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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam- 19 July 2016
Sinhala Terrorism & Sri Lankan Constitution

This morning I read the article ‘The White Western Community Identifies an Augusto Pinochet in Sri Lanka’ by Gandara John forwarded to me by an Australian of Sinhalese origin. My response was ‘I go by my experience-based intuition but shall take note of what others have to say’.  The passionate denial of the current Prime Minister of Sri Lanka – the Hon Ranil Wickremasinghe - his leadership dues -  is apparent in that article. The opening lines go as follows:

In the background of events of 1983 and 1987 and in the context of RW being EW’s son, the White Western Community saw a silver lining in this dark scenario; political analysts say that this community identified RW as having the potential of one of their all time favourites, Augusto Pinochet, the one time Dictator of Chile

As per Wikipedia ‘Ranil Wickremasinghe is the second son of Esmond and Nalini Wickremasinghe. Esmond Wickremasinghe was a press baron, an ex-Samasamajist and supremo of the Lake House group of newspapers. His paternal uncle Lakshman Wickremasinghe was a Bishop of the Church of Sri Lanka. His maternal line consisted of newspaper barons and landowners, the Wijewardenas, who were Sinhala Buddhists.’

A true Sri Lankan would have looked for ancestral connections to work out that part of the natural causal forces of manifestation that are not obvious nor could be worked out through common logic. By relating to Augusto Pinochet and the ‘White Western Community’ – the writer confirms he is not connected to the heart of Sri Lanka. Yet he is writing as if he is the king of Sri Lanka. On 15 August last year – which was India’s Independence Anniversary – this ‘foreigner’ posted the ‘interview’ in Appendix – through LankaWeb. The last line confirms that this is  political propaganda:
‘The people can defeat Ranil, the TNA, the US and Sirisena, all four at once, by simply voting for the UPFA.’

I observe also the manifestations of such Political Terrorism in Jaffna at the University of Jaffna.

Terrorism is explained in Wikipedia as follows:
Terrorism, in its broadest sense, is defined as the use or threatened use of violence (terror) in order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim. It is classified as fourth-generation warfare and as a violent crime

As per the above, the Tamil Tigers who did not survive even one generation are mere instruments of Terrorism Energy / Sins that Sri Lanka carries as One Nation. Sinhalese like the above seem to be carrying the genes of Prince Vijaya who as per the history I learnt – was exiled from India due to his abuse of ruling power. If he were not a prince but a citizen he would have been labeled a Terrorist. Hence in a divided Sri Lanka – Sinhalese carry the Terrorism genes more than Tamils who  migrated from Southern India and who continue to pay tribute to India through their religious and language practices. As I often say – my children become Independent of us  by living the life that shows our common Truth. That is the true confirmation of Independence Heritage. Terrorism genes does not have enough karmic force in Northern Sri Lanka – the birthplace of Tamil Tigers – to survive even half a generation – falling well short of the above four generation requirement. The group that has the karmic soil is the Sinhala only group – the descendants of  Prince Vijaya who carries Ancestral Debt as a person and as king of Sri Lanka.

Wikipedia reports on the genetic value of Sri Lankans as follows:
Within Sri Lanka, the legend of Vijaya is a common  political rhetoric used to explain the origin of the Sinhalese, and is often treated as a factual account of historical events. Sinhalese scholars such as K. M. de Silva have used the legend to propose an Indo-Aryan origin for the Sinhalese, thus distinguishing them from the Dravidian Tamils. A the same time, some Sinhalese authors have also used the myth to oppose Tamil secessionism, arguing that the Sinhalese and the Tamils are one race, because their ancestors included the maidens sent by the Pandyan  king of Madurai. Some Tamil nationalists, on the other hand, have claimed that their ancestors were the Yakkhas massacred by Vijaya. Tamil authors like Satchi Ponnambalam have dismissed the legend as fiction aimed at justifying Sinhalese territorial claims in Lanka.
The various genetic studies on Sinhalese and Sri Lankan Tamils have offered differing conclusions. R.L. Kirk (1976), for example, concluded that the Sinhalese are genetically closest to the East Indian population of Bengal. N. Saha (1988), however, disagreed with Kirk's findings and concluded that the Sinhalese display a close genetic affinity with the Tamils.

