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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

03 December  2020



Coronavirus  & Presidential Pardons

The University of Queensland reports in relation to the Coronavirus:

[Viruses need to enter a living cell (such as a human cell) to be able to reproduce, and once inside they take over all of the cellular machinery and force the cell to make new virus.]

I relate to this through the system of ‘karma’ which is the invisible part of any manifestation. Karma needs a ‘body’ through which to ‘reproduce itself’. It is therefore better to prevent wrongs from becoming sins which are like viruses, by refusing to become that level of mind. It is for this reason that Hindus conduct funeral ceremonies to prevent rebirth of  a wrong/sin through that mind. Once elevated to the higher level – rebirth will be at the higher level until there is no more birth for that wrong.

As per my knowledge of Buddhism – ‘Living in the Present’ is recommended by Buddhism. This means that if we live in our truth within the current environment, the past will not find a body through which it would be reborn. It will exist as Energy but can be offset by the opposite through current actions from zero base.

The riots in Mahara Prison, Sri Lanka,  have resulted in Presidential Pardon of over 600 prisoners.

President’s power to pardon is confirmation of Sovereignty. If genuinely used, the whole would become or remain sovereign after such pardon. If the laws that punished an offender were excessive they would have taken the whole away from Sovereignty. It is to prevent this that laws need to be expressions of belief. If the laws that punished were through belief and therefore were confirmations of sovereignty then the President who pardons needs to have positive karma in that issue, to pardon someone. Otherwise, such pardon reduces the sovereign power of the whole, the position and the person.

In its article ‘Presidential pardons in Sri Lanka: An Unchecked Executive Power?, Verite’  Research confirms the above interpretation, in the following form:

[The power to pardon is vested in the executive, arguably as a ‘check’ on the powers of the judiciary, as it provides a means of rectifying any miscarriage of justice.]

Verite’  Research presents also the following facts:

[In the past, several Sri Lankan presidents have used their power to grant controversial pardons in some high-profile cases. For instance, former President Maithripala Sirisena granted two such presidential pardons during his term in office. In May 2019, he pardoned secretary general of the militant Sinhala-Buddhist group Bodu Bala Sena, Venerable Galagoda Aththe Gnanasara Thera. The Thera was serving a six-year prison sentence for contempt of court imposed by the Court of Appeal in August 2018 (Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Vs Hon. Attorney General, CA (CC) Application No. 04/2016). His subsequent appeals against the prison sentence filed in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court were dismissed. The second controversial pardon by President Sirisena was granted on 9 November 2019 to Don Shramantha Jude Anthony Jayamaha, who was sentenced to death in the Royal Park Murder case by the Court of Appeal in 2012. The Supreme Court in 2014 affirmed this sentence. The president’s pardon was reportedly on the basis of requests made by the Buddhist clergy, and other parties, including the considering of reports prepared by the Prisons Department and several other state institutions.

The pardoning of Mary Juliet Monica Fernando, the wife of a former Minister of Parliament is another example of a controversial pardon. She was sentenced to death for a double murder in 2005. Subsequently, on International Women’s Day in March 2009, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa granted her a presidential pardon. In addition to the above high-profile pardons, Sri Lankan presidents have routinely granted mass scale pardons to persons convicted of minor offences. These pardons are usually granted on special days, such as Independence day, Vesak day and Christmas.]

We are focused currently on Presidential Pardons. The position carries any karma through dishonest application of the Governance Power to Pardon.

The above pictures in relation to Mahara Prison riots confirm loss of dignity of women who are pleading with Police Officers.  Given that the government’s sovereignty is the sovereignty of the People, and given that 56% of Sri Lanka’s voters are women, the above picture confirms the serious need to restore the dignity of the self-governing woman who would produce and groom self-governing children.  

Governing power cannot be shared through begging.

Where someone has been found guilty through the law and that law was made by legislators who believed and/or others who practiced the law with belief, pardoning  of that person by the President, alienates the above three groups from the President’s position and the area covered by the Presidential Governing Power. When such a President exercises powers outside that circle – its other side would manifest within that circle. Where that power is taken from the past or from alien group that the President does not believe in – the manifestation of the other side becomes karmic and therefore  exponential.

When the current President accepted credit for preventing Coronavirus that has its own mind, the past karma found a body through which it could mutate, manifest and reproduce itself exponentially in the home area of the President.

Mahara prison itself carries the following karma from British times:

[Mahara Prison is a maximum security prison, and is one of the largest prisons in Sri Lanka. Situated in the old city of Mahara in the Western Province, it was built in 1875 by the British colonial government to ease the congestion at the Slave Island prison. It was used to house the prisoners employed in crushing stones at the Mahara quarry. ……There was a revolt at the quarry and an escape by 79 inmates around 2:00 pm on 28 June 1902. Prison officers on guard were assaulted and the revolver of the Deputy Jailor was seized by the riot leader. An army team, headed by Major Bishop and assisted by the Jailor, were able to take into custody 40 escapees from the neighborhood. This was the first and the biggest ever escape in the history of the Sri Lanka Prisons.] Wikipedia

If any of the 40 escapees was overly punished due to British rule – then the heirs of those who allowed Sri Lanka to be ruled by British, inherited that excess as negative karma.

Man proposed and god disposed through Coronavirus which can be defeated by belief until man finds a scientific connection.

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