Saturday 26 December 2020

                             FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS & EELAM CONSTITUTION

Mr Rasingam


I did not get your response to my response on 24 Dec. Nor did I receive Jayadevan’s to you. Norton might have blocked them.


You have stated:

[Development without peace and freedom is useless. Day by day Tamils lands are shrinking by Sinhalisization, Buddhisisation, and militarization, we are almost losing the Eastern Province by colonization. We must have land and police power to develop these are taken away from the 13th Amendment. [Provided in the Indo/Sri Lanka Accord of 1987 to the Provinces']

The parties through whom we can present our views include those who are heirs of Armed Rebels led by the LTTE. The Indo /Sri Lanka Accord was signed by Mr Rajiv Gandhi on behalf of India and Mr JR Jayewardene on behalf of Sri Lanka. Mr Gandhi was killed by LTTE. Whoever becomes the heir of the LTTE therefore is not entitled to use the provisions of the Indo /Sri Lanka Accord and the resultant 13th Amendment to the Constitution.


You have stated:

[We can hear some speeches in Parliament by Gajan Ponnambalam, Sanaikiyan. wigneswaran after so many years, exposing the plight of the Tamils.]



As per my observations Mr Ponnambalam & Mr Wigneswaran have given the impression that they are supporters of Rebels led by the LTTE. Since I value the 13th Amendment as the essence of India’s contribution to Sri Lanka’s democracy and since I have expressly opposed the killing of Tamil Politicians by the LTTE – I identify with India’s contribution through the 13th Amendment. The American parallel that comes to mind is JFK’s stand in opposing Communism in Cuba. JFK was also assassinated. In both instances those who used the weapons were just the media. In Sri Lanka, we the Tamils as well as the Sinhala Nationalists became part of the causal forces.


Without the show of our power by India, Democracy would have been killed in Sri Lanka.


To my mind, I am equal and different to the above mentioned politicians due to my sacrifices of personal comfort – to share in the hardship of UNCOMPENSATED victims. I cannot show the results like you have – through Australian Politicians. But in my small projects, I see the heritage I developed – as Sri Lankan of Tamil origin. Jetwing is one such confirmation.



You ask:


[You have not yet answered to all my questions. regarding the Employees in the Hotel [ How many, How many Tamils from that area, How many from the South]

Mr Rasingam, as per my assessment – the positions taken by us is through social media. You and I are Equal because we express our beliefs differently. If  you expected me to answer YOUR questions, that means you are outside your circle of belief.  To take a senior position – we need to be bound by common structure. You are Canadian and I am Australian as per our current structures. If we are to use our past – then we need to use only our Truth as the base.

When I was for example praying for the recovery of Mr Boris Johnson when he was in hospital, a UK Tamil said that he did not feel that way because being privileged Mr Boris Johnson would have received special treatment. I disciplined him saying that he was a junior in that structure and that when the senior in that structure was well, the juniors would feel positive. Yesterday when I observed Mr Johnson being happy over Brexit I identified with it as if it were my achievement.

Lankan Tamils in other nations who consider themselves to be citizens of those other nations – have the duty to be bound by the principles of those nations or speak only through the official leaders of those nations. Only belief gives us the Human Right to express our belief within the circle of our belief.

In terms of social media – we share through our beliefs and some would identify with you and others  with me. I do not have to answer your questions and you do not have to answer my questions. By expecting me to – you are confirming having taken senior position above me. THAT is the reason why are not able to find Peace in the development projects that are being led by Sri Lankans of Sinhalese origin. Hence your conclusion [Development without peace and freedom is useless.]

Peace begins with every individual. Article 3 of the Lankan constitution states:

[In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the People and is inalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise.]

If you were to express the parallel in  Tamil Eelam – constitution – fundamental rights and franchise would be missing.




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