Whether the above is a legend or a myth depends on whether the user has the Experience as if it is part of her/his current life or whether one is plagiarizing / stealing someone else’s work values for self-promotion. When one plagiarizes at wider level – the fall from grace is stronger. This above mentioned promoter of Sinhala race -  Gandara brings to mind – Sakuni – prince of Gandhara kingdom. Sakuni according to that legend  manipulated the mind of Thuriyothanan - the prince of majority members of the Royal family of Hasthinapuram where Sakuni’s sister married the blind elder prince, who had 100 children.

One of the lessons I learnt from Mahabharatha is that those driven by majority status / popularity are often blind to the laws of Justice. They are therefore easily influenced by Sakunis / Gandaras.

According to Wikipedia – the Mahavamsa (Buddhist bible) version says :
‘Vijaya dies without an heir. Panduvasudeva, the son of his twin brother Sumitta, arrives from India, and takes charge of Vijaya's kingdom. The community established by Vijaya gives rise to the Sinhalese race’

To my mind – as per my insight - the closest ancestor by character - of the current Prime Minister – Ranil Wickremesinghe - in Sri Lankan Royalty is Sumitta whose son’s  name Panduvasudeva (Pandu being the victorious brother of the blind prince and Vasudeva being the Surname of Divine Krishna who was the real Power of Pandavar – a minority of five brothers at the physical level – who eventually defeated the majority of hundred.

So long as Tamils believe in Divinity – they would continue to own Sri Lanka in Common or Tamil parts – however small those parts may be.  Remaining a minority is their strength. In the final round of talks – Krishna first asked for the return of  Inthiraprastham (the parallel of Northeastern Sri Lanka) – the Kingdom developed by Pandavas which they lost in a game of dice. (The parallel of changes to the laws of Sri Lanka which eventuated in the birth of Tamil Tigers).  Like the Sinhala Governments fearing Tamils – Thuriyothanan feared that they were asking for half his kingdom. Then Krishna asked for five villages and Thuriyothanan says ‘not even a grain of sand

That was  the message recently from Sinhalese students at University of Jaffna, whose demands for Kandyan dance has resulted in the indefinite closure of the University:
[Tamil-Sinhalese clash leads to indefinite closure of Jaffna University
By P K Balachandran | Express News Service

A violent clash between Tamil and Sinhalese students of Jaffna University last Saturday has led an indefinite closure of the university, the only institution of higher learning in Sri Lanka’s Tamil-majority Northern Province.   
Four Sinhalese students were injured, one of them seriously, when students belonging to the two communities attacked each other following a sharp difference of opinion over allowing Kandyan dancing in a function to welcome new entrants to the Science Faculty.
As per the time-honored tradition, the Tamils in the Science Faculty wanted to welcome freshers with “mela thaalam” (traditional nadaswaram and thavil music). But the Sinhalese students insisted that Kandayan dancing, which is performed in welcoming ceremonies among the Sinhalese in South Sri Lanka, be included.  ]

Krishna warned the blind king of majority – that if he insisted on  keeping the whole – he would lose not only the land but also his heirs. The king’s desires overrode his faith in Divinity. Sinhalese fear of ‘foreign’ takeovers – is the parallel of the above.

Had Sinhalese paid their dues to their ancestors – they would have become independent of them and yet – inclusive of their good values.

