Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
07 September   2016

Sri Lankan Buddhism for Australia?

I took the 786 bus from Thunaivi to Sangarathai junction – here in Sri Lanka’s North. There I waited for the 789 bus that  goes past our training center at Vaddukoddai junction. While waiting I started chatting to Moorthi Annai who as per my understanding is part of our extended family and who has a small shop at Sangarathai junction. The common topic amongst that age group these days tends to be ailments and blaming  past karma for their woes. Moorthi Annai lamented that I must be spending much money to come all the way from Australia to participate in the Testamentary matter which is now before the Jaffna Judiciary. I said I did not have to come but I did  because it was better that way for our family and  for Vaddukoddai. I said the place where Truth is upheld towards Commonwealth – was sacred.

Moorthi Annai said that he was the classmate of Mahadevan – my husband’s brother in law and said that Mahadevan was now getting weaker and weaker in health – to the extent he was bringing food from the outside – all the way from Sithangkerni. Moothi Annai himself gets his food from a home-maker close to his residence. His wife is suffering from kidney problems and does not cook any more.  If taste did not matter – the obvious source for Mahadevans also ought to be Vaddukoddai.  Mr. Mahadevan is also  the Petitioner in the testamentary matter regarding his wife’s brother – Subramaniam Yoganathan’s Intestate Estate in which he is seeking Certificates of Heirship without Administration. The certificates are towards Equal Distribution. I recalled  that  Brother Yoganathan himself was taking all three meals from a home close to the family residence in Vaddukoddai. As per the system of Truth –  Yoganathan was no longer close family to his sister living in the home of  his Father Mr. Nallathamby Subramaniam. In terms of food itself – Mahadevan shows  different value-order  to Yoganathan. Brother Yoganathan was a Bachelor. His Brother in law Mahadevan married with a dowry and has a son – Sritharan whom we sponsored to migrate to Australia on the basis that he was family. If therefore Mahadevan who received dowry and is living in that dowry home – gets also a share in the Commonwealth of the Subramaniam family – from a son of Subramaniam – be it Yoganathan or my husband Subramaniam Paramasivam that disturbs the order of justice. Where there is a relationship – the rules of the relationship need to be consistently followed or the relationship needs to be in common with terminated so each side would join the group with similar mind-order as theirs. Mr. Mahadevan’s is Common Law and is not specific to Northern Sri Lanka using Thesawalamai. The Hon C.V. Wigneswaran – former senior member of the Judiciary and currently the Chief Minister of Northern Sri Lanka – needs to take note of this mind-order of Mr. Mahadevan of Vaddukoddai – the Home of Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 which was hijacked by the LTTE – Tamil Tigers and hence the war. This kind of order changes to suit the convenience of the individual – leads to losing connection with our roots to that place. The Rajapaksa family benefited from the name of Democracy but actively practiced Autocracy in the extreme and hence their current problems. If they are not disciplined by fellow Sri Lankans – but keep blaming others – their own mind-order would be disturbed and this is inherited by the positions held by them.

In our Vaddukoddai family matter  Mahadevan’s family as well as the other sister of my husband Mrs. Sabanathan’s family – derived benefits using Thesawalamai principles of dowry and did so even after they got married. Every time we helped – they both claimed that they looked after their brothers after their mother passed away and hence made it as compensation for those alleged services. This prevented them and more importantly their children from using the pathway of ‘gratitude and thanksgiving’ to complete the experience and be empowered by the consolidated value of both side forces – which would naturally maintain the independence values of their own branches of the family, community and society they seek to be part of.

Exceptionally there are cases where the Truth based outcome is different to the Common Law/ Order. But if such Truth is not known to majority in that place – then publicly the Common Order outcomes need to prevail if there is to be harmony in that place. All those who know the Truth are relatives. All those who uphold that Truth are family. Likewise all those who know the Truth of any part of that Land recognized as Sri Lanka are relatives. Those who uphold that Truth are governors even if they may not hold any official position. The Mahadevan family and the Sabanathan family claimed in Court through their family lawyer – that I was not family. This is a release from their relationship which is much more valuable to me than money. In Australia, I gave up much more than the whole value of this Intestate Estate – to preserve my mind order as per my experienced Truth in Australia. This I now realize is also healthy for Australia especially in terms of threats through minority communities. As per latest reports,  Australian Police are taking seriously the risk of threats to places including  Brunswick in Victoria where our son lives with his family and the suburb whose mayor is of Sri Lankan Tamil origin. Given that neither family reacted at the lower level to take an eye   for an eye – they would be part of Brunswick’s Natural Protecting Forces. No outsider can override that local ‘home force’ at that place. This is the reason why we elect local politicians to represent us in Parliament.

