Wednesday 27 July 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam- 27 July 2016

Not Madman – but Owner

There was a good story shared by a Diaspora leader about how Nature Balances the books. It went like this:

Inspiring Story on Anger Management ... 

An American man walked into a restaurant in London.
As soon as he entered, he noticed an African man sitting in the corner.
So, he walked over to the counter, removed his wallet and shouted,
"Waiter! I am buying food for everyone in this restaurant, except that black African guy over there!"
So, the waiter collected the money from the man and began serving free food to everyone in the restaurant, except the African. However, instead of becoming upset, the African simply looked up at the American and shouted,
 "Thank you!"
 That infuriated the man. So, once again, the American took out his wallet and shouted,
"Waiter! This time I am buying bottles of wine and additional food for everyone in this bar, except for that black African sitting in the corner over there!"  
So, the waiter collected the money from the man and began serving free food and wine to everyone in the bar except the African. When the waiter finished serving the food and drinks, once again, instead of becoming angry, the African simply smiled at the American man and shouted,
"Thank you!"
That made the American man furious. So, he leaned over on the counter and said to the waiter,
"What is wrong with that African man? I have bought food and drinks for everyone in this bar except him, but instead of becoming angry, he just sits there and smiles at me and shouts 'Thank you.' Is he mad?"
The waiter smiled at the American and said,
"No, he is not mad. He is the owner of this restaurant.”

My response to the Diaspora leader was ‘Truth has the ultimate say in Balancing the system’

I do believe that we need to do our best and listen to the Truth within to complete the experience. What is the Truth about Reconciliation? I received two emails about reconciliation Taskforce  from a Sri Lankan Diaspora leader. One was to share the following:

Subject: Consultations on Reconciliation Mechanism
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2016 11:13:52 +1000
From: "Consulate General Of Sri Lanka Melbourne" <>
To: "Consulate General Of Sri Lanka Melbourne" <>
Sent: Thursday, 21 Jul, 2016 At 10:56 AM
Subject: Consultations on Reconciliation Mechanism

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find attached hereto announcement by the Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms, in English, Sinhala and Tamil, calling for submissions from Diaspora Organisations and individuals, on the design of structures, processes and measures  for truth, accountability, reparations and non- recurrence- i.e. an Office on Missing Persons; an Office on Reparations: a Judicial Mechanism with a Special Council; a truth, Justice,Reconciliation and Non-Recurrence Commission; and any other mechanisms, processes  or measures for advancing reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

Your submissions, if any, can be made to the Task Force by Diaspora Organisations/ individuals until 28 July 2016.

It would be appreciated if you could make a submission on the same to the Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms.

Contact Details are as follows:

Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu
Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanism
c/o Secretariat for Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanisms
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic Building , Sir Baron Jayatilaka Mw. ; Colombo 01;Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94114232857; Email:

Thank you,

Kind Regards,
Consulate General of Sri Lanka; Melbourne

The other with the subject heading ‘Is this a process for reconciliation or a process for betraying our armed forces?’ by S. Akurugoda, directed me to
The problem I had with the Sri Lankan Consulate message was that it was not sent directly to me by the office of the Consulate. This means that I am a nobody to the Sri Lankan Government here in Australia. In addition, I recall that Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu  was a speaker at Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum, Sydney but that there was no communication from this forum about the above initiative which may be because Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu  did not consider them to be important enough to ‘include’ them and their wisdom in this matter. Hence, crude as it may seem – the question by the Sinhalese as to whether this is a process for reconciliation or a process for betraying the armed forces is valid. As per theory – it may be Reconciliation initiative, but as per experience of Sinhala only folks – it would be betrayal of their Armed Forces where a Tamil heads the official structure. This likely to  have been prevented close to elections. Reconciliation between the common Sinhalese and the common Tamil conscious of ‘voting power’ is not likely to happen. Both sides feel empowered by Separation. They are cleverer when they think they have power.  The Common Sri Lankan does not need reconciliation. All we need to do is recognize this Truth about Sri Lanka. Like in many Western countries – these ‘indigenous’ groups would remain due to them being more comfortable in that environment. Hence the Diversity.

