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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 December  2020






 As per Samugam news at Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero, the Chief Incumbent of the Abhayarama Temple in Colombo states:


1)   Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country ;

2)   The current  government undertook the Policy of one Nation, one law

3)   Hence Covid19 bodies should continue to be cremated.


As per Economy Next report ‘Powerful order of Buddhist Monks urge President to allow burials of Covid dead’ :


[One of the country’s biggest Chapters of Buddhist Monks the joint Amarapura-Ramanna sect is asking President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to permit the burial of the remains of Christians and Muslims who die of Covid 19.

This is the first time that a major group of Buddhist Monks have taken a stand to allow burials since the controversy broke in April.]

The contradictory reports from different parts of the Buddhist Leadership confirm internal Opposition.

The fact that both were brought to the Sri Lankan Public at the same time, confirms the manifestation of truth through Universal Energy. As per that manifestation, the Buddhist leadership is divided. To my mind, so long as Minorities express and act within their own boundaries of belief they would return any injustice by Majority to the Majority.  That returning power is the power of belief which is exponential and has the ability to defeat the largest majority power that is relative. This is also the power of ‘genes’ which confirm our ‘heritage’.

Often however, Minorities try to ‘profit’ by finding fault through measures that they are yet to contribute to.

Mr Kumarathasan Rasingam, a Canadian Tamil, for example, directed me to his paper ‘UN SYSTEM OWES SRI LANKAN TAMILS REMEDIAL JUSTICE’ in which he claims as follows:

[It is very sad that UN an international institution particularly was initiated to protect the civilians during conflicts and other matters affecting the civilians failing from its duty by ignoring the genocide in Sri Lanka.  UN failed in stopping the genocide in Rwanda and other countries and lately in Sri Lanka…….

Once again, the Tamil people have been left alone to seek truth and justice. They are daunted by the task ahead but they do not despair. You can kill thousands of people, but you can never kill the human spirit.]

To be valid  and reliable relatively, one has to ‘Believe’ in common. The above mentioned Buddhist leader - Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero had no authority to ‘tell’ Muslims or any other Non-Buddhist group. Likewise, a Canadian Tamil does not have the authority to ‘tell’ the UN. A Canadian Tamil has the authority to declare within her/his circle of belief. If s/he does so on behalf of Sri Lankan Tamils then s/he needs to first clear any contributions by Sri Lankan Tamils to disturbance of  Global Peace. Likewise, Buddhist leaders in Sri Lanka have to clear the Buddhist community’s contribution to disturbance of Peace in Sri Lanka. The killing of Political leaders by Buddhists is confirmation of lack of belief based authority, which is perfectly balanced. Mere physical majority does not render the authority to govern and make policies on behalf of the whole.


Government in Sri Lanka is formed on the authority of Land based belief and not religion based belief. A believer in Sri Lanka would identify with the cause that affected Sri Lankan leadership. I am such a believer and I identify with Buddhist clergy’s desires as being part of the cause that disconnects us with our true governance heritage.


 Bandaranaike’s  Official Language Act No. 33 of 1956 could not have been rooted in ancestral belief – given that Bandaranaike was born a Christian and as per Wikipedia report, his father:


[Sir Solomon named his only son after West Ridgeway, the Governor of Ceylon at the time, who was his godfather]


WR in SWRD is English heritage to which SWRD became a traitor.


The disconnection with ancestry which was against English Language was promoted actively as follows:


[One of Bandaranaike's most notable actions was the implementation of the Sinhala Only Act, making Sinhala the sole official language of the country, downgrading the official status of English, and promoting socialist, non-Western policies that profoundly changed the course of Ceylonese politics in the following decades.]


The above was effectively a handout which had the effect of spoiling Sinhalese and preventing their belief based self-governance. Tamils who clung to their British heritage were empowered by that heritage – until ‘Tamil only’ opposition surfaced – through juniors rebelling against seniors and finally killing them. This was effectively at the same level as Sinhala leaders such as SWRD.


Belief based leadership needs to be continuous and adverse to the official leadership – to earn the power of Equal Opposition in common area.  


When one believes, one has exponential power .   Hence within that circle of belief I am the perpetrator and I am the victim. When we truly believe, we become members of the Universal Power – which the UN promotes. SWRD shifted towards China and Russia:


[As prime minister, he took a neutralist stance in foreign policy, but established diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union. He removed the British air bases at RAF Negombo and RAF China Bay and the naval base at Trincomalee]


In turn this was copied by the JVP which rebelled against SWRD’s wife’s government in 1971.


The Rajapaksa government’s pro-China attitude had its roots in SWRD’s pro Buddhism approach. This will continue – so long as Buddhism is used for political purposes.


Mr Kumarathasan Rasingam highlighted that [Re;  Killing of Rajiv.  It has now  been found that there is some important person/country involved in this case/  Jain Commission has  still not completed its investigation. So many conflicting and confusing facts are emerging from those who investigated the sensitive case.]


This applies also to the killing of SWRD and also the killing of LTTE leader by multiple forces. Once the Universal power is invoked – we are entitled to give the reasons as per our belief. The only interpretation that is invalid is one without belief.


Often belief is the only way to identify with the cause of the effects Experienced by us. Hence the Universal Franchise in multicultural governance.


The ruling by Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero is without belief in the whole.


It is confirmed also by the following about Canadian Tamils:


[Toronto survey reveals mental health problems among tamils. Tamil community have depression, suicidal attempts, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder.
Physical and psychological problems tend to seek help from family physician, psychiatrist or other mental health practitioner.
Counselling online and by zoom for mental health issues is undertaken by VasanthamTamil Wellness Centre.
The pandemic has caused stress and anxiety for millions globally, exacerbating mental health struggles.
Covid 19 has globally affected 243 million women between the ages of 15 and 49 , caused by sexual or physical abuse. Before the pandemic, male and female partners went to work and met a few hours per day and hence less abuse. During Covid 19 both partners are mostly at home that provokes depression and more abuse.
Tamil society brought up by male dominance has affected family wellness.
During 1990s , when 991 was contacted, Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived and warned not to repeat the abuse that led to female suicide. If such call is made now, RCMP arrests male partner.


Truth manifests in free environments. If considerable proportion of Canadian Tamils are suffering due to isolation – this confirms that they are not sovereign. As per the above,  males are controlling females. Until this is corrected by the Tamil community, Canadian Tamils have no authority to access UN powers. One way to know why is – that Canadian Tamils are strongly Tamil-Only heirs – agitating to repeat the Sinhala-Buddhist Administration from which they claim to have run away.  Those who criticise the opposition beyond their belief based authority  become the perpetrators – albeit through a different form.

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