Sunday 24 July 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam- 24 July 2016

Beware of the Genes

I believe that the way each person carries through her/his genes her/his own true makeup, every place carries its own makeup as invisible Energy. Some places are sacred and others are evil for this reason. In Hinduism we call them Thevar ulogham (Thevar=gods; ulogham=world) and Naragar ulogham (Naragar=Demons). We invoke our respective sides when we are ‘free’ of physical and mental influences. The genes are beyond the control of the human.

During the recent problem at the University of Jaffna – this was the strongest factor that  I identified with but was missing from the analyses of others – especially the media. When our generation – the generation that suffered most due to the war – fails to right the wrongs through systems available in our environment (place plus time) – the rights and wrongs mutate as positive genes and negative genes respectively. During the next generation that place could be home to someone who was born far away from Sri Lanka and in the mind of whom there was very little awareness of Sri Lanka. Gene theory confirms rebirth. The gene contains our own Vetham (scripture). I realized this through my experiences at the University of NSW which was fairly low in law and order relative to many other institutions of Higher Education. Like Sri Lanka, this University was also attractive to ‘foreign’ leaders because it was clever but low in order – largely due to migrant students and staff. When I entered the University it happened through the genes of an American trained Australian – who is now Vice Chancellor of  Macquarie University. Genes work through intuition. The American investment in Professor Dowton was carried as his genes when he took rebirth in Australia. But gradually – the current demands of his position overrode gene power and I was left to deal with Central Authorities who were officially my bosses at that time. This resulted in that Medical Faculty being at the center of Bruce Hall scandal due to migrants taking the shortcut to report matters to the media. THAT was their gene pattern. I escalated my pain and loss to the Prime Minister’s level – step by step – and was dismissed as frivolous and vexatious litigant by the Australian Judiciary. That sent the issue to the system of Natural Justice through the express pathway – and we had Mr. John Howard suffering 9/11 anxiety with another of similar gene pattern.

The New Indian Express reports in regards to a Tamil king who did rule Sri Lanka:

[COLOMBO: What is touted as the tomb of the Sri Lankan Tamil King Elara  in Anuradhapura district, is actually a fable, says noted historian, Prof. S.Pathmanathan. 
“There is no evidence of Elara’s tomb anywhere. If the massive pile of burnt bricks near Anuradhapura is being touted as Elara’s tomb, it is because nobody is able to read the inscription on it, which is in the Tamil Brahmi script,” Prof.Pathmanathan told Express.
The structure could either have been a Hindu or a Buddhist temple, most probably a Buddhist temple, of 2 nd.Century AD in which the Nagas (a Tamil speaking people) ruled Anuradhapura, he said. 
The Nagas, who were animists, had, over time, converted either to Hinduism or Buddhism, and constructed shrines dedicated to these religions. Many of these shrines would carry an inscription saying “Mani Nagan” in the Tamil  Brahmi script to indicate that the structure was built by a Naga king, Prof.Pathmanathan said.
The structure in question is popularly known as Elara Sohona (Elara’s Tomb). But this cannot be his tomb because Elara ruled the Anuradhapura area in 2 nd.Century BC (205 to 161 BC) and the Nagas, who built the structure, ruled  Anuradhapura in 2 nd.Cenury AD, Prof. Pathmanathan said.]

My interest is not so much with whether it is King Ellalan (Elara)’s tomb or not. Mine is more about the knowledge that Nagas were common to Tamils as well as Sinhalese / Hindus as well as Buddhists. Given that the tomb is in Anuradhapura – Anuradhapura carries Naga Genes. LTTE’s  (Tamil Tigers’) attack of Sri Lankan Air Force code-named Operation Ellalan. Wikipedia reports as follows about this operation:

