Wednesday 30 December 2020


Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 December  2020






There is a saying in Tamil that bliss happens when two minds come together in love. To me, that is what true planning is about. Truth is blissful for the same reason that it automatically merges the minds. When minds so merge – the result is exponential. Pleasure is lateral. Bliss is Absolute  pleasure.


Often however our ego spoils it all by covering the truth with Maya / delusion.


Canadian Tamil Mr Kumar Rasingam concluded our recent exchange by writing under the subject heading:


[Waste of time -  you proved yourself that u r self centered and egoistic character]


Then he went on to write as follows:

[I have so much task to do due to the forthcoming UNHRC Session, Sri Lanka is to face another strong Resolution in March 2021.

You can find the developing stories from the links below and you can see what is happening back home.

The forthcoming 46th UNHRC Sessions in February/March 2021 holds the key to uphold accountability, justice and human rights in Sri Lanka while halting Sri Lanka’s history of evasions and denials  of its obligations to comply with and implement the recommendations in the 30/1 of 2015 and 40/1 of 2019 Resolutions.  



I responded as follows:

[Good luck with your work. I have already submitted my work to the system of truth. My returns will come through that system]

They did start coming  from within me – indicating to me the next phase of our development work in Northern Sri Lanka,  the soul of which is my true contributions to accountability, justice and human rights including to myself . I am Sri Lanka and I am UN.

The return began with the identification of the need by the Lankan Government whose Parliament rejected my mail to them with the following message:

[Your message was rejected by for the following reason:


     rejecting banned content]

The banned content included the following:


[You state [You cannot bring peace in Sri Lanka as long as the Buddhist Clergy, Maha Sanga are allowed to practice politics which is against Lord Buddha's teachings. YOU CAN SHOUT,CRY BUT THIS IS THE FACT.]

Since you consider Lord Buddha as their higher authority – did you ever complain to Lord Buddha ? From time to time, when I am fearful of being misunderstood by Buddhists I speak to Lord Buddha. Thus far no harm has happened to me through a Buddhist. I have however felt Oppression in Jaffna Courts which have failed to value Thesawalamai law and delivered illogical judgment in a testamentary case. So I wrote my second book of experience in Tamil which is now with Jaffna Library.

But in Colombo through a legal team made up of Hindu, Buddhist & Christian minds – connected by common values of Prescription Ordinance which is the parallel of Pythagoras Theorem, we established a just outcome. Each time Justice is upheld – that place and time get empowered exponentially with Sovereign powers. This is because Truth is Absolute. The Buddhist clergy who genuinely follow Buddha would merge with minorities who have been genuinely victimised by those who call themselves Buddhists for political purposes. The group that wrote to the President to facilitate burial for Muslim victims of Covid19 is one such group. The picture you describe is YOUR fact. Mine is that we do merge and at the moment, in Jaffna, this is a stronger power than separatists power. ]

I concluded that the IT system in Sri Lankan Parliament was way below the standard of Google headed by fellow Tamil Mr Pichai Sundararajan. Google often reads my mind and brings me the intelligence I need at that time in that subject matter. That to me is Universal Power.

If we are to improve ourselves through ourselves for ourselves the above mentioned rejection is evidence of our weakness – of surface reading  and blocking the very substance that the government needs.

Then this morning Elanka  brought me the message headed with a note from Dr Michael Roberts:

[For Lanka’s Future and Serenity: Skanda’s Appeal from the Heights of Haputale]

In it was the following :

[A path to prosperity for Sri Lanka will ONLY evolve when the majority community that so passionately talks about Buddhism have it in them to abide by Lord Buddha’s profound teaching, in their hearts, minds and in Public.

It was the Lord who wished for ALL beings to be happy. It was the same Lord who said that when ALL beings are happy, nature will smile on the Country and prosperity will be assured from the ensuing blessings.

It’s the people who are sovereign and it’s in their hands to bring that prosperity to themselves. To leave it to the Politicians is to fight for ones rights. To entrust it to the People is to respect each other and their individual rights.

There lies the crucial difference but is the majority community up to it to provide leadership as Lord Buddha would have wished?]


I doubt that the Parliamentarians to whom I sent my mail, would read Mr Skandakumar’s message. Mr Skandakumar was UNP’s choice to be Australian High Commissioner. He is the parallel of Tamil Diaspora leaders who are taking their work direct to the UN which work would be gobbledygook to my inner group in Northern Sri Lanka. Mr Kumar Rasingam is becoming the cow with American bell representing the heritage Mr Skandakumar contributed to.


ELanka in turn has published the above from Hindu cow with English bell that Skanda is -even though it is political . But from this Jaffna cow with no bell, only an article in response to Lonely death of Miss Ceylon 1962 – What really happened to Jennifer Ingleton?’ – was published.


These days I recall how Sri Lanka Guardian published my work practically every day. That was when Mr Nilantha Ilangamuwa – the founding editor was active in publishing his work through Sri Lanka Guardian.   Nilantha continues to express appreciation for my contribution – and to me that is a true heritage to someone who seeks to merge across the ethnic gap through common need.


As for Skandakumar’s message – to my mind, it is the parallel of Buddhist clergy advising Muslims.  The Truth through which I identify with in this instance is my investment in my Accounting elders at M/s Satchithananda SchokmanWijeratne & CO, Chartered Accountants where Skandakumar’s brother Sivakumar was my colleague. There both of us were calves without royal bells.

 To be included in my training service is the lesson to Management staff to respond like British Parliamentarians – by a return acknowledgment. To the believer, the recipient is the Position that the other relative holds. The position is passive. Hence the importance of Institutional structures where individuals in high positions become unreliable. 



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