Saturday 10 September 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
10 September   2016

Knowing our Opposition

They say that opposites attract. As per nature – Opposition at surface level is needed for creation. Nathan our business neighbor lamented about a relative who was critical of him; He said that the lady was revealing that she had the weaknesses that she was accusing him of. There is value in that. Where two groups have similar weaknesses they reject each other. If They stayed together – they would soon forget whose weakness influenced negative manifestations. They thus lose their creativity by allowing the weakness to develop naturally. When there are firm borders of separation they prevent such natural infections and therefore loss of creativity. When one takes opposition position – they do not see each other’s internal workings but only through the independent outputs. This makes them attractive to each other because the other has what one does not have.

 If one has weakness and the other has strength – they naturally attract each other when they are in Natural mode. We all carry the Energy fields of our Truth. When they work Naturally – we are not conscious that they are working. Nathan and the lady who found fault with him isolated themselves from their inherited parts of society due to similar weaknesses. Hence they repel each other. Relativity promotes vertical growth and Unitary Governance. Towards this there can be only One head. When both sides feel free and they show their own outcomes independently – they are Equals or foreigners. When they are Equals – they are the opposition of each other. Where there is no emotional or feelings-based involvement – we are outsiders. We then assess purely as per outcomes produced and do so for our own purposes. Nathan said that he had submitted his problems to the Lord and that the Lord would ‘show’ the punishment to the other side. I said - then that lady was still internal in Opposition position and not foreigner. It’s when we do not react emotionally or respond through our feelings that we become foreigners. It’s important that we categorize ourselves accordingly – so that we do not use a foreign outcome for local purposes or v.v. I said to Nathan if he really did not care – then he would not react emotionally but would know that the Lord has delivered for him. That would confirm that the Lord has delivered for the other side also.

As per the Colombo Gazette report  ‘Sri Lanka failed to address the causes of the conflict’:

[Sri Lanka failed to address the causes of the conflict in a manner that would guarantee durable peace, meaningful reconciliation and non-recurrence, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera said.
He said that divisions in society were becoming deeper along religious and ethnic lines, freedom of speech and expression were curtailed, and fear and intimidation pervaded society.
“Our nation which had been a prominent and respected member of the international community since Independence, including in the United Nations, abandoned her natural foreign policy of engagement, and chose instead, to follow a policy of antagonising traditional friends and partners, and isolated itself from the world community,” he said, speaking at the International Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES) in Slovenia.

The isolation did not happen overnight. Tamil and Sinhalese politicians who had similar weaknesses – repelled each other once they lost positive leadership. This was followed by Tamil rebels and Sinhalese in official positions who rebelled against former Governments / elders -  living together without separation and therefore repelling each other through their similar weaknesses. With premature ‘freedom’ of expression – we lose vertical growth.

When we lose connection with the leader – and do not produce independent outcomes – which may be taken by others or not even noticed by others we isolate ourselves. An Equal and Opposite force is important to prevent such isolation – especially where the risk of premature freedom is high. To the extent the Government of Sri Lanka fails to recognize this natural verdict of  the People – that Tamils are the Equal Opposition to Government – the rebels who enjoy early freedom within Government  would keep forming Natural coalitions with Tamils on the other side – as the Rajapaksa Government did in 2005. Likewise the UN with the Sri Lankan Government during the war including in 2009 .

Confirming the increase in ethnic divisions, the Minister confirmed that the Government has failed to promote activities leading to Higher level of Commonness. Where a relationship is broken – the minds tend to fill themselves with rights for themselves and wrongs for the other side. When the relationship is completed – the Truth discovered is taken naturally to the next higher and/or wider level. We need to identify with the Truth of the other side – and complete the relationship so as not to waste our past.

Identifying with the other’s Rights and Wrongs  can be done through common measures used intellectually. Those driven by emotions – and express themselves in that mode – need Common belief to know the other side. Where there is lack of Common belief – the group is assured of internal divisions due to breached relationships. The breach of relationship between the current and immediate past Presidents – is the reason why the party is now showing separations. Had they completed the relationship through their Truth – they would have remained attractive to each other as Government and Opposition. A big part of the reason is the excessive blame on the other side when one had those weaknesses still uncured. Terrorism label pasted on the Tamil Community – hurting even one Tamil who feels Sri Lankan will come back to the person who used the law as a foreigner to that law as applicable in Sri Lanka. One who became a victim has the first authority to express why something happened. That right is not for  the perpetrator who used Policies excessively – beyond her/his real need. Tamils have the first right to give form to the reason why the war happened. When this is accepted by the Government – the healing would have started happening. Whatever was said by Mr. Ban Ki Moon would then be taken as an intellectual outcome of a foreigner. When we start recognizing foreigners more than family – we confirm being driven by outcomes rather than inner order. Hence the excessive deaths through effective breaches of global laws of Equal Opportunity and Separation by recognizing the other’s Sovereignty.

One of the main reasons why we publish our work is this attraction between writer and reader – which consolidates powers beyond the seen and the heard. We know it intuitively and yet fail to stay within our respective borders to remain attractive to each other or to feel gratitude and merge with the higher power and remain One without separate forms. The Minister has confirmed that in reality – Sri Lanka is Separated. If we are facilitated to become each other’s Opposition – we would be more creative. Neither side has a clear leader for Unitary state structure. Nature confirmed this through TNA becoming the leading Opposition in Parliament. THAT Truth needs to be practiced for Sri Lanka to enjoy inner Peace. 

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