The first responsibility of the above Taskforce to my mind – would be to identify with the three components and where the problem of one was an opportunity to the other – the reporting and accountability needs to happen to their own leaders. The Common Sri Lankan part must take responsibility for the Sri Lankan parts of the issue – i.e. – areas where Sri Lanka’s surname is at stake.

As per the New Indian Express article ‘TNA Agrees to Renounce Support to Separation of Sri Lanka’
Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the main Tamil political party, has agreed to renounce its support to separation of Sri Lanka and accept an undivided country.
The TNA on Tuesday agreed to submit an affidavit in the Supreme Court that Sri Lanka is a unitary state during a hearing on six petitions filed by Sinhala majority nationalist organisations, media reports said here today.
The Sinhala groups claimed that the TNA's political objective was to divide Sri Lanka and create a separate Tamil state in the north and eastern provinces.
The petitions said that during the last year's northern provincial council election, the TNA's election manifesto contained references to a separate state.

This is very disappointing from TNA which is like the Black American in the above story. The parallel of Mr. Obama becoming president – was Mr. Sampanthan becoming the Leader of the Opposition in Sri Lankan Parliament. As per the above report:

The Sinhala groups claimed that the TNA's political objective was to divide Sri Lanka and create a separate Tamil state in the north and eastern provinces.
The petitions said that during the last year's northern provincial council election, the TNA's election manifesto contained references to a separate state.
The Tamil counsels for the TNA respondents submitted to the court that they accept that Sri Lanka is a unitary state and that there was no intent to form a separate state.

 The question is whether the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka had the mandate to hear this matter which manifested in Northern Province. When I brought defamation action against a part of my family – here in our Supreme Court of NSW – in regards to actions in Mallakam Courts in Northern Sri Lanka –  Judge Mccallum said that the Court did not have jurisdiction – even though the parties concerned were Australians residing in New South Wales. The Supreme Court of NSW is the parallel of the High Court of Jaffna. The way TNA manages its provincial affairs needs to be different to the way it manages its National affairs. When  two are  mixed indiscriminately there is disorder in the structure.

Now that the TNA has given the above Affidavit – it has the DUTY to file petition against the Petitioners that they would not initiate legislation such as Sinhala only or Buddhism first or bring about quota systems that would disadvantage Tamils.  Without such balance – Colombo – where the Supreme Court is situated would again be at risk of being attacked by Tamil militants or would be overtaken by Southerners. Devolution must ensure that the Courts also identify with their jurisdiction and not undertake in Colombo, matters that have produced evidence in Jaffna. Colombo is the home of Common Sri Lankans and when that is upheld by all leading institutions – that would confirm that we do not need reconciliation.

When we leave one place to make home in another – we need to take rebirth – which process makes us forget what happened but carry the consolidated value of why it happened. This would empower us from within. Those coming from Jaffna to Colombo or from Hambantota to Colombo need to undertake this for their own sakes – so they would merge comfortably with Common Colombo instead of trying to make Hambantota of Colombo. Likewise when we migrate to other Countries whose culture is vastly different to ours. To the person driven by her/his Truth – the whole world is one. But where we seek to operate as part of an institution/extended family/region – we need either Common laws or remain within our Truth. Those who are ignorant of common laws must present themselves through their respective family & community heads. It is to prevent this backward flow in Hindu families – that the daughter was accredited with ‘dowry’ at the time of marriage – so she would not come back for support from her parents and siblings. Likewise when we migrate to make homes in other countries – we must not be conscious of the forms we left behind – unless we return for good and start a new life there. The higher our mind the less conscious we are of benefits from the old system. We would consolidate and carry the Truth which empowers from within. This is why the woman is known as Shakthi /Energy in Hindu culture. A minority power which feels ownership often by bearing the pain of unfair discrimination, is such an Energy and one who enforces power over such a group – confirms that they do not respect their own mothers. 

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