Friday 28 May 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 May 2021




Yesterday, I wrote about the burning ship at Colombo port :


Splash reported as follows:

[Speaking with Splash today from Singapore, Tim Hartnoll, the executive chairman of X-Press Feeders, said that poor packaging was responsible for the acid leak, which the crew had detected while in the Arabian Sea thousands of kilometres away from Sri Lanka. On detecting the leak, the ship’s captain then contacted two ports – Hazira on the west coast of India and Hamad in Qatar – requesting to offload the containers in question. The requests were denied and the ship, which was delivered from a yard in China this February, made its way to Sri Lanka.]

This morning, I noticed that Economy Next  has also published a report on this, based on Splash247 report. This meant to me that my belief was guiding me – even though I do not have institutional support. That to me is the true value of democracy.


As per my experience, when we do our best karma which is the net value of our true contribution, does the rest to join us to the network of Belief. I have observed this, in the case of those around our family temple in Thunaivi in Northern Sri Lanka – where those who insisted on acting in breach of the rules became mentally ill and the locals said it was punishment by the deity. It is a kind of self-discipline by the community – in a language they understand.


The good thing about this is that we do not need ‘external’ powers such as the Police and the Army. Once we make the connection between cause and effect, as per our own truth/belief -   the Universal power of truth takes over and joins our true contributions or  negligence to our respective karmas. From then on it is difficult to trace the direct connection.


As per latest news reports, the American president has directed his nation’s intelligence to produce a report on the origins of Covid virus – especially whether it began at  the Wuhan Institute of Virology. At our own levels, we also need to know why – as per our own intelligence. If we have the intelligence to go deeper than the benefits we are likely to receive for our discovery – we move towards this Universal power. The ‘gap’ between costs and benefits goes towards ownership. Where benefits are greater than costs – we lose ownership value. An owner has intuitive knowledge and hence Performance Indicators in Management. The gain or loss is exponential like nuclear energy,  in the case of ownership.


In the case of Covid, the spread has been confirmed to be exponential in many areas. Locking borders would help draw on the sovereign powers of each State and brings the spread to relative levels. By now each state would have invested in this process and hence to the common citizen – such measures would be the protection from exponential spread. During discussions on my Vesak article a Tamil Diaspora leader shared as follows:


[In 1965 I had to collect some information from Galle Municipal Council for the WHO funded Galle Water Supply Scheme  , regarding development plans for schools, Industries , hospitals, private & public institutions; there was a clerk who was very helpful to me ,a soft spoken nice person; when approaching full moon day his personality changed and he was getting aggressive ,did not turn up for work for three days, the others told me it was a regular feature, he was on leave the day before  the day after and on full moon day . I have heard of people behaving in that manner but did not  experience it to firmly believe in it, when he returned from leave he was usual very passive and helpful. It was this experience that made me understand people are affected by the moon  ( Lunar ) and are called lunatics ]

The above connection was used in law for a long time. As per Wikipedia report – this was the case in the USA until end of 2012:


[On December 5, 2012, the US House of Representatives passed legislation approved earlier by the US Senate removing the word "lunatic" from all federal laws in the United States. President Barack Obama signed the 21st Century Language Act of 2012 into law on December 28, 2012]


If the belief that moon’s rays affected the unsteady mind, was held by Americans for so long, there is no hurry for them to know the origin of the virus for global purposes. All they need to identify with is their own belief. Every owner’s belief is valid – even it the form in which it is expressed is different to that of others.


Disturbing the Peace of Memorials is considered to be a sin by many communities including Aborigines of Australia. The Silk Road heritage is such a global heritage led by China. The Belt & Road Initiative is disturbance to that heritage. When we make Peace with our ancestors – Covid would lose the exponentiality and become relative. Towards this one needs to believe in the whole. When one acts out of such belief – every such act  is a prayer.  All those who so believe become elders of that community. When elders bless – the positive nuclear value invokes itself to offset the negative.















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