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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 May 2021




I believe that the Ultimate Reality of a writer is when the writer merges with the Reader within. From time to time when someone from the outside confirms such identity, this inner satisfaction is enhanced exponentially. Such feelings are instantaneous and could be shared emotionally, intellectually and/or through still minds.


Following is such a sharing from a Catholic in response to my article - IN COMES CHINA; OUT GOES BUDDHISM:


[Well said. Can you please explain through your knowledge about the “Gregorian Reform”-  undue control by civil leaders and the armed services on the religious faith of the people especially in Srilanka our mother land. ]

My response was:

[The mind of clergy begins with religious rituals and progresses towards the Ultimate Reality / God

The mind of a civil leader begins with secular rules and due processes and ends with Governance

The mind of armed services begins with repetitive physical processes that train the body under close supervision and ends with victory in the battlefield.

Undue control begins when the paths are indiscriminately mixed on the way. As per my little knowledge, the Gregorian Reforms were undertaken allegedly by the Church. But to the extent the leaders were Catholics, both pathways – civilian and religious - would have been in their minds. They are likely to have influenced improvements in civil leadership but when applied as law it would have interfered with passage through both pathways. When facilitated to progress independently – they would naturally merge at the destination. This separation is the parallel of separation between sovereign states. A religious order needs to be independent not only of other religious orders but also of civil and armed services whose goals are different in form. ]

This helped me better appreciate the Sunday Times Political Editorial  Easter Sunday massacres: Grand conspiracy and questions as to who the mastermind is’. The editorial highlights as follows:

[Now to the most important fact. Nowhere has the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which conducted investigations in Sri Lanka, said that “Naufer Moulavi is the mastermind of the attacks.” Why then is Minister Weerasekera plugging his own line of findings when the FBI has not taken up that position? Only he has the answers.]

Wikipedia presents Intelligence as follows:

[Human intelligence is the intellectual power of humans, which is marked by complex cognitive feats and high levels of motivation and self-awareness.]

One is entitled to conclude that the FBI would specialise in maintaining its intelligence at a high level – at which level its wealth is invisible to the ordinary reader. Mr Weerasekera was in the Navy for 35 years and hence his natural group is the Navy which is driven largely by victory in the battlefield.  It is important to be conscious that as a foreign agency, the FBI needs evidence to be taken as credible in its conclusions. Not so Mr Weerasekera who is a Buddhist and whose elder brother Mr Ananda Weerasekera is reported to have been a Major General in the Army who became a Buddhist Priest in Ampara. It is significant that majority in Ampara are Muslims. Hence leadership through Buddhism would have been a challenge to the likes Mr Ananda Weerasekera whose mind is naturally connected to that of his brother. In addition, the current President has ‘shown’ importance to Buddhism from the time he took oaths.

Due to the above relationships Mr Weerasekera would have subjective power to connect to a Buddhist but would naturally oppose a Muslim unless he uses the evidence based secular pathway. Instead he is reported to have used the subjective pathway in breach of the basic principles that require common faith to use the subjective pathway and that too internally. This has been highlighted as follows by the Sunday Times:

[This is not the first time Minister Weerasekera has accused Mohamed Naufer (Moulavi) as the “mastermind” behind the Easter Sunday attacks. As pointed out in these columns (The Sunday Times – Political Commentary) on April 11, 2021, “firstly, if indeed Naufer Moulavi was the mastermind, why was he not summoned to testify before the Commission of Inquiry that probed the incidents? Secondly, has the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) any evidence to confirm this belated claim? In the voluminous reports of the Commission, there is no reference to Naufer being a mastermind. Neither is he named for being behind any of the attacks. However, the Commission has only named Milhan Hayathu Mohamed as among the three “persons who are directly connected with the terrorist acts referred to in the mandate.”  If indeed there was any other evidence with the CID to prove beyond doubt that Naufer Moulavi was the “mastermind” it has not come to the public domain. Nor has Minister Weerasekera made it known to back up his own claim.]

An institution such as the CID is more likely to use the secular pathway and its Due Processes which would invoke the truth by a senior from a junior. As stated in my response to the Catholic – when pathways are mixed on the way they block the truth. That is how the mind works.

Whether Mohamed Naufer is guilty of not, he is entitled to Due Process of the law from zero disadvantage. It is therefore time for us to separate religion and government – so that the law would be applied on equal footing. This would become more necessary in the case of Colombo Port City where Chinese are likely to take advantage of the separation and complete the karmic picture by being subjective their way.

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