Tuesday 18 May 2021


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 May 2021



Today is a day of mourning for all Sri Lankans due to the tragedy on this day in 2009. I was in Sri Lanka and went to Kannaki Amman temple in Wellawatte and All Saints Church in Borella to pray. The latter was to also fulfil the obligation to Professor Henry Sathananthan who shared his status with me. In turn I was able to follow Due process of the Health Ministry and be with victims. I shared in the experience of a few who escaped. My conclusion is based on that experience which is exponential in its power. I believe that when we follow Due Process – truth in the minds of the architects of the system merge with our truth. This is why we have memorials in the first instance.

My seeking took me to the discovery that what happened at the last stages of the war in 2009 was in essence identical to the deaths of members of Jonestown People Temple on 18 November 1978, due to Cyanide poisoning.

Like the leader of that cult – Jim Jones – LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was promoted as the ‘Supreme Leader’. When people are protected from external by others – they become cult-followers. It is then easy to brainwash them. It happens all the time in Diaspora circles. Yesterday such a member wrote as follows about me:

[மலர்களை போல் எங்கள் தங்கை உறங்குகிறாள்

சிலர்களை போல் எங்கள் அக்கா எழுதுகின்றாள்

அவர்களை அவள் கற்பனை தேரில் ஏற்றுகின்றாள்இலங்கை தமிழிச்சி தான் என ஊறுகின்றாள்

சலங்கை ஒளி ஈழத் தமிழை  கொச்சைபடுத்துகிறாள்

கலங்காத தமிழ் இனத்தை இழிவு படுத்துகிறாள்

மங்காத தமிழ் உணர்வை ஏளனம் செய்கிறாள்

சங்கநாதம்  ஒளிக்கும் சந்தர் தமிழை மட்டம் தட்டுகிறாள்

சிங்கள தேசத்துடன் நம் செம்மொழியை இணைக்கிறாள்

எங்கள் வாழ்வும் உங்கள் வளமும் 

மங்கத் தமிழ் என்று

சங்கே முழங்கு

 யார் அங்கே , இங்கே  சில தமிழ் இன துரோகிகள் உள்ளனர்

வேர் அறுக்க கழுவில் ஏற்றுங்கள் அவர்களை என்றனர்

 தமிழுக்கும் அமுதென்று பேர்

கமழும் அது எங்கள் வேர்

 நான் இலங்கை தமிழன் அல்ல அல்ல அல்ல]


The above begins with claiming sisterly relationship with me and goes on to describe me as a traitor. It calls upon the Tamil authorities to hang me and ends with the declaration that the writer is NOT a Sri Lankan Tamil. Then the writer merged with the cult / alumni leader.


When I said I would publish the work under the writer’s name the response was:

[Please do not publish or forward or do anything with my comments and responses. These are meant to be for our private group members for healthy discussions only.

Are you trying to put me in to trouble with your SriLankan friends with arrest, torture and imprisonment?. I have stated several times that I am an independent,  free lance, forward thinking person, not aligned to any group or government.  You sound as a very dangerous , untrustworthy person.  Xxxx’s  assessment of  you all along is right. If you continue with threats like this, I have no choice but to delete your name  like few others, from my list of friends, trustworthy group members.]

Had I felt anxious about this – but continued to ‘tolerate’ them using me – that would have been suicidal in terms of my intellectual independence. Some parts of the Tamil Diaspora are also promoting this kind of cult mentality that leads to suicide of the Independent mind.


Then when such leaders say ‘Genocide’ the rest also chant ‘Genocide’. In the process – they point to the independent thinkers as traitors. This means that independent thinkers like me are at risk of being attacked by their forces in Northern Sri Lanka. When a person declares on behalf of themselves good grooming requires this to be respected by others. This is essential in democracy where all are free to express themselves as per their own thoughts. But the consequence is also theirs. This can result in a sacred unpalatable fact being born of that free expression.


The fact is Suicide born out of freedom of cult leader who separated USING Tamil community’s higher level work and sacrifices.



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