One may blame the Sri Lankan Government for the pain suffered by the folks of Vaddukoddai; or one may blame the LTTE with its head in Valvettithurai. The real solution for Vaddukoddai is in Vaddukoddai itself. The criterion needed for the support of Truth is for the  force of the Common mind order to be greater than the order that produced a manifestation through majority present at that time at that place. Majority vote, like the Balance Sheet  is a snapshot of the mind order at that time at that place by those who have the right to participate and/or those who actually participated. It does not tell us why or how. Like various users of the one  Balance Sheet – majority vote picture would be used or abused by others. Insiders would know how we got there. That is the Profit and Loss Account.

Moorthi Annai said that he did not know this inner Truth about the Testamentary matter. I said  if he were family – then he would have known. If he did not know then he was not family. I said but he knew the principles of Thesawalamai as they were applicable to Vaddukoddai. I said otherwise he was failing Vaddukoddai for lesser individual reasons. Moorthi Annai said that Mahadevan was good at cooking. I said I knew that – because when I stayed there before Yoganathan passed away – he did the cooking and not his wife. I said but now that Mahadevan was leading the bid to share in the wealth of Yoganathan – who never married and his father Subramaniam who became a widower at young age  - Mahadevan has also inherited the status – effectively that he was without a spouse. Likewise Mrs. Sabanathan who recently lost her husband and whose children left her out of the memorial book of her husband. I said I felt nothing for the difficulties that Moorthi Annai claimed Mahadevan was undergoing. I pointed out that Mahadevan was present in Court during each hearing as was his wife even though she was not cooking for the family. Her duty as per Thesawalamai principles is to cook when her husband went out and earned money and status. If Mahadevan did not draw the line of separation between dowry and his Thediya Thettam/Earned wealth – then a true force at that place will make him a househusband and his wife would start wearing the pants. I said if his son Sritharan had paid his dues by showing respect for my husband and I – instead of pretending that he was owed the sponsorship as a responsibility of the uncle – the he also inherits this mind-order as per which his wife wears the pants. Mrs. Sritharan did – even when she was not going out and earning money.

I said to Moorthi Annai yesterday – that even though I had come to Vaddukoddai – including to be present in Court to work its Natural forces – I had already done most of the cooking for my husband and frozen the food before leaving. Here in Vaddukoddai – I go to the training center practically everyday;  do the cleaning before sales start and also maintain the records. I said I also bake cakes and the sweet popcorn to be sold at the Coffee shop. I cooked most of my meals at our Thunaivi cottage.  I said this was a continuation of my lifestyle which led to earning the credit with Australian system of Equal Opportunity but without losing the specialization through the Traditional Jaffna system. Hence my mind-order was closer to that of Yoganathan who was self-sufficient including in terms of food. He earned money and hence was entitled to buy food when his sister refused him service.

Moorthi Annai eventually said he did not know about Truth and God and that he did not understand why he was suffering. He said that he now thinks that it was due to his oolvinai/negative karma. I said if Moorthi Annai asked his own personal god / truth – he would know that that oolvinai/negative karma was also developed by him and that it did not come from the outside. I said that remorse negates oolvinai/negative karma in virtual reality mode.  I said if he did believe that it was oolvinai/negative karma then he would start making amends and not add to it by endorsing those who converted acts of grace into debts – as his friend Mahadevan had done to me after I shared my Australian & Professional status with him by including him as family.  

I hear from time to time – the observation that the folks of Vaddukoddai are experiencing greater mental disorders relative to others. I now better appreciate the reasons why this is so. Our service here is to provide a common order with post war generation. Towards this  to be based on Truth given global form – so the next generation does not lose connections with those the higher minded Vaddukoddai citizens like Subramaniam’s sons Yoganathan & Paramasivam.

Yesterday, a business neighbor for example picked up a few items from our Opportunity shop and said that they totaled Rs 310/- and that he would pay Rs. 300/-. I said that that was poor business order and given that ours was of service value – there was need for gratitude/appreciation and not cheap bargaining. I insisted on receiving the full price of Rs. 310/-. It would have cost him at least Rs. 3,000/- from the second-hand dealer at Sangarathai junction.

Another guy who is a regular customer sought again to buy cake. He wanted the whole block and instead of asking me to decide on the price – he worked out and paid the money. I said he was getting only half of it – and that too as a concession. The cakes were largely for the students – especially the high school girls who demonstrated through their dress and conduct the lifestyle that that cake represented.

As per the Daily Mirror report – ‘PM on Malaysia: Attackers not Sri Lankans’:

‘Condemning the assault on Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Malaysia Ibrahim Ansar, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said in Parliament today it was Malaysian Tamils of Indian origin responsible for the incident.
Making his remarks in response to a question by Joint Opposition’s Parliamentary group leader Dinesh Gunawardane, the Prime Minister said perpetrators were not Sri Lankans by any means.
He said those persons were members linked to a South India based political party called Naam Thamilar. He said that this party, lobbied internationally to refer Sri Lanka to an international war crimes tribunal.’

