Tuesday 29 December 2020

                                 I am a Liberated Tamil - free of Ragu & Kethu

29 December 2020

Thank you Mr Rasingam


You have sent me the same message three times. Each one refers to a different source. I choose to address yours and only yours


You state [Thank you for your comments:  You do not understand the pathetic plight of the oppressed Tamils and the continuing structural genocide of Tamils. ]


Since I recognise myself as a person of Tamil origin who has liberated herself from Oppression, including by males, it is highly likely that I would not recognize Oppressed Tamils who are immersed in the past.


As for understanding, I would understand those of similar intellectual height as myself. With those of higher intellect – I pay my respects and get their Energy into me. They then continuously educate me from within – as per my needs of that moment in that environment. If you are a Hindu  - you would appreciate that the former is Murugan’s pathway of Equality and that the latter is Ganesh’s pathway of faith based mental work. As per the language of Thesawalamai Law  - former is Thediya Thettam / acquired wealth and latter is Muthusam / Inherited wealth. Recently when discussing the difference with my husband who is a Maths expert – I  explained as follows:


To know the Relationship of between the sides of an Equilateral triangle one can draw and measure and know that the angles and sides are equal. But in the case of  Right angled triangle one needs Pythagoras Theorem which squares the sides’ lateral values to find the relationship. This means one has to use exponential values where at least one angle is equal to or is greater than 50% of the total. Hence in Parliament, one needs exponential powers of belief to know that one is Equal. To the extent those with apparent majority approval have belief in their ancestors – at equal or deeper level than minority in theirs  – majority is the leading power also. Say, majority Sinhalese in Parliament believe in King Duttugemunu and Tamils believe only in the fighting power of Emperor Ellalan – and not his Justice Power – as Manu Neethi Kanda Cholan – Sinhalese would be the leading force – even though the law allocates Equal status.


In Democracy Equal status is allocated by law - to Opposition in recognition of the suffering minorities go through to override the oppression and remain within as per their own conscience as individuals and/or in groups. This has been provided for in the Lankan Constitution through articles 10 & 14 (1) (e ) in terms of religion.



You state [You cannot bring peace in Sri Lanka as long as the Buddhist Clergy, Maha Sanga are allowed to practice politics which is against Lord Buddha's teachings. YOU CAN SHOUT,CRY BUT THIS IS THE FACT.]


Since you consider Lord Buddha as their higher authority – did you ever complain to Lord Buddha ? From time to time, when I am fearful of being misunderstood by Buddhists I speak to Lord Buddha. Thus far no harm has happened to me through a Buddhist. I have however felt Oppression in Jaffna Courts which have failed to value Thesawalamai law and delivered illogical judgment in a testamentary case. So I wrote my second book of experience in Tamil which is now with Jaffna Library.


But in Colombo through a legal team made up of Hindu, Buddhist & Christian minds – connected by common values of Prescription Ordinance which is the parallel of Pythagoras Theorem, we established a just outcome. Each time Justice is upheld – that place and time get empowered exponentially with Sovereign powers. This is because Truth is Absolute. The Buddhist clergy who genuinely follow Buddha would merge with minorities who have been genuinely victimised by those who call themselves Buddhists for political purposes. The group that wrote to the President to facilitate burial for Muslim victims of Covid19 is one such group. The picture you describe is YOUR fact. Mine is that we do merge and at the moment, in Jaffna, this is a stronger power than separatists power.


You state


[So the Tamils have no other alternative to force UN to take action


Sri Lanka’s record of human rights violations, Commissions of war crimes and crimes against humanity etc. which amount to genocide is an  open book reported and recorded by United Nations, UNHRC, Human Rights Organizations and Human Rights Activists all over the world]


I consider myself Sri Lankan and it was on this belief that I established myself as  Dual Citizen. To my mind I am common to Australia and Sri Lanka. When I therefore share myself with the folks who are currently in Jaffna – that would go towards them becoming Sri Lankans – Independent Sri Lankans like myself who would think at global levels. This heritage will empower all those who seek to be Sri Lankans. On 23 December I wrote as follows about a Vaddukoddai Tamil religious leader:


[We had a call from Vaddukoddai – informing us that Priest Radha Aiyar was sick.  We rang with much concern and were relieved to learn that he was recovering from Diarrhea. To a member of our community who was surprised that I felt so deeply about it – I said that Priest Radha Aiyar was equal to majority ordinary worshippers in that toddy tapper village of Thunaivi. ]


Radha Aiyar passed away on 26 December and out of the blues my phone rang my sister (in Singapore)  at around that time – which was 27 December early morning for us here in Sydney, Australia. That was the first time my phone effectively self-dialled. The movement happened when I opened the phone to check the time to get out of bed which checking I do regularly. When I learnt that Radha Aiyar had passed away – around that time – I felt that he was saying ‘thank you’ for facilitating his work until the end.  Now he is also fully fledged Sri Lankan and not just Vaddukoddai Tamil where he lived before, during  and after the war.


To the extent you take measures to punish the Sri Lankan government – you are also pushing towards punishing their parallels in the Tamil community on  Equal footing. Ms Navaneetham Pillai made special mention of her strong criticism of the LTTE due to her commitment to the UN values. If you take that and run with its lateral value you would shift your dependence from one to the other and then take revenge when they do not deliver as per your expectations. Then we will have more wars and more dead bodies and more disappearances.


UN is the democratic parallel of our time based Ancestors of Traditional value – for example Manu Neethi Kanda Cholan who was defeated by King Duttugemunu. But in terms of Justice Manu Neethi Kanda Cholan ranks way above King Duttugemunu. Our heirs confirm our Dharma. The likes of you are diluting this for those who were victimised by Armed Tamil Rebels who cut off their ties with our Political roots.  This happens when one is driven largely by Asura / Brawn power. In the legend of Churning of Ocean of Milk –Asura Svarbanu who pretended to be god was separated by Vishnu into two parts – as Ragu & Kethu. Ragu who travels on Lion represents Solar Eclipse which represents dulling  of Intellectual power. Kethu who travels on Vulture represents Luna Eclipse which represents loss of life in body  as indicated by the Vulture that has carcass as its food. Former within the Tamil community are those who ‘eclipse’ intellectuals and latter are those who live off the remains of the  work of the former.  When we make amends for debilitation by Ragus and Kethus amongst us – including by feeling remorse – we would naturally access the powers of our Independent Ancestors who structured Jaffna Kingdom.






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