Tuesday 6 September 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
06 September   2016

Plundering the  Commonwealth

There is a saying in Tamil that  ‘the karma of abuse of Temple wealth is curse on family heritage.’  Most of us think as per our cultural order. Intellectual discrimination when active, overrides this. But very few of us attribute credit to the Natural structure of our brain and those of others who are in our Common group. Credits taken and/or accepted by us in place of the Creator need to be applied towards Common purposes. When one takes personal credit for that which has become common – even in one’s own mind - eventually such welfare credits lead to dismantling of the Common system that the abusers invested in and rely on.  Separation of Family and Public life is essential where the person is strongly influenced by majority power rather than discriminative analyses using Common Principles and Values. To my mind, this is the fundamental reason why we have the Doctrine of Separation of Powers between the Judiciary and the Executive. The latter in democracy has to often use the lowest common interpretation of the law to effectively manage the electorate by topping up with Truth experienced at that place. Such Truth is often intuitive motivating force.

The parallel of Doctrine of Separation of Powers between the Judiciary and the Executive – in a multicultural society – is Equal Opportunity principle. Where the cultural thought order of two groups is more diverse than is common – the principles of Equal Opportunity apply automatically. They cannot be judged through the same measure. If one is judged by overriding this natural law – the other also is automatically bound by that measure. If custodians of secular authority fail – the laws of Natural Justice takeover – where at least one member the other side has maintained this Natural Order of Justice.  This to my mind is why Gandhi said that we must leave punishment to the Lord:

‘Where there's injustice, I always believed in fighting. The question is, do you fight to change things or to punish? For myself, I've found we're all such sinners, we should leave punishment to God.’ - Gandhi

Gandhi used Truth beyond the point the rulers’ law worked for the Common Indian. Hence Natural forces manifested themselves – including through the British minds – to support Gandhi.

We are learning more and more about the low level at which the common law was practiced by the Sri Lankan Government. Hence we need to use Truth beyond that level and this includes punishing the opposition – be it the Government or the Tamil Community. The LTTE was labeled a terrorist organization through the cultural  thought-order of the Sinhalese majority in Sri Lankan Government. That very same measure is naturally the common-measure that applies to all those who are in the Government’s group. This group is the group that enjoys the benefits of such actions. If this was done in the name of  Democracy – then the returns happen in one lifetime where at least one victim is driven by Truth or has practiced the Democratic order more than the Government . Using that measure through which the LTTE was judged – and taking the Higher UN authorities as the Common Government – UN now has the Responsibility to judge the Sri Lankan Government through the same measures. It does not have the privilege of sitting back until the Government’s opposition influences the UN to use that very same measure on the Government of Sri Lanka whose standards have proven to be close to the LTTE’s. Immediate action is needed to proscribe those who actively used the Terrorism measure on a part of the Tamil Community which obviously affects the Common status of the Tamil Community – especially the Sri Lankan Tamil Community.

In terms of Truth, it was painful to learn of the allegations that the family member of  the former President of Sri Lanka – abused Commonwealth of Kathirgamam – Sunday Leader article ‘Over 9.5 Kg Gold Missing From Kataragama shrine’ refers.

 The parallel shrine for Lord Muruga in Northern Sri Lanka is Nallur Murugan temple. If there is good reason for the  allegations they confirm that North is more orderly in managing Commonwealth than is Southern Sri Lanka. Yet – the UN ruling of LTTE does not match this. The consolidated Truth of all those to whom Northern Sri Lanka is Home – protects them from indulging in such abuse.  Northerners may not always act as per the law – but relatively speaking – we are more orderly.

If the immediate past President had consciously used merit basis – many of his family members would not have been in power. Madam Kumaratunga – also a former President claims that the Sinhala only policy was due to her father wanting to disconnect with Colonial Power. That may be clever but not good. When one is clever and earns high status from society – that status needs to be shared with all those in whose name such status is enjoyed. That is when goodness develops. Where one is not able to share – one needs to draw the line of Separation.

In Ramayana when Rama was in exile – one day  Lady Seetha saw and desired a golden deer. Lord Rama went after the deer . Soon Lady Seetha and Rama’s brother Lakshmanan heard the voice of Rama crying out for the help. Lady Seetha insisted on Lakshmanan going to save Rama. Lakshmanan then drew a line of Separation between the compound of their cottage and the wider land. Lakshmanan insisted that Lady Seetha not step beyond that line. After Lakshmanan left,  the king of Lanka – Ravanan appeared in disguise and asked for alms. When Lady Seetha stepped outside that Lakshmanan line of separation – the Lady was in Ravana territory and that was how Ravana kidnapped Lady Seetha. That line of separation was also culture based – between Higher Divine group known as Thevar and those driven by physical power – known as Asurar. Rama was Clever and Good. Ravana was Clever and Selfish. Hence the need for the cultural line of Separation. Where we are seen to be of the same culture – but our order of thought is different – we need to take the opposite position so as not to get influenced by majority force.

Those to whom Kathirgamam is sacred have the power to invoke Natural  punishing forces  against abusers. Southerners who believe in Kathirgamam need to stay within their boundaries to be protected from Ravana forces especially when they appear in Government clothing as Asuran Marichan did in the form of the golden deer to facilitate the kidnapping. If the immediate past  President had actually learnt the cultural order of Tamils he would have had greater strength to separate his family from his public life. That would have protected them also from global powers capable of demoting Sinhalese who have disenfranchised themselves due to enforcing powers beyond their cultural borders. To my mind Sri Lankan Airlines with Peacock as its logo is also the parallel of Kathirgamam. (Lord Murugan’s vehicle is the Peacock). Most Sri Lankan presidents pay their respects at Kathirgamam. They thus pray also to the Spirit of Air Lanka/Sri Lankan Airlines where the family of former President Mr. Rajapaksa is known to have damaged the merit order of thought.

To the extent the Tamil community leaders included the LTTE as part of their group – independent members of that community have the power to invoke such Natural punishments. No foreign judge – however clever s/he may be would be able to educate the Sri Lankan public through judgments derived through  laws that have become largely irrelevant to the victims of war. Those driven by Truth would continue to invoke natural punishments which are never excessive and they would not punish those who have already learnt their lessons and have accepted their lower positions in society as per their Truth. Every time the former President  becomes active in politics – as if he is Equal to the current President – he would invoke also the punishing forces of Nature/Truth. The latest of this is the allegations of Commonwealth of Kathirgamam. This confirms that the LTTE continues to be used to punish Hindus  who are largely Tamils. The excess is returning through Natural pathways to expose the low mind-order of those who elect Government to suit their convenience and not for the Common Good. 

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