Saturday 15 May 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 May 2021



[A new memorial plaque for Tamils killed in Sri Lanka’s civil war, along with monuments erected earlier, were found vandalised on Thursday in the northern Mullaitivu district, according to a committee organising the remembrance event falling next week.

Accusing the army of destroying the war memorials for Tamils, the Mullivaikkal war remembrance committee voiced concern over the “continuing attack” on Tamils’ right to memorialisation. The army denied involvement in the incident.] The Hindu

After learning how Canadians profited from the destruction of the war-memorial at University of Jaffna, I concluded that the above was also similar ploy. It was heartening to read similar sentiments by Eelanadu Editor – under the heading ‘Who is responsible?’ One who got the pleasure is responsible for the pain also. The Eelanadu Editor indicates  it to be Tamil Politicians.

Be that as it may, I was happy to note the following as an example of ‘Man proposes, God disposes.’:

[Govt sponsored Vesak celebrations in Jaffna cancelled

Due to the prevailing COVID-19 situation, the Government sponsored Vesak celebrations which was planned to be held in the surrounding area of the Nagadeepa Rajamaha Viharaya in Jaffna will be cancelled, Ministry of Buddhasasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs said in a statement yesterday]

I felt upset when they first announced the celebrations at Nainatheevu, which like Kathirgamam - is predominantly a Hindu shrine. Hence I felt satisfied that god disposed of the government order. My explanation to a medical professional (MP) might help appreciate how I balance my mind:

[MP : I am sure belief is not a cure for bipolar disorder. Of course empathy by others is important. Belief makes the disorder worse. வைத்தியநாதன் (Vaithianathan/ doctor) aka சிவா (Siva) may be palliative but not a cure.

Gaja: To my mind, bipolar disorder happens when in our minds, we see the two sides of the same coin to be two coins. This has been included in Hinduism as pleasure and pain. If say, you care about a person – your child for example – you would discipline the child because you know the other side of pleasure beyond the level needed by the child. This is because you know both sides of the coin through your own experience. That experience is your own truth. This becomes the law of the child. As we become more and more free of supervision, we are driven by our own truth. That is our personal law. This may or may not be in agreement with others’ laws. Lawlessness leads to polarization because we enjoy without recognizing the other side and when the other side happens we do not know why it happened.

As per my experience, belief happens when both sides are natural part of us. When I am grateful to a provider, I complete the provider-beneficiary relationship and that becomes Energy within me. To me that is Belief. When we respect someone,  this completion happens in stages – as in our superannuation payments. When we feel gratitude it is instantaneous. Then we can never be polarized. Likewise, in the one mind where pleasure and pain have a relationship they become One at the completion of that relationship. That mind will not get polarized – i.e. become bipolar.


You say [வைத்தியநாதன் aka சிவா may be palliative but not a cure.]

Shiva is another word for One mind. When you believe in Shiva as formless Truth – as in Chithambaram – you confirm that Energy by merging with the mind that Chithambaram represents. Once Mr Perambalam mentioned to me that Tao of Physics was based on Kinetic Energy which was seen as Shiva’s Dance by a physicist who meditated on the beach. Later during my pain in relation to my UNSW experience, I had realizations that Dancing Shiva was 5 forms of Energy merged into one through Dance. When I mentioned it to Professor David Miller who came over to my place and noticed the Nadaraj statue and said he also had one and mentioned his thinking along these lines. In lay language we call Him Nadaraj.

You say that that could be palliative but not cure. In terms of medication – as per my knowledge certain  memory of the patient gets killed through medication. That is also palliative. But where a strong mind is connected to the bipolar mind – it offsets the memory that causes excitement of the mind. It does not kill healthy memories as medication overdose does.]


When someone dies we Hindus invoke the power of Lord Shiva – to complete the Experience as explained above. This is the real memorial in our hearts which come with us wherever we go. Anyone – be they lay persons or politicians who destroys for political reasons invokes the exponential power of destruction. The Eelanadu finger points at Tamil indicators and the King Virus seems to have placed fear of death in the minds of Northern Tamils – more than previously. This is the ultimate problem with polarisation where the other side is in the enemy camp – confirming that we lack sovereignty.

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