Monday 25 July 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam- 25 July 2016

Common Ownership through Closures

On 16 July I raised the question ‘Thinking small minister?’ . That question was manifested by my ownership Energy in relation to Airlanka. Every person who invests more and derives less and is accepting that as natural – is a true owner.  Owners have mother’s intuition.  A true owner has the power to influence manifestations as needed by her/him and/or her/his group. Sri Lankan Airlines/Airlanka is one such institution in which I feel ownership. When the new Government in Sri Lanka,  had the Airline investigated – I was critical of the lawyers who produced the report due to the damage I intuitively felt would happen for the business of that Institution of mine. Like with Sri Lanka as a country – Airlanka is an institution I carry within me as part of myself. Weeks before I got the job – I asked a holy person as to whether I would be successful in going overseas to work and earn money to build a home on my land in Colombo. The holy person said ‘Like Murugan you are going to fly on the peacock’. Weeks later,  came the letter of offer. Later (as per my knowledge) the peacock became the logo of Airlanka.  To my mind, not only was the holy person a ‘seer’ but he added his positive credits for me to achieve what I needed and what Sri Lanka also needed at that time. I am an ambassador for Sri Lanka at the global level, largely due to my ownership in Airlanka. Hence I get upset when the over-enthusiastic pundits from outside use project approach – as if Airlanka/Sri Lankan Airlines is an Object without feelings. An owner knows the reasons why when something goes wrong and her/his support is needed. An owner becomes a Common Carrier – beyond time and place borders. At the deeper level an owner is intuitively identified with by other owners in the ‘issue’.

I believe that this is the reason why I feel as I do with  the University of Jaffna where I did not study or work – but due to Jaffna being my land of primary and secondary. I believe also that my ownership investment in the University of NSW – has become Common in terms of the core  purposes of the existence of any University - Research & Teaching towards Sovereignty. Those driven by benefits from the University fail to reach this destination of ownership. They would tend to use the University for a living and not for Common Sovereign life.  I felt that the Minister responsible was going to devalue the Airline further, by travelling economy and hence the above alert. Yesterday I learnt with great disappointment that Pakistan’s PIA  was picking up the ‘cheapened’ parts of Sri Lanka’s National carrier. A true owner of the investment made, during the time Singapore Airlines managed Air Lanka, would not have allowed this demotion to happen. This is like the demotion of National Government after the British departed.  As per latest news reports Minister Kabir Hashim has ended up negotiating with Pakistan International Airlines – which to my mind confirms the deterioration in values. This confirms also that that part of the current Government is not listening to true owners. This is because of not paying their dues to all those who feel ownership – including Singapore Airlines Management team and those trained by them. If the true value of SIA had been predominant in the minds of those who said ‘goodbye’ to SIA – we would preserved the higher standards of SIA as part of our heritage.

The more interesting realization is the Holy man’s contribution to my investment in Air Lanka. This Hindu Holy man played the role of the Buddhist Priests in Sri Lankan Government. That Buddhist position is an allocated position but the Hindu one is a Natural position. When the Natural one shows  higher structure than the official one – that person must be paid first respect in that Institution.

The most pressing question in terms of Sri Lanka as a Nation is the ethnic divide. Cassandre Doole states in the Ceylon Today article ‘A charred massacre’ about the July 1983 ethnic attacks:

Each and every Sri Lankan, be they Tamil, Sinhala or Muslim, just want to live in peace. Thus, we would like to think, or even hope that July 1983 pogrom was only an aberration and a repetition will be unheard of.
The Aluthgama incidents in 2014, the emergence of Sinha-Le in January, and even the recent clash at the Jaffna University show that people still have mob mentality. Therefore, the constant rekindling of the disturbingly tragic incidents of "Black July 1983" is necessary to prevent a repetition

The editorial in Sunday Observer under the heading “WHAT IS A ‘POGROM’?”  expresses the following advice:

‘Sri Lankans, today, must make the effort to look ‘beyond’ the memories – as one government minister has said when asked to reflect on the July anniversary. What has happened certainly cannot and will not be forgotten. Rather, while keeping these memories, we need to move on towards resolution and closure.’

What comes to mind is the following part of my submission in a case before the High Court of Jaffna in deciding whether a decision by the primary Court was Interlocutory or Final Judgment:

[“It seems to me that the real test for determining this question ought to be this: Does the judgment or order, as made, finally dispose of the rights of the parties? If it does, then I think it ought to be treated as a final order; but if it does not it is then, in my opinion, an interlocutory order.”   - Lord Alverstone, C.J cited  by Hon Justice SaleemMarsoof, P.C., J.  inStorerDuraisamy Yogendra  &BalasubramaniamThavabalan  Vs. VelupillaiTharmaratnam’]

In terms of the above two about the July 83 tragedy - the former is Experience based and the latter is Logic based. Which one is more appropriate than the other? That depends on whether the Experience value of the practitioner is greater or lesser than the total investment made by those concerned in the logical pathway. The higher of the two is the appropriate description.

