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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

07 December  2020





On 03 December I felt the essence of the problem of loved ones of Mahara Prison inmates and wrote under the heading ‘Coronavirus  & Presidential Pardons’

On the same day Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam raised the issue of those imprisoned near Nanthi Kadal. Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam was interrupted by many, including Mr Sarath Weerasekera about whom Wikipedia reports as follows:

[In March 2019 at UNHRC, when the UK alleged violations of HR in Sri Lanka, Admiral Weerasekera, in his speech said, that before the UK tried to teach Sri Lankans about HR, they should tender a public apology to Sri Lankans for the atrocities they committed in 1818 and return all the Ola leaf books looted from Sri Lanka. He harnessed all the Nationalistic organizations in the country as the convener against the government's activities detrimental to the nation. He is the convener of the National War Heroes Front. He is a pioneer member of Viyathmaga and Eliya organisations inaugurated by Gotabhaya Rajapaksha. Out of the 225, he was the only Parliamentarian who opposed to the controversial 19th amendment in the parliament. He was the only parliamentarian who opposed to the National Anthem being sung in Tamil in parliament proving that it is a violation of the constitution.]

Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam stated also that what happened to Tamils then is happening to Muslims now and that it would eventually happen to Sinhalese who oppose this government. I have stated that as per my understanding of the laws of karma. One who goes into virtual reality mode in one issue would find the karmic connection in another. This is why Truth / Belief is recognized as a Universal Power. Mr Weerasekera , a former Navy leader, obviously fails to make the connection between the Experience of the Victims of war and the free manifestation of Truth of the armed forces, now that there is no Tamil Opposition to block their freedom early. The Mahara prison manifestation is exponential power of the British karma as well as the Tamil civilian karma that remains unsettled until now.

Closure is needed so there would be no rebirth. Mahara prison tragedy was invoked by Coronavirus which is seriously damaging China’s Belt & Road ambitions. As per my mind – the virus is exponential due to the karmic power of Silk Road being considered for current benefits.

Sunday Times Editorial  headed ‘Mahara prison catastrophe: Credible probe essential’ reports about Mr Weerasekera as follows:

[The newly appointed Minister of Public Security, retired Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekera told the Sunday Times, “A team of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) detectives are now carrying out two separate investigations. One is to ascertain who instigated the attack and whether it was part of a move to sabotage the work of the government. The other is how a stock of pills, used on mental patients, came to be stored in the Mahara prison hospital.” The Public Security Minister also claimed that no prisoner died due to the shooting. They were shot on their hands and feet. Postmortems, he said, had revealed that they died due to clashes among themselves. The pills, he claimed, were so strong that the inmates were roused to draw blood of other inmates.]


Whether the prisoners clashed between themselves or were attacked by officials, the government is responsible – just as it was for the war deaths.

My attention was drawn by a caring Diaspora leader, to Ruki Fernando’s article headed ‘Families Demand to Know Fate of Relatives in Mahara Prison’. Ruki shares with us feelings as follows:

[The desperate appeals of the families of Mahara inmates made me recall the pleas of families of enforced disappearances across Sri Lanka including the Tamil families who had been at roadside protests for years asking to know fate of their loved ones. In each instance, families are seeking the most basic information. What has happened to my loved one who was in your care and custody? Are they safe and cared for, and if harm has been done to them, who is responsible? Who do we turn to for answers?]

Those driven by current benefits through the unregulated  pathway are bound to stop short of the destination of Truth.  Had Sinhalese political leaders cared about the victims instead of celebrating ‘victory’  over  its own citizens, they would have had the experience of ‘natural closure’. When they are invoke ingratitude to the British, they lose the value of Law & Order that the British strongly contributed to in Sri Lanka and the British laws we inherited. Just changing the language of those laws does not make them Sinhalese or Tamil. They need to be inherited for them to work naturally. If even one believer invokes that heritage – it would become the opposition of those who have disrespected that heritage. That opposition becomes exponential due to the karmic forces which protect them from ‘foreigners’ on Time and/or place basis.

This is the sad return to the folks of Mahara  70% of whom – according to Sunday Times - voted for the current government in the 2020 Elections.  Whatever happens to prisoners outside their sovereign rights, has direct effect on the place where the prison is situated.

One does not need a Commission of Inquiry to know this. One needs conscience to identify with the root cause.



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