The above Sinhalese students were terrorizing Northern Sri Lanka and were invoking the reactionary forces in that area due to their ‘enforcement’ genes. When a strength or weakness is beyond the control of the person/group – they become genes – paavam (sins) and punniyam (virtues). In terms of the person – the person carries it as her/his mental & mental structure and the horoscope shows it. In terms of the group – the Land carries it – as part of its True Constitution.

Every culture that lasts beyond one generation or beyond one sovereign geographic area – belongs in Common to all generations living in any part of the globe. Those who restrict it to one place or group by force – develop terrorism genes. All ‘foreigners’ who funded anti-Terrorism against the wrong group in Sri Lanka – invoke the terrorism genes. THEY are the foreign agents working against Sri Lanka’s Peace.

Gandara John interviews Citizen Perera
Posted on August 15th, 2015
1.    Why did Sirisena dissolve parliament?
To save Ranil from disgrace and investigation.
2.            What was the disgraceful thing that Ranil did?
That he colluded with Arjuna Mahendran on the Treasury bill scam
3.            Sirisena by saving Ranil was he not harming the country?
Yes he was; to Sirisena Ranil was more important than the country.
4.            Is that Sirisena’s position even today?
Sirisena’s speech and his recent letter is with the aim of helping Ranil.
5.            Does it not mean that Sirisena is openly attempting to ruin the chances of the UPFA candidates standing for election?
Yes, he is trying to ruin the chances of the UPFA candidates standing for election.
6.            Why would Sirisena want to do that?
Sirisena wants the UNP candidates to come into parliament.
7.            Is Sirisena not working against his own party and its candidates?
Of course he is; Ranil must win to implement the plan with the TNA.
8.            What is that plan?
To give to the TNA the gift Ranil had given the LTTE through the CFA, PTOMS and the ISGA and what Mahinda had to take back by force when he defeated the terrorists.
9.            What gifts did Ranil give through the CFA, PTOMS and the ISGA?
1/3rd of the island; 2/3rd of the Sri Lankan coast line and an interim self governing mechanism for ten years
10.          How can it be said that Ranil wants to give back what Sri Lanka won at war?
Read the TNA manifesto and the Hindu news report and see what Sambandan is saying. The TNA is important for Ranil  to come into power as Ranil has to please the US.
11.          Is it true that Ranil has invited US forces to set up a base in Sri Lanka?
It is not known whether Ranil has done so. What is known however is that Ranil has signed an agreement with the US government that US soldiers if accused of committing war crimes in Sri Lanka will not be prosecuted or handed over to the ICC. Why would he do that if US forces are not fighting in Sri Lanka.
12.          How could Ranil do this when he intends prosecuting Sri Lankan soldiers for war crimes in Sri Lankan courts with foreign judges?
It is morally incorrect. Ranil intends to prosecute Sri Lankan soldiers in Sri Lankan courts manned by foreign judges; the courts are described as hybrid courts.
13.          Why is Sirisena permitting all this to happen?
Because Ranil knows Sirisena’s secret he committed when he went abroad in Nov 2014.
14.          What was the secret?
Ranil knows that Sirisena met Arjuna Mahendran and Mahendran knows Sirisena met him.
15.          Is Arjuna Mahendran a powerful figure?
Well, Mahendran is close to Ranil and convicted terrorist financier Raj Rajaratnam who is also very close to Karunanayake; besides with Mahendran’s banking experience he knows and has the clout to make money disappear into secret Swiss and offshore banking accounts.
16.          Is the Central Bank in safe hands?
The Tamil terrorists have today very strong links to the Central Banking system of Sri Lanka and some of them who were put to graze have now been brought in as advisors.
17.          In the backdrop of all this what type of government do we have?
The government describes itself as Yahapalanaya. The people describe it as Yalpalanayam.
18.          It is quite obvious that the people are angry with the government. How can they remedy the situation?

Sirisena has sensed the anger of the people and has a premonition of what the people will do; hence the letter. The people can defeat Ranil, the TNA, the US and Sirisena, all four at once, by simply voting for the UPFA.

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