Friday 14 May 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 May 2021



Easter Bombings happened due to natural forces that were not regulated through common law of belief. Each victim would have their own reasoning as to why it happened to them. The other reasons from leaders are common reasons. The two would meet only when they are true. One that is false would cause divisions.

This morning a professional Tamil quoted from Thirukural, to another professional:

[Ennandri Kondraarkkum Uyvuntaam Uyvillai
Seynandri Kondra Makarku
There is salvation for faltering on any virtue

but not for ingratitude.] couplet 110


My response was :

[This is the message to our community through my Tamil book]


The above mentioned book ‘Jaffna is my heritage ; not dowry’ was written on the basis my experience with my family in law of Vaddukoddai origin, who tried to tell us the law once they could see no more benefits from us. No one from that group has responded. But  Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan did:


Australian Tamil Diaspora leader 1: In my analysis Sri Lanka will be the venue for  the Indo/ China war, some of us may not be alive to witness this happening . The Sinhalese consider old DS as the "Father of the Nation " in my opinion I consider him as the "Destroyer of the Nation

Gaja:  DS said that the greatest Ceylonese was Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan. That gave structure to Tamil community that Sir PR was part of. Sir PR’s Parameswara college is now University of Jaffna due to his high thinking as a Ceylonese.

Obviously those who take the benefits and forget the origins would see him as an enemy / traitor. When I went to Sri Lanka after the Easter Bombings, I chose to stay at Galadari Hotel. To me it was no coincidence that I was allocated room 906 which is the same number as my home unit here in NSW. From my window I could see the statue of DS and could also hear the National Anthem at the Presidential Secretariat every morning. I also stood up with them and paid my respects to Mother Lanka. In the process I believe I invoked the Ceylon power as my ancestry. Hence I do not need separation like you seem to need and hence your allocation of credit to LTTE as leaders. Our paths are different. Like the elephant I do not ‘forget’.

That insult by an ungrateful Tamil who obviously had his education out of Sri Lanka’s common resources, including ‘intelligence’ is the true reason for our separatism. They have cursed themselves to be lower level participants using Western status.

Yesterday, I received the following invitation


Tamil Genocide Day Rally
Venue: Sydney Town Hall

Time : 16-05-2021 Sunday 2pm

Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day
Venue : Redgum Function Centre, Lane St,
Wentworthville, NSW 2145.
Time : 18-05-2021 Tuesday 6.30pm - 8pm

I decided not to participate because if I did – the effect is that I would accept that I became powerless as a leader – even to educate those who make decisions on the basis of their desires. How can what happened be Genocide when the LTTE contributed actively to the war? If it was Genocide then LTTE are not Tamils.

The above Australian group and the Canadian Tamil group led by Mr Vijay Thanigasalam are actually separating the LTTE from the Tamil community to fulfil their own desires.


Sri Lankans who are free of debt to Common Sri Lanka would not accept anything less – such as Sinhala only or Tamil only.


As per the Island report ‘Public Security Minister urges public to remain vigilant’:


[Public Security Minister Rear Admiral (Retd.) Sarath Weerasekera yesterday called on the public to remain vigilant of any suspicious moves by possible local agents of ISIS in the coming days.]

In contrast, New Indian Express has published under the heading ‘India’s NIA takes over probe into seizure of AK-47s, ammo from SL boat’:

[The NIA has taken over the probe into the seizure of AK-47 rifles and ammunition along with Rs 3,000 crore worth of heroin from a Sri Lankan vessel on March 25.

The agency has registered an FIR against six Sri Lankan nationals. NIA sources said the agency will be probing the recovery of rifles and ammunition while the seizure of heroin will be probed by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

“After the seizure of 301kg of heroin from the boat, Ravihansi, NCB had started a probe. They later reported to the state police regarding the recovery of five AK-47 rifles and 1,000 9mm bullets from the boat. Based on this, Kerala Police filed an FIR at Vizhinjam station on April 5. As the case has international ramifications and is of serious nature, NIA decided to take over the probe. An FIR has been submitted at the NIA court in Kochi,” a source said.

The accused persons in the case are Sri Lankan nationals — L Y Nandana, 46, of Nakulugamuwa; H K G B Janakadassppriya, 42, of Nakulugamuwa; A H S Mendis Gunasekara, 33, of Dondanduwa; Thilanka Madushan Ransingha, 29, of Dondanduwa; and Dadallage Nisanka, 40, of Rathgama. The case has been registered under Section 7 of the Arms Act for possession and acquisition of prohibited arms and ammunition. NIA Inspector Ebinson Franco is probing the case.]


The above names are Sinhalese names – and not those of Muslims. If the current government had truly eliminated Terrorism the above Sinhalese would not have become prisoners of India. Former President ignored Indian intelligence and we had the Easter Bombings. This Minister Sarath Weerasekera who was trained in India’s INS Dronacharya, would have picked up the indicators from India and used his intelligence as Sri Lankan to prevent Easter Bombings. Instead now he is allowing similar acts by Sinhalese by using ISIS name. An Owner picks up Early warning signs/indicators





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