That is exactly what Mr. Wigneswaran is also doing and it suits the business of the likes of  Ceylon Today editor. Migrants from one province to another, or from one nation to another – need to take rebirth – and bring only their Truth and not their certificates and paper titles. If they do – they risk prescriptive titleholders taking up their vacated positions and those who truly worked those positions (not the armed rebels) are the true owners as per the laws of Sri Lanka through which someone was affected either way. In politics the prescriptive owners are those who did not take the side of the armed rebels or the armed forces. In Administration they are the ones who limited themselves to the authority of law or policy they had actually practiced.

One Diaspora Leader who is in the border line asked the question in response to my article ‘Passing the Tiger Test :

Why is it that in the new Regime of 'good governance?', most of the Tamil representatives appointed to the various committees/task forces are from the elite class(as Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer used to say, 'the creamy layers of the society), Coomaraswamys (Radhika-who incidentally can not read Tamil, Indrajit), Arjuna Mahendren, Saravanamuthu(Pakiasothy-he too can not read Tamil), Prof.Hoole, Prof.Chithraleka Mownaguru, Shantha Abimanasingham, President's Counsel) et al.’ 

I wrote in response:

To me the new Regime would work for Tamils because of Ranil with whom Tamils would identify more than with any other Sinhalese politician and for that matter Tamil politician.

Justice V R Krishna Iyer as per my knowledge was a person who represented the underprivileged – as did Ghandi. But to ‘show’ the prosperity of India through leaders , to those very underprivileged – India needed Nehru. If you think that the underprivileged within the Tamil community would be satisfied with a Gandhi – think again. Tamils love to identify with the ‘elite class’. Take Thunaivi village in Vaddukoddai  for example. We of the middle class donated land for the folks of Thunaivi to build a Development Secretariat and the deed of gift specifically states that as the purpose. There is hardly any ‘development work’ in that building which would have been unlawfully occupied by the bullies in that village if not for my presence there. A few months back the folks of Sangarathai which is the twin of Thunaivi – organized an anniversary reunion and invited the ‘cream of Tamil society’ – including from the University to celebrate the occasion funded by the son of  one of their ‘elite class’ – the Vellala class. Others were all ‘common’. I could hear the speeches from our cottage in Thunaivi and I did enjoy some of them.  I did not hear any person of Thunaivi speak. The parallel happened with a member of the Tamil Diaspora of Thunaivi origin sending money to build a cultural hall. The folks of Thunaivi went straight to Chief Minister  Wigneswaran who to my knowledge had not stepped into Thunaivi since he assumed office. The way karma happened – I was back in Sydney and did not undergo the pain of witnessing the ‘moham/infatuation’  demonstrated by the folks of Thunaivi.  I am still involved with them – but more on ‘Business’ basis through loans for self-employment – so that we are seen as Equals. If I do not draw that line – someone will act to earn my curse. Every time we bring the less privileged into ourselves and make them ‘common’ in our mind, we share our Energies and the net value when positive produces a strong heritage-structure for the next generation. They say in Tamil culture that elders must be respected and juniors need to seek their blessings for this reason. The business approach helps show the line of karma – through outputs/actions. When we know that there is no more positive Energy sharing – due to one side or the other or both – we need to show our outputs independent of the other side. Hence the business move. That is the way of karma. Thunaivi was considered  a high risk area during the war. During this period they have become the over-privileged class relative to Vaddukoddai where it’s a joy to serve the children through our ‘Coffee-shop’ cum ‘Opportunity-shop’.  The kids bring their pocket money and buy. Except for the food items - I do the selling myself so as to have the ‘culture’ sharing with fellow Australians.  In my mind I bless the ones who show valuation for the items they buy and confirm their joy by bringing their parents to buy more expensive items. Are they not ‘underprivileged’ relative to you and I when we grew up in North? They are our natural heirs and like my grandchildren they bring me much joy. When I heard our Prime Minister say that he had his one year old granddaughter with him when the Leader of the Opposition rang him – I identified with that ‘home-sharing’.  Then there is the following from Andy Rooney – forwarded by our friend  Dr. Gamani Goonetilleke:
I've learned.... 
That when your newly born grandchild holds your little finger in his little fist, you're hooked for life.

It’s the affection of Gamani that is expressed through those who are good with words. The feeling is One. So, when the students of Jaffna College are able to better demonstrate the heritage we share through Education – while their parallels in  Thunaivi roam the streets on their bicycles (many are handouts) who are the underprivileged?  - These children who need the global minded leaders who have some shareholding in our community – however small it may be – or the ones who have reached their maximum growth in terms of common culture?
The elitists mentioned by you may not be able to speak Tamil. But to the extent they did receive support from Tamil areas/culture – to become who they are and we the Tamil Community identify with them – they are leaders. Language is just skin deep. It’s the mind that matters. If you are able to connect to that mind – then they are in those positions for you too.
Yesterday, when I read that Prime Minister Ranil was planning on going soon the Thirupathi and Guruvayur – I felt good due to my own belief in Lord Krishna. I recall writing recently that that was an influence due to common faith with Hindu Tamils. Mr. Wickremesinghe may or may not have read my words but the connection has happened and that is positive for Tamils and for Sri Lanka.
May I ask you to name your choice to each of the positions held by the persons mentioned by you?  If it is not someone else , I would conclude that it is  yourself.  If you therefore have the substance needed in those positions and/or the Energy to transcend the position – earned through your own position – then you have the duty to now become their opposition to maintain the Balance of Power between the Elitists and the Underprivileged. Otherwise you would be adding negative Energy / Paavam to the issue through idle criticism.

Warm Regards

On a lighter note here is a sharing that highlights the reality about bad-wife v good-wife, sent by a good friend in Melbourne:

When I drink alcohol,  everyone says I am alcoholic……….
 but when I drink Fanta no one says I am fantastic!

No one except the Lord

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