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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 December  2020





The Hela / Sinhala medical system is being promoted actively by some Sri Lankan politicians.  We first had Dual war policies which led to a heritage of war crimes allegations. Then we had Dual Citizens being promoted in Parliament. Now we have Dual Medicine being promoted, including by the Common media . Daily FT has published part 1 of its interview with Prof. Nimal de Silva, under the caption:

“Compiling traditional medical systems can create unique Hela medical system”: Prof. Nimal de Silva

We have Tamil Sitha Vaithiyam that is practised in Northern as well as Eastern Sri Lanka. It is practiced in Tamil Nadu, India and in January, Economic Times of India did publish a report under the heading ‘Siddha doctor from TN claims to have invented cure for Coronavirus’

As per published figures, as of 31 March 2020 Tamil Nadu recorded 547,337 infections and 8,871 deaths due to Coronavirus.  This confirms that even if the above Siddha Medicine was effective,  the People did not believe that to be the case or it was not powerful enough to spread itself to reach the whole.  

But as is usual, Sinhalese have failed to learn from this and hence the promotion of Hela Medical system.

As per the above mentioned report of the interview with Prof. Nimal de Silva:

Q: Could you comment on what we should be mindful of today when putting our medical heritage in practice?

A:  During the colonial occupation we were brain-washed and convinced that what is Sri Lankan – local or traditional are inferior and no good. They will teach what is good and bad. The elites and the English-educated swallowed it. For any traditional thing to be accepted it has to be proved to the west using western science. Ingutu, kottamalli veniveigeta that we used for thousands of years is being analysed even by our universities to prove it to the west. What for? We were trained and taught to reject and have doubt on our traditional knowledge systems.

If indeed we were brainwashed,  our Medical Schools / Faculties are confirmed to be for economic purposes only.  In fact hospitals using Western system of medicine, would fail to cure due to ‘brainwashing’ which would disconnect them from the patients who come to them with belief based expectations.

Siththa means ‘mind’ and mind to mind cure is a big part of Traditional medicine. Hence it does not need scientific proof of balance between cause and effect. This is not different to elected politicians making laws in Parliament. If based on belief – they would be self-balancing. Those driven by Hela laws should not use modern weapons in combat. When they do – that confirms they are ‘brainwashed’. When the mind is not rooted in belief, it can be easily infected by floating information waiting to be plagiarised and/or information that comes with the promise of immediate bonuses that are effectively ‘bribes’.

Professor Nimal de Silva explains heritage as follows:

[Heritage means all what you have inherited from earth to your personal genes. Heritage has two basic parts; 
Natural heritage and cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is also divided into two, as intangible and tangible.
All tangible heritage objects are created to support and fulfil intangible heritage requirements. Tangible heritage can be movable or immovable.

As shared continuously through my regular articles, when we raise our contributions to energy level – they are of heritage value. Some become visible to the eye. A large part remains invisible and unknown as Common Universal Power. This is what the Universal Franchise is all about. To the extent we contributed to the land known as Sri Lanka, through common pathways, we would naturally be supported by Sri Lankan powers. Those who are currently contributing through community pathways would have direct access  to that heritage. Hence the extraordinary achievement by Tamil Rebels led by LTTE – which inherited Emperor Ellalan’s skills. Relatively speaking the parallels in the Sri Lankan army carried dual minds – one official as per global rules and the other that accessed Duttugemunu’s skills. One diluted the other. Hence the war against that tiny Tamil force with a huge mind / siththam – lasted 30 years.

There are no wins and losses in ownership wars. One has the duty to fight as per her/his chosen pathway – which would remain unadulterated from start to finish – if it were based on belief.  Realisation of that belief through Experience, is the Ultimate Success. Those who breach common war- laws, become unofficial forces and if glorified as ‘victors’ they become negative heritage. It’s the land that decides.

 The problem with Dual systems is that when laterally arranged – they naturally oppose each other.



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