The question I ask in this process is ‘what is racism?’ . If I conclude that that is the right name after escalating my pain to the highest level through avenues available to me – then that is the definition/description I am entitled to use. My Public Service experience followed by Court experiences here in Australia – did not give me a clear Common definition. As per my mind, I did not experience racism at the workplace in Sri Lanka. But I did experience it as a member of the Tamil Community living in Colombo – due to – as Cassandre Doole puts it - ‘mob’ mentality.   In Australia – the Government has come a long way from ‘mob mentality’ due also to challenges in Court – by migrants like myself. The deepest repair as per my mind, has been due to attributing  to Indigenous owners of Land at Public gatherings. This is systematically followed by Public officials and by many Public institutions. The other night – we went to see our little granddaughter Kali, perform Bollywood dance during Community nig-multicultural celebrations at her school – Dulwich Hill Public School. The sweet surprise was the Indigenous dance performance during which most of the parents joined the kids -  by paying tribute to Natural elements. To me that was a big armor of security against racism. Given that the tribute is paid to those who have passed away – the value is exponential when we are genuine Australians – feeling Australian. That is an example that the Sri Lankan Government can learn from. Even in Capital Colombo – there needs to be similar attribution to those from whom we inherited Public Administration wisdom.

Due to the escalation of my experience to the National level – despite knowing that I would be marked a ‘failure’ I elevated my mind to global level through my position taken as their opposition (like TNA in National Parliament). Hence my investment in Australia would take form at that level too – in my mind which is MY WORLD. I no longer feel anxiety when I remember the details of what happened and what I lost. I sometimes feel sad but not anxious. Not a day goes by without me thanking my Spiritual Guide who was with me all along the way to realizing ownership – often through fellow Australians and sometimes directly – one to one. When we accept defeat at the higher level – after having earned the win at that level through common logic/principles/laws/ - the ‘gap’ becomes ‘ownership’ and we are able to work the system through its natural forces. If we are not able to think ‘Common’ we are not owners. If we are not owners we need specific pathways through which to regulate our thoughts – so our processes become common.

Just yesterday, when I clipped my sunglasses to my T-Shirt – I thought of the clerk at Mallakam District Court – who asked me to remove my reading glasses clipped in similar fashion – when I was in the witness box. When employees follow their leaders subjectively – they start dictating to the next line down in the hierarchy. The mind ‘freed’ of responsibility to do one’s duty – would get tempted by easier ways to please the master at that time. In that Court – that clerk was acting worse than the LTTE cadre who never ‘told me’ to do this or ‘not to do that’. Once the LTTE ‘visa-officer’  gave a hard-time to another guy in our group – a  Brahmin who was highly conscious of being vegetarian, but just endorsed my visa without asking any questions. To me that LTTE member had wisdom through experience whereas the above clerk in Mallakam District Court was abusing power as per his master’s expectations.

That Mallakam Court experience was also very painful at that time. But by processing what happened through the Common Administrative Law – I contributed to policy and lost ‘anxiety’ in the process. I had enough credit in Judicial Administration to identify with the rights and wrongs of the conduct of the employees of Mallakam Court and this was largely due to my investment in Australian Judicial system as a litigant who was marked ‘failure’ repeatedly.

As stated in the Sunday Observer Editorial, we need ‘closure’. But if we bring about closure at the lower level – the memory of stronger victims would disintegrate and keep dwelling on what happened rather than why it happened. The rebirth of the problem happens at that level. With others who were not too strongly affected – the memory is lost and therefore there is no consolidated support from the past to the future victims. We need closure at the highest level in order to value the Experience.

Closure is like burial or cremation or even going through the death penalty. We go through ceremonies to say goodbye to the person whose body is no longer functional. By adding our own credits – we lift their credits to benefit a group – so the position held by that person confirms higher heritage. In terms of the Bali 9 leaders – we Australians went through this process at National level through Mr. Abbott’s leadership. That good karma would protect Australians from loneliness – as individuals and/or as local groups. The closure made us Common Australians including with those who were on the death row.  When we identify with the Truth in others – through our own Truth – and stay within the boundaries of that Common Truth – we are no longer anxious of violence from them. That is closure at global level and Sri Lanka also needs.

In terms of death – we send the soul to the higher level towards heaven and every person who does that - of her/his own accord brings about ‘closure’ and therefore Peace. The process of finding the Truth is the healing process that gets rid of anxiety. The common element in Sri Lankan society is ‘lack of jobs’ and therefore the  lesser opportunity to train through workplace regulations that make the minds common.

The current measures by the Government of Sri Lanka are ‘interlocutory’ and not final due to not escalating the problem to the highest level possible. Where in a Court of Law – the litigant under oath reveals her/his true experience – it must be valued ABOVE any argument by a legal expert – however logical the latter may seem. Those ‘facts’  may not be included in the decision making due to lack of appropriate formatting but if it is dismissed as being frivolous or vexatious or the litigant devalued below even the clerk of the Court – the return karma becomes exponential. Truth does the Closure.

The attack at University of Jaffna did not happen just because of the students. It happened also because of the curses upon Administrators and the Judiciary of that area,  who go about living while Jaffna’s intelligence is being burnt –with no one considering the ashes to be holy enough to be worn as marks of wisdom.

Like with 9/11, the July tragedy would be described by  majority Sinhalese as having happened due to Terrorism – as described by their Master – the Government. To majority Tamils it would be  Racism of previous times, reborn. Given that there is no Common Description – there can be no common closure through ‘Logic’. Each side needs to bring about closure AFTER through their own Truth. One who identifies with the Truth at the higher level – is the Natural leader. 

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