Friday 25 December 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 December  2020






My first respects were paid to Our Lady today. In celebrating Christmas we often tend to forget the pain of parents of Jesus. As a mother, I naturally identified with Our Lady’s pain as I could perceive as a mother.


The discussion that followed my yesterday’s article similarly, led me to identify with the pain of ‘the Common War Victim’ in Sri Lanka. My contribution to development of this Common war victim included the following:


[It is my understanding that you are in Canada. Your picture is with a Canadian PM and not a Tamil Canadian. The parallel of that in Sri Lanka would include Sri Lankans of Sinhalese origin.


When Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe came to Jaffna we happened to stay at the same hotel as he. That was Northgate by Jetwing. During those visits I witnessed many members of the Tamil Diaspora stay there and they invited their relatives over to the hotel and this made me happy. We did likewise with the folks whom we consider to be our heirs. It’s a kind of heritage sharing.


When Ranil came there he overrode the advice of his bodyguards and took photos with the tuk-tuk drivers outside Jaffna Railway station. One of them showed off to us, his photo with  the PM with much pride . Relatively speaking,  to him that photo is the parallel the experience you have by showing off with pride – your photo with Mr Harper. ]


I do believe there comes a time when the Truth comes out when we think we are ‘free’ . The Truth in the above instance was that some members of the Tamil Diaspora have allowed status with their home politicians to override


[Dear Friends,


This is "Kaalai Kathir" paper. 


Here it says that M. A. Sumanthiran is discussing with Ambassadors of UN, UK and others about the future proposal against Srilanka in the UNHRC. This is very disturbing to Tamils!.]


It cannot be Tamils of Jaffna who did elect Mr Sumanthiran.


The above communication continues to claim:

[There is a big suspicion among the Tamils about Sumanthiran's election victory. Lot of Tamils were hurt by his actions. With the STF protection he was able to manipulate what he wanted.]

The above medium does not have the mandate of the People to express on their behalf. A democratic medium would facilitate a believer to express her/himself within the boundaries of their common belief. The People of Jaffna have chosen Mr Sumanthiran as their representative and any false accusations are disrespectful of the People of Jaffna. Once elected a law / policy- maker should not wait for the approval of majority again and again but go ahead and complete his work and show it to the electorate that honoured her/him. Voters who suspect need to take action in Court of law. Otherwise, they need to wait for the future elections to demote her/him.  When there is enough power the Universal system would manifest as per the believer/s. True believers would then identify with the manifestation.

Those who have included the UN as acting against Tamils, are confirming serious lack of gratitude to the UN which facilitated the escalation of the Tamil problem to UN level.  Unless we as a community develop internal structures of global standards that would eliminate such frivolous expressions – we would not have the blessings of Universal powers in achieving self-governance as a community

One reader wrote in response to my yesterday’s article that I had expressed beautifully and suggested that I write in Tamil so many more would benefit. I am giving it further thought and may be translate my current book in Tamil. In the meantime I directed the reader to my website where my Tamil book on Jaffna cultural law has been published. We would not be bound by Common power by language alone. To the extent we are driven by truth – that truth would bind us beyond language borders.

The Tamil community is going through Duality crisis due to excessive emphasis on the body of the community. When the minds are connected through issues – we would not show double standards – one for Diaspora Tamils and another for Jaffna Tamils.

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