Friday 30 September 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
30  September   2016


Our coordinator from Thunaivi in Vaddukoddai District (Northern Sri Lanka) asked me whether to use the following in the  title ‘Presented by Thunaivi Mother Kali Drama Association’?  I said given that there was no such group – officially registered – it would be wrong and provided the following title:

Folk Dance-Drama
Kaathavarayan who fought and won the hand of Princess Ariyamala in Marriage
Presented on 20 September 2016
With the Blessings of
Thunaivi Sangarathai 
Mother Kali - Lord Vairavar

The revelation by our Coordinator whose home-village is Thunaivi is significant in working out ways to prevent the folks of Thunaivi becoming active part of another war. Both – President Sirisena and Chief Minister Wigneswaran demonstrated the parallel attitude of our coordinator in Thunaivi. They were all showing Separatism. Members of our family -  as the founders and managers of the above mentioned  Temple call it Vairavar Temple of Sangarathai. The local folks call it Kali Temple. They are from Tunaivi as well as Sangarathai. The former are of Toddy Tapper ancestry and the latter are of Farmer ancestry. The Commonness is in their attitude of Separation from each other.  My origin is also Farmer caste but due to my current mind-structure through common Institution that the temple is – I am able to use that diversity for the purposes of Affirmative action. This prevents reverse discrimination against the Farmer caste in areas where by physical proximity/possession – the Thunaivi folks try to ‘tell me’ rather than ‘ask me’, once they think there is no more immediate benefits to come from me.

In the Daily Mirror Article ‘FAILURE OF THE NPC WOULD SPELL MEDIUM AND LONG-TERM DISASTER’, author Vishwamithra states:

[At the helm of the North and the Centre are two enlightened gentlemen. Two serious politicians, one, Chief Minister Wigneswaran, who sees everything in relation to his defeated people, their crushed dreams and ruined aspirations and hopes, and the other, President Sirisena, whose leg is being pulled by the fringes of the Sinhalese community bent on never conceding what is rightfully due to the Tamils of the land. What policies and programmes could be implemented to uplift the lives of the Tamil generation that is still living in the North and the East?]

To my mind the question that needs to be asked would go as follows:

What policies and programs need to be formulated  to uplift the minds of these two leaders who have become the media for declarations of ethnic powers?

Senior Leaders often become the media of Truth which may be politically wrong and Administratively negative. The Hon John Howard thus became the Natural Medium through which my Truth showed Its ‘other side’. The current Australian Prime Minister on the other hand has become the medium for the Right side of Equal Opportunity policies and values. As quoted by Dr. Laksiri Fernando recently, our Prime Minister stated at the UN :

[Australians are not defined by religion or race, we are defined by political values; a common commitment to democracy, freedom and the rule of law, underpinned and secured by mutual respect.]

I read it for the first time, through Dr. Laksiri Fernando’s article ‘President’s UN Speech: Some Reflections On The Narrative & Emphasis On Buddhism

But I identified with our current Prime Minister through his direct emails to me from time to time. As per that experience – the above are true of Mr. Malcolm Turnbull as a person. Hence he would become the medium for manifestation of Truth confirming Australian Democracy. After responding to Dr. Laksiri Fernando’s article,  I was looking through the internet and was pleasantly surprised to note the following at National Library of Australia:

The source is American. The destination is Australia through India. That to me is the pathway of Truth. I played no visible or intellectual part in this manifestation. But it happened and I feel deep appreciation towards all those who made their own contributions to this manifestation of true democracy. Given that it happened during Mr. Malcolm Turnbull’s time makes me feel that my contribution to improving Australian leadership has been recognized.

We Australians did not get here during one regime. Each group made its contribution. So long as we are facilitated to express our Truth that helps others find their Truth, that place and time of manifestation get purified. This must take precedence over getting the right tick – including at the UN. Truth that promote quick benefits – need to be kept confidential – so the pathway is clean of ‘blocks’ that spoil the higher experience. Sri Lanka being Buddhist country is such a True thought of the Sri Lankan President,  that ought to have been kept confidential at UN level. The UN did not take action to discipline the Sri Lankan President. Hence Truth took-over the responsibility to protect the true investment by all of us in Sri Lankan Democracy. Mr. Wigneswaran gave form to it at victims’ level. Unlike the President of Sri Lanka, the Tamil Chief Minister was well within his local borders. Belief shared with fellow believers – finds its way to spread Itself and empower all believers from their respective souls. 

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