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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 December  2020






Who is a Political Prisoner? Mr C V Wigneswaran has included the following in his response:


[Prisoner of conscience and political prisoner have been used interchangeably - one for the other and the other for the one. A political prisoner is a dissident generally who is critical of agents of governmental authority (Military included) or ruling elites. Political prisoners are the symbolic representations of attempted challenge to the status quo. Ideologically the context may be racial, economic, political or religious. These political prisoners are different from common criminals. Whereas political prisoners are involved in some type of group struggle against the establishment or the ruling elites, common criminals are typically involved in an element of satisfying their self-interests.]


I identify with the above discovery. Ultimately we are punished by our own conscience. Conscience, as per my discovery is the law of our truth. Given that most of us do not identify with our truth but rather what seems ‘right’ to those who are in high positions in our current physical circles, it would be difficult to find a true political victim at the individual level. If we do have one – that person’s expressions would be the law of the person/group where s/he is a leader. Hence democracy by majority vote.


Are we, the Tamil community a community that claims it has  been discriminated against by the government elected by majority,  at high risk of becoming political prisoners? The answer is YES – as per my conscience.  One does not need proof of it through facts supported by evidence. The Confession is there in the Constitution made under the influence of being seen to be ‘right’ to majority.

Article 9 is the proof of Discrimination by the Government and therefore the whole of the community that benefits from the advantages in that article:


[The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).]


Articles 10 and 14(1)(e) state as follows:


[10. Every person is entitled to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice.

14. (1) Every citizen is entitled to – (e ) the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching;]


The above have the effect of Dual Citizenship. The current government that has lifted the ban on dual citizenship for Parliamentarians, is confirming dependence on ‘Buddhism Foremost’ protection. This makes the subsequent articles relative and not absolute. In truth it confirms dependence on Buddhist votes.


To the extent a part of the Tamil community dilutes its pain by accepting compensation and/or unjustly discriminates within the Tamil Community – the entitlement to Equality is weakened.


Recently Mr Kumarathasan Rasingam,  Secretary, The Tamil Canadian Elders for Human Rights Org., tried to ‘imprison’ me into his experience as follows:

[We do not need luxury hotels in Jaffna, we need factories, industries, mass cultivation of crops for seLF sufficientcy/ I was in Jaffna during the war.  We did not have electricity, Kerosene oil, petrol, batteries, essential foods, .flour, rice, sugar soap, 

Necessity is the birth for invention.

1. We used bottle lamps made from Jam bottle, my children studied in these lamps

2  Vegetable oil and diesel mixed used for Scooter

3. Bycycle Dynamo is used to produce electricity to listen to Radio 

 I need to know few information regarding the luxury hotel.

 1. How may people are employed -  How many are from the area, How many are from south

2. What type of service to the affected people this establishment is providing.????



Unless there are no luxury hotels in Canada, the above confirms dual standards and therefore lack of belief in one or both. I am an Airbnb Super-hostess and I am an Equal status customer in luxury hotels. In turn I train our trainees and employees in providing the parallel of that level service in their respective workplaces.


The success  of Political leaders  like Mr Gary Anandasangaree  ( of Tamil origin), who represents Scarborough—Rouge Park, Ontario with considerable proportion of Tamil voters, is known through Tamils without portfolios expressing their authority in ‘free’ social media. As per the above Canadian Tamil – Jaffna would have step-motherly treatment relative to Canada.  The Truth often comes out freely in natural environments.

The above confirms that the likes of Canadian Tamils are trying to takeover suppression of Tamils in Sri Lanka through their Canadian status. Like the common Jaffna Tamil – to Canadian Tamil, I am also seen as a candidate for suppression. The reason is that I am a female without official portfolio. But I learn as an apparent junior – the truth of the senior. This is the value of structures and laws that the structures support.

Jaffna Tamils need to show their official portfolio and towards this we need to present to the Parliament the changes needed to the current constitution, to recognize the Equality of all three languages . Mr Wigneswaran highlights this as follows:

[The confessions are in fact dubious pieces of PTA evidence. When PTA cases against Tamil Prisoners came up before Judges who were well versed in all three languages Sinhala, Tamil and English about 25 years ago almost always the Prisoners got acquitted. The reason being that the signed confessions of Tamil prisoners were in Sinhala. More often some police officer would have explained the contents and the Prisoner would have signed. The officer would give evidence that he explained the contents to the prisoner and that he understood and signed the confession. If the so called Police Interpreter was asked a few questions with regard to his competency in the Tamil Language, he would have been exposed. Mostly the confessions were in fact written by the Police or their Para Military agents and the prisoner was asked to sign. When the Police Interpreter is asked how he would translate a particular word in the confession into Tamil or vice versa, he would not be able to answer properly. His knowledge of Tamil would almost always be faulty. If the interpreter was incompetent how could the confession be accepted? So the prisoner got acquitted.]

This is a practice that is encouraged by the Judiciary, currently in Northern Province where Mr Wigneswaran was Chief Minister. Our Opposition in a Testamentary matter covered by Thesawalamai law, who were not proficient in English, signed an Affidavit in English – stating that it was ‘explained to them’ by the competent authority who attested it. The problem was that there was hardly any difference between the  Petition and the Affidavit by the Petitioners. Ours was distinctly different because the Affidavit was prepared independently by us whilst the Petition was prepared by our legal team. Pages 56 & 57 of my book at ) . The Judge dismissed ours and upheld the Petitioners’. These happened during the time Mr Wigneswaran was Chief Minister. I am yet to see any declaration of belief from Mr Wigneswaran in relation to the above.

Mr Wigneswaran is being praised by the above Canadian Tamil, who demotes Mr Sumanthiran whose Party  earned 1st place in Jaffna District:

[The TNA  has taken the Tamils for a ride  almost 11 years now, what they have achieved?????

Sumanthiran must be controlled, He is an efficient lawyer of course, but he is trying to be too smart.

We can hear some speeches in Parliament by Gajan Ponnambalam, Sanaikiyan. Wigneswaran after so many years, exposing the plight of the Tamils.]


Until we accept that  those  of alternate belief are our Equals in status, we would try to take senior position wherever there seems to be a gap in ownership claim. Those who are truly independent would know naturally that they are independent of those of different form of belief . It begins at home between mother and father.



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