Monday 21 December 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

21 December  2020




Every  member of the National Parliament of Sri Lanka   has the duty act in the consciousness of Sri Lanka  - the whole and not just a part. The ethnic problem took a vast proportion due to each group enforcing ‘community’ as Nation. Recently, as a Sri Lankan of Jaffna Tamil origin I shared as follows through my article entitled ‘JURISDICTION OVER WAR RELATED DISAPPEARANCES’

[In terms of the 330 missing Tamils, a good proportion would have been under the influence of the LTTE which can be questioned through its heirs – the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE).  There are also individual Tamil Politicians who claim to carry forward the LTTE heritage. One who seeks the truth has to first demarcate the boundaries of Sovereignty of the body – in which the truth resides. In this instance it is Sri Lanka taken as a total.  A Sri Lankan has every right to question another Sri Lankan as per her/his truth. Not a South African nor those who have declared they are Tamil Nationalists within Sri Lanka.  ]


One of those individual Tamil Politicians referred to above is Mr Wigneswaran. As per a recent communication, Mr Wigneswaran has written as follows to TNA leader Mr Sumanthiran:

[Most of what you say in the first five pages is well known to the UNHRC. Of course you have picked your preamble to refer to human rights' violations by both sides. I am not sure we should become the objective observers rather than subjective complainers.]


The reason for the above communication is indicated as follows:

[US envoy in pow wow with TNA’s Sumanthiran as US moves to bring new UN resolution against SL] Sunday Times

As per the system of Truth, we are entitled to use Subjective authority only with those in whom we believe and represent as One to the extent of that Belief. Towards this we must be in each other . As per the most recent Election outcomes Mr Wigneswaran's party has the vote of only 8% of North-Eastern Tamils approving him and therefore has the authority to represent. Relatively speaking, TNA has 75% approval and therefore has the leadership authority to express on behalf of   North-Eastern Tamils.

As an independent citizen within this group – I identify with the fact that both sides to the armed war did violate human rights. As a Sri Lankan I have the responsibility to take away my side’s breaches from my own credit with the Sri Lankan community through which this issue is being raised to the global level. To not recognize LTTE’s breaches amounts to limiting myself to their system of Justice or to their junior status at global level.


Mr Wigneswaran judges as follows:

[  "They have meanwhile continued to deploy the military in civilian positions, seize lands belonging to the Tamil people, appoint Buddhist religious personnel to oversee land allotment in the East of Sri Lanka in the guise of archaeological management, increase surveillance and intimidation of victim families, human rights' activists and journalists, and curtail burial rites of the Muslim community. 


Additionally, China, which has emerged a very influential member with key positions in the UNHRC, has publicly assured Sri Lanka on October 9, 2020 that it will support and protect Sri Lanka in the international fora including the UNHRC."]



The lesson we have learnt from the LTTE is that when one frees oneself from ‘Commonness’ one’s focus on one’s own skills deepen and one is answerable to only oneself. But when in reality one enjoys benefits due to the other’s status – one becomes relative and loses the support of the Universal power of Truth. When the sovereignty of the group is damaged through laws particular to an individual and/or a section of the group, the connection with the Universal power of belief is weakened. By killing Tamil Politicians, LTTE weakened its links with the Political  heritage of Tamils. By subjectively supporting the LTTE – Mr Wigneswaran is also weakening his links with Political heritage of Tamils as well as Judicial heritage of Tamils.

Winning or losing in Sri Lankan Parliament or even at UN level – is secondary to preserving this Universal Franchise that we Tamils have earned. Showing victory to others has led to Sri Lanka becoming the Kurushetram of the Indian Subcontinent. Ultimately our heritage needs to be restored to its fullness and the rest will happen through our Universal Franchise. The more deeply connected we are to our roots the wider the spread of our contributions through democracy. But towards this the belief based connection needs to be continuous and adverse to the official system. Mr Wigneswaran would find it easier to appreciate this through Prescription Ordinance 1871 - that we have inherited through our Judicial system. When Tamil Politicians were killed – the continuity of  belief as claimed by LTTE was seriously shortened. Only those Tamils who continued to oppose the armed pathway – are supported by the Universal Power of Democratic Politics.   



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