Had the then Government of Sri Lanka headed by a relative of the current Prime Minister – accepted the outcomes strongly influenced by  Natural Forces which made Tamils the Equal Opposition in National Parliament in 1977 – Indians would not have taken over the abandoned Sri Lankan value as theirs. ‘Naam Thamilar’ is an example of hijackings when home-folks reject true contributions but rather panic and make changes to the Constitution to suit their desires. Constitutional changes happened in 1978 and is likely to happen again unless the Tamil Community is expressly recognized as being of Equal status to the Sinhalese Community. Other minority communities have rights as per law. Tamils have Entitlements due to their higher contribution in action and deeper sacrifices by remaining non-violent – mentally as well as physically – despite the LTTE and other similar groups amongst us.

The President of Sri Lanka claimed that only Buddhism could heal. The question is whether it is Sri Lankan Buddhism or Australian Buddhism? As per the Daily Mirror report ‘Family-of-engineers-seeks-solace-in-Dhamma’ :

[Edirisinghe Mudiyanselage Ariyarathne Edirisinghe, born in Kuliyapitiya, met Anuruddhika Wijesundera, hailing from Matale at the Peradeniya University Engineering Faculty. They fell in love and married in 1998.  
They, together with their children Tharindu Dilshan Bandara Edirisinghe, Tharuka Sachinthana Bandara Edirisinghe and Dinuka Sithumini Bandara Edirisinghe, migrated to Australia in 2009 after having obtained employment as Engineers. ….
While in Australia, Ariyarathne and his three children received Australian citizenship. Anuruddhika, his wife, did not. The family frequently visited Sri Lanka and attended the Bana preachings of the Gampaha, Kirindiwela Kannimahara Veluvanaramadhipathi Ven. Wathurugama Nandasiri Thera. Impressed with the eloquent discourses of the Ven. Monk, the family returned to Australia, having decided to enter the Sasanaya as Bhikkus and Bhikkunis.  
With this goal in mind, they arrived in Sri Lanka and visited Kalutara on January 8, 2015. The couple, together with their three children paid a visit to the Kalutara temple. On February 7, 2015, Ariyarathne Edirisinghe was ordained as Gampaha Ariyarathne, his eldest son Tharindu Dilshan as Gampaha Seelawansa and his second son Tharuka Sachinthana as Gampaha Sumanawansa.  
On 10 March, 2015, Anuruddhika was ordained as Gampaha Sumithra and her daughter Dinuka Sithumini as Gampaha Khemavisuddini. Thereafter, Gampaha Ariyarathne Thera remained at the temple where he was ordained, while the two novice monks took abode at a temple in Kurunegala.  
The two Bhikkunis took up abode at the Nevgala Galigamuwa Bhikkuni Aramaya.  
Four members of the family were scheduled to travel to Australia for a two-month programme on Meditation. Gampaha Ariyarathne Thera would remain behind at his temple.  
Prior to their departure to Australia, Ven. Bhikkuni Sumithra said their decision to join the Sasanaya was not due to their having become disillusioned with worldly pleasures; but that their participation in the teachings of Lord Buddha as gathered from the several discourses of Ven. Wathurugama Nandasiri Thera had motivated them to take this decision.  While in Australia, they had pondered over this idea and had decided to enter the Sasanaya together. One and a half years has passed since they began their new way of life as novice monks but they are happy and content, despite giving up their previous occupation. Their main aim now is to walk together along the same path in search of Nirvana

The question is why these Buddhist monks are travelling to Australia if there is a greater need for spiritual healing here in Sri Lanka than in Australia? They are abusing Buddhism by taking the investments by Sri Lankans to benefit Australians. Over to those who claim that Tamils seeking refuge in Australia are economic refugees and not war refugees. Australian authorities need to ban such citizens who dilute the contribution by genuine Australian migrants. This kind of double dipping causes mental disorder and not healing. Likewise ‘Buddhism foremost’ and ‘Ruling Entitlement by Majority vote’ laws  in the same  Constitution. When Sri Lankan Buddhist Politicians go to Indian Hindu temples, they automatically open the right of way for Indian Tamils to use entitlements developed by Sri Lankan Tamils. Hence it matters not that Malaysian Tamils attacked the Muslim High Commissioner in Malaysia. Tamils as well as Muslims have become Common forces due to denial of Equal Opportunity in their home countries through abuse of secular laws. Had the current leadership been wise – they would have sent a Tamil as High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to Malaysia and other areas where Tamil activism is known to be high and is beyond the control of the Government of those countries which are often themselves driven by religious order  rather than by Common Law Order.

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