[The Raid on Anuradhapura Air Force Base, code-named Operation Ellaalan,  was a successful commando raid conducted on SLAF Anuradhapura an Air Force Base in AnuradhapuraSri Lanka by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The attack happened on 22 October 2007.
At 3:15 AM a group of 21 LTTE commandos, most of them Black Tigers, who are known to be suicide bombers, attacked the air base. Shortly after the attack started the Tigers were supported by two light aircraft from the Air Tigers which conducted a bombing run on the base and escaped undamaged. 10 military personnel, including 2 Air Force officers, were killed in the attack and 22 were wounded. It was confirmed that 20 of the 21 commandos were killed. Also an Air Force Bell 212 helicopter gunship that was sent to the base to provide help crashed near the base during the clashes killing four crew members. Initially it was reported that only three aircraft were destroyed and one crashed. However the Prime Minister stated two days later that up to 8 aircraft were destroyed in the attack and another 10 were damaged, whereas the LTTE claimed to have destroyed 15 aircraft on the day of the attack. Because of this the sincerity of the government came into question.
B. Raman,  who was an Additional Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of India and one-time head of the counter-terrorism division of the Research and Analysis Wing, released a statement regarding the attack calling that it "had been preceded by painstaking intelligence collection, planning and rehearsal."]

As per my intuition – due to absorbing LTTE’s negative status as part of mine – I feel that the Naga genes in Tamils and therefore Tamil Tigers were strongly active in that area due to lack of current power through which they were demoted as ‘Terrorists’. Their parallel during that time were called Asurar (humans driven by body power) and Nagar (cobra worshipers). The Sri Lankan Air Force could not have connected as naturally as the Tamil Tigers – at Anuradhapura which was ruled later by their Buddhist ancestors. Hence victory for Tamil Tiger when the Sinhala Lion was dormant.

Vanni on the other hand became LTTE’s headquarters for a De-facto Administration. When Sri Lankan armed forces entering Vanni were more like the Tamil Tigers – i.e. – without official training – they were able to overpower the Tamil Tigers who had embraced more and more – modern systems of order. Their Asura and Naga genes became more dormant in Vanni. They were suppressed in Jaffna – where the higher mind dominated. In Vanni – they would have remained active if not for the de-facto system and the status that went with it. As former President Mahinda Rajapaksa said – Prabhakaran was from the jungles of North as he was from the jungles of South. If LTTE is active – Sinhalese need Rajapaksa power to Negate it. It is natural that the Rajapaksa system would be low in status when measured through modern yardsticks. But without them the Tiger gene could be invoked – especially now that the more educated Tamils have emigrated from Sri Lanka. When I read recently that the current Prime Minister has decided to keep the Rajapaksa name in Southern Airport – I was happy for this reason. Until we Sri Lankan Tamils invest more in higher pathways – we need Equal Opposition to our Asura forces – so we do not become the victims of Reverse Discrimination under the rule of those who have active Asura genes.

As per my understanding genes must not be activated for current purposes.  They operate on their own. We could however identify with our genes so that the positive ones would balance the negative ones by living as one family/community/nation and negative ones could be gradually buried/overridden  through current merit and/or through surrender to the positive mind.

The latest risk in regards to genes is highlighted by the Sunday Times article ‘Vavuniya economic centre site tussle lands on district official’s desk’:

As northern politicos are at loggerheads over a venue for a proposed dedicated economic centre in Vavuniya, the cabinet directed the District Secretary last week to hold the District Coordination Committee meeting to decide whether Thandikulam or Omanthai should be selected

Thandikulam as well as Omanthai areas are part of the Land in which Tamils were imprisoned by Sinhalese. That whole area carries the war-prisoner genes. If economic activities are carried out there by those using primitive systems which are unlawful today – and in wider world -  they would invoke their parallel genes and this could result in Vavuniya becoming the Trading Center for illegal weapons. During my stay in Vavuniya – I learnt about  higher incidents of armed attacks by rival gangs in Vavuniya than was the case in Jaffna.

The Government needs to ensure that the negative genes are overridden by positive merit to make that place neutral in terms of  unlawful war – including by the Government enjoying current positive status without the true eligibility. Foreign rulers are unaffected by the local genes to the extent they strongly follow their own law to the benefit of locals. Hence the success by the Hon Dudley Senanayake – the first Prime Minister of  Democratic Ceylon.

Locals – be they Sinhalese or Tamils – who claim strong cultural base – would easily invoke their gene powers when their minds are not active through current laws and principles. That was the problem at the University of Jaffna which is without current Hindu power to have the natural assistance of positive genes of higher education nor enough current merit to override the Asura and Naga genes that every Sri Lankan – born in Sri Lanka carries on behalf of the Land. 

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