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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 December  2020





Majority Sri Lankans believe in the existence of Karma. Most are however not conscious of it when they decide, express or act. In the Hindu system, karma of previous births is represented by the Nava Grahams (Nine Planets). These nine planets do not look at each other. As per my interpretation, this means that they are sovereign . When we die, the net value is  written in such a way that each aspect is independent of the others as is the total – independent of other bodies. Hence we are born sovereign and free.  Two persons one of positive karma and the other of negative karma are therefore likely to be born at separate times and/or places/physical environments. A system of governance that maintains this balance of sovereignty  will work naturally and merge with Universal Powers of Truth. Leaders are required to be elected on the basis of this power – recognized as Universal Franchise. When we believe, the system of belief leads us naturally.  Hence belief  based governance would not need conscious application of written laws. The two would naturally merge if the laws were made on the basis of belief of the whole. This is crucial to successful governance through the system of Democracy.

Where the laws are made without belief but are taken from others for selfish reasons they would lead to reverse manifestation of the karma through which the two sides become separated like the Planets.  

In his article ‘J.R. Jayewardene, the executive presidency and 20th Amendment’ author Ravi Perera highlights the indicators of plagiarism as follows:

[How we ended up with an executive presidency in this country is attributable to an idea conceived in the mind of by J.R. Jayewardene, apparently first expressed at a meeting of the Ceylon Association for the Advancement of Science in 1966:

“The executive is chosen directly by the people and is not dependent on the legislature during the period of its existence, for a specific number of years. Such an executive is a strong executive, seated in power for a fixed number of years, not subject to the whims and fancies of an elected legislature; not afraid to take correct but unpopular decisions because of censure from its parliamentary party. This seems to me a very necessary requirement in a developing country faced with grave problems such as we are faced with today.”

Effectively, the President was replacing the British in the mind of Mr Jayawardene. The way of those who plagiarize is often to change the narrative so it looks original – often to themselves. Ravi confirms the stand taken by the honourable Dudley Senanayake as follows:

[UNP caucus was unsupportive, the party’s Leader Dudley Senanayake  was sceptical, observing:

“A presidential system has worked in the United States, where it was the result of a special historical situation. It worked in France, for similar reasons. But for Sri Lanka it would be disastrous. It would create a tradition of ‘Caesarism’. It would concentrate power in a leader and undermine parliament and the structure of political parties. Generally, it is a system for a Nkrumah or a Nasser, and not for a free democracy.”

It was that ‘free democracy ’ that demoted the Government of Mrs Bandaranaike in 1977. Mrs Bandaranaike’s group came to power in 1970 through a large majority. Then the first constitution of post-colonial Sri Lanka was written in 1972. If this did not maintain the sovereign powers of Sri Lanka, including through the parallels of the nine planets, then the truly independent force in Sri Lanka would have manifested through the most appropriate avenue as a curse on the government that sought to profit from the heritage. We have learnt this lesson through Coronavirus curse due to the current Chinese government disturbing the peace of the Silk Road Heritage. The parallel of that happened to Mrs Bandaranaike in 1977.

The ‘planet’ in the 1972 Constitution was that relating to religion. As per article 6 of that constitution – Buddhism became relative due to the requirement that it was ‘foremost’ of all religions. The parallel for Non Buddhists was – ‘the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching

The Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 was permitted by article 18 of the 1972 Constitution which permitted such manifestations of belief. Given that the declaration was by Tamil Politicians their consolidated power of belief was exponential in value. To the Buddhist Government that was trying to benefit from Buddhism the Vaddukoddai Resolution was like Coronavirus. Both are harmless within Sovereign borders. Hence the lockdowns. The Sovereign nature of the Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 in 1977 when Tamils became the leading Opposition in National Parliament.

But restless as he was Mr J.R. Jayewardene took all that credit to build his Taj Mahal – the 1978 Constitution. Ravi presents the White July picture as follows:

[Jayewardene was sworn in as Prime Minister on 23 July 1977 (elections were on 21 July); by September he had moved in Parliament an amendment to the then Constitution which was in effect the structure of the new constitution.]

When we trace through Anniversary we learn that 6 years later it became Black July:

[Black July -  is the common name used to refer to the anti-Tamil pogrom and riots in Sri Lanka during July 1983. The riots began as a response to a deadly ambush on 23 July 1983, which caused the death of 13 Sri Lanka Army soldiers, by the Tamil militant group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).] Wikipedia

The way Democratic Energy manifests is to produce its Equal & Opposite force. Where there is an independent planet (community) under the same sun (Sri Lanka) they have the power to manifest identical powers as the majority community. Hence Vaddukoddai Resolution followed by 1977 Equal Political position confirming the positive karma of the Tamil Community. But Mr J.R. Jayewardene carried on with Buddhism foremost which made Buddhists subject to Executive power but provided for non-Buddhists to govern themselves as if they were separate states.

JR’s parallel – the LTTE installed itself as President of Tamils and hence became the medium through whom the karma of separation returned to JR.

If not for the LTTE, the manifestation of 1977 results would have been repeated – so long as Tamils respected the Sri Lankan Constitution. This happened in 2015. UNP under the leadership of Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe was much more democratic than the previous government and hence the tradition democratic oppositions. If the current government does a JR restructure then the minorities would produce their own autocratic opposition.

When we wage war against nature – we need to learnt to live with war related deaths and disappearances. Ultimately Dharma will prevail in Sri Lanka due to the sacrifices of true believers in Sri Lanka. Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese are all independent planets revolving around this sun.

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