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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 May 2021





It is accepted that Time and Place are natural agents of Change. If we freeze both – we go into virtual reality and have the experience. Any problem that is experienced comes with its solution / opportunity. To identify with both at the same time we need a still mind. Belief renders the courage to go into a problem as if it happened to us. I believe that it was because Gandhi went into the experience of the manual workers as if he was them that he discovered the solution. Space was thus made zero to have the virtual experience.


During my search for reasons into the Easter Bombings, this approach – as to how the ordinary Sri Lankan who is religious minded would relate to the experience, that I came across the Shangrila connection through the fire that happened during the opening ceremony of their hotel at Hambantota – which is in the area of Kathirgamam which is a sacred place to me – through my personal experiences. Hence on 07 May 2019, I shared my belief based knowledge through my article headed ‘Tourism & Terrorism – Separate or One ?’


Today’s Sri Lanka news headlines carried the following on the same page:

Sri Lanka passes controversial Port City Bill – by Seatrade Maritime

Ship fire rages for 6th day off Sri Lanka, India sends ships – by AP News

The Port City article presents the following:


[Sri Lanka's parliament has passed the controversial Port City Bill, creating the country's first Special Economic Zone despite complaints around sovereignty issues.

The Bill declares 269 hectares of reclaimed land annexed to the city of Colombo as the country's first special economic zone (SEZ) for services-oriented industries.

Under the legislation, a special commission appointed by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse, whose constituency contains the port city of Hambantota, will be established to govern the SEZ. The commission will enable businesses to operate in any recognised foreign currency within Colombo Port City. Colombo Port City has been raised on reclaimed land adjoining the Port of Colombo, which remains under the control of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA).] Seatrade Maritime News


The one on Ship fire report presents the following:

[The MV X-Press Pearl was anchored about 9.5 nautical miles (18 kilometers) northwest of Colombo and waiting to enter its port when the fire began six days ago.

The navy believes the fire was caused by chemicals being transported on the Singapore-flagged ship. The ship was carrying 1,486 containers, including 25 tons of nitric acid and other chemicals that were loaded at the port of Hazira, India, on May 15.]

Splash reported as follows:

[Speaking with Splash today from Singapore, Tim Hartnoll, the executive chairman of X-Press Feeders, said that poor packaging was responsible for the acid leak, which the crew had detected while in the Arabian Sea thousands of kilometres away from Sri Lanka. On detecting the leak, the ship’s captain then contacted two ports – Hazira on the west coast of India and Hamad in Qatar – requesting to offload the containers in question. The requests were denied and the ship, which was delivered from a yard in China this February, made its way to Sri Lanka.]

The Corona Virus also was made in China. Once we lose control – the issue goes into the jurisdiction of Universal powers. Accordingly, by freezing time to this week and place to Sri Lanka under China rule, MV X-Press Pearl has confirmed the fate of Colombo Port City, which was referred to as a Vessel by Dr Gehan Gunetilleke in his article ‘Salvaging the Port City Project’. The model of that Vessel came in the form of X-Press Feeders! Like in the case of the virus – the contamination is also exponential in its spread.




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