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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 May 2021




[So what exactly happens when you use these Payment Methods ? a Debit and a Credit! That's it !

This is what exactly happens regardless of the transactions between individuals, companies, govt and its citizens, between nations! Just a Debit and a Credit entry! ] A Sri Lankan Chartered Accountant of Tamil origin.

I was asked to comment on the above which referred the reader to Professor Kumar David’s article ‘Digital Yuan: China’s Currency Is Going International’ published by Colombo Telegraph.


My response was as follows:

[Money is the visible parallel of Universal Energy.

If you are in control of both sides you do not need any other confirmation. Hence in families we do not do money transactions but use respect and status to recognize services. Money is the in between medium through which we write our service values to each other. Taken at universal  level – this is zero net value.

At Energy level also – this balance is zero. Hence poojiyathukuleh our raajiyam /A Nation within zero.]


This morning I read the article ‘Vested interests underneath ethnic conflicts’ by Harsha Gunasena who to my mind is an inclusive thinker. Harsha highlights :

[The present Sri Lankan Government applies a suppressive attitude towards Muslims. It is merely a punishment to them as predicted by Ali Sabry prior to the last Presidential Election that if the Muslims do not vote for them there will be repercussions. 
The intention of the Government is political. It is to get the 100% support of the hardline Sinhala Buddhists in the coming elections in the light of diminishing popularity of the Government.


On the other hand, the Muslim community has a pathetic political leadership and insensitive religious leadership. Their political leadership dared to cross the sides and support the government to have crucial two-thirds majority in the House to pass the repressive 20th Amendment amid the suppression of their community by the Government. They and the others crossed the sides previously but certainly not under these circumstances. 
Their religious leadership is insensitive towards the demands of women in relation to Muslim Marriage Law and failed to declare publicly that according to the Holy Quran it is not required for the women to cover their whole body as in the case of burka and niqab. They can open the face and hands below wrist as per the Holy Quran. Sinhalese believes that the ideological shift of the Muslim community was visible during the past decades through the dress of the Muslim women. Therefore, it worked against the centuries-old friendship of the two communities.

The Government decision to ban burka in public places is really not related to the security and it is a part of that punishment which goes against basic human rights.


To my mind, where there is strong following of a religion at primary level – officers who are responsible for law and order, and are from a different religion, need apply secular law, on the basis of objectively measurable evidence. In other words, there needs to be zero level subjective influence in decision making. The alternative is for the government to process all decisions above a certain level – through the respective religious hierarchy. This was the effect of Mr Ali Sabry’s ‘advice’ which effectively was a trade-off for the high position in government. Hence the truth was blocked to get the ‘right’ tick.


So, what happens within the inner chambers of the system of justice? Would Muslims who voted for this government empower the government? No. Hence they would be traitors to the system of Democracy – to the extent they voted out of ‘fear’. One who has fear   confirms the presence of desire. They are the debit and credit of attachment to the physical. They are equal and opposite at the physical level.


Given that they are Equal and Opposite at the physical level,  they would tend to separate/polarise. To prevent this, one needs a uniting power that is not visible. That power is belief / truth / love. It is invisible. Rights and wrongs of that power give form to laws. They cannot be made by those who are attached to the visible outcomes. When such persons make laws – they would be unreliable and have the tendency to polarise where primary level thinkers make those laws.


An Opposition that genuinely believes that a law is wrong and exerts more Energy in opposing it – invokes exponential power – through the lateral pathway of democracy or the ancestral pathway of autocracy. That power would naturally ‘block’ passage of any law that was passed by majority power at the physical level.


The Port City Economic Commission law can be ‘blocked’ the same way there was resistance to foreign rule.


The dress code of a culture is a private matter for them unless it interferes with common values. Not only Muslims but many Hindu women are also are often   subjected to such restrictions to accommodate male dominance.  The Hindu marriage ceremony includes a ritual in which the foot of the bride is placed by the bridegroom, on the grinding stone. This is to promote chastity so that the character of the mother is strengthened by enjoying less physical and immediate pleasures than her husband followed by their children. Such a mother elevates the culture of the whole family and makes it sovereign and therefore self-governing. In turn the wife/mother becomes the highest power who is to be respected. Such a wife/mother has the ability to invoke the Universal Energy. Mother Kannaki’s legend confirms this. That is how pleasure is elevated to Energy by  wife/mother. Likewise, minorities who enjoy less than majority at primary level.


If minorities burn the whole due to such power – the curse does not continue. If they burn out of revenge – the curse would come with the punisher.











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