Sunday 3 July 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 03 July    2016
Truth has won in Sri Lanka

Yesterday, here in Australia, I voted for the Hon Matt  Thistlethwaite at local level and for the Coalition at Senate level. That was as per my feelings. This morning I was happy to note that Mr. Thistlethwaite was leading. A hung parliament is seen as a possibility at the National level. My mind is steady over both outcomes. Strong competition confirms steady mind at the top.

The parallel experience in Sri Lanka in which I ‘voted’ is the appointment of  the Governor of Central Bank. The appointment of a non-political Tamil to my mind, means that I voted correctly through my articles and that someone somewhere had heard my prayers. The voting happens through our Truth. They are the allocation of our Energies to particular issues, matters, persons. Accumulating these Energies would empower us from soul to soul. Like in the case of Electronic gadgets, we  do not know how they work – but we know that they work. To identify with the outcome of Truth – we need to be true to ourselves in that issue at that time. That’s when we have the ‘insight’.

We debate much about Political leadership, less about intellectual leadership and hardly about the role of Truth in manifestations of outcomes. Given that most of us pray – one could conclude that we know that Truth plays a role . Those who are true to themselves will identify with the power of Truth in outcomes that affect them and members of their true network.

At the Political level – one needs basic Trust to genuinely accept the picture shown by the ‘other-side’ – the Opposition.   In the case of Central Bank of Sri Lanka, despite Mr. Mahendran being a Tamil – and was a political appointee TNA members of Parliament failed to take a stand in the above matter.  If they did – it did not reach the eyes and ears of the true network. When there is equal and opposite ownership the issue gets raised to the intellectual discrimination level.  When  this happens, the pathway through which the Energies were expressed by the two opposing sides – becomes the Law that gives order to the mind that follows in the pathway.

In the Central Bank Governor’s issue – the person who held that position during the last regime is reported by observers -  to have been ‘Political’. To bring about a balance at the Political level – the Government needed an Opposite political manifestation. That proved to be Mr. Mahendran.  The parallel of Mr. Mahendran was the Tamil Diaspora network  actively influencing International leaders to bring about pressure on the then Government. This happened through war-crimes accusations being escalated to the international level.

But where even one person who believes her/himself to be Sri Lankan has Administrative wisdom in the issue – and contributes to the outcomes at that time by drawing on that Energy – the issue is escalated to the higher level to uphold the work value of all those in that institution.

This wisdom/feeling of ownership could be acquired through common family and community faith. Mine in Central Bank primarily came in the form of  Mr. Easwarathasan  through community network. As per my knowledge – Mr. Easwarathasan gave up overseas job offers  to return to Sri Lanka and lived there. To the extent he was true to his Institution anyone who has faith in him inherits the ownership value and would demonstrate the value in their own inner makeup. It is for this reason that we perform memorial services to those who have passed away. They become our Natural Gurus to the extent we make the soul-connection.

The announcement that another Tamil – Mr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy without political affiliations has been appointed to fill the gap diffuses the concerns I felt in regards to this matter. I myself feel that I added my Energies by truly identifying with the problem. It happened also when TNA won the position of Leadership of the Opposition in Parliament. Those of us who have governance powers would identify with our investments through the outcomes manifested, provided we get involved genuinely and listen to the voices of Truth.

Each person who has completed the pathway of the official position by doing her/his duty by the position/institution/profession – has this governance power to influence outcomes at the top – through invisible natural voting based on faith. That person’s true heirs carry that person’s guna / traits as their own heritage. They need not be biologically connected to the person nor even be of the same geographic area. One who is true to her/himself would make such connections of heritage value. Then we have the experience beyond local borders. Such experiences confirm the Universal value of Truth.

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