Sunday 18 September 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
18  September   2016

Mother Power of Minorities

I was at the Computer and suddenly noticed the burning smell from Rani’s kitchen. I am staying at Rani’s home in Colombo even though Rani is away in London. That is Rani – the caring hostess. I do not cook but eat out most of the time – which I am very happy about. After lunch yesterday – I thought of some tea and put the water to boil. I then forgot about it and did the unusual – of walking out of the kitchen while the kettle was on the gas-stove. I forgot about the tea and hence that the stove was still on. My habitual mind-order that the kettle would automatically switch off must have taken over due to my failure to pay particular attention to the different mode of boiling water. I kept kicking myself many times for this disorderly conduct. Using the electric kettle to boil water is program based for me while using the gas-stove is project. The two would not merge naturally. I therefore needed greater focus on boiling the water in Rani’s kitchen which is Rani’s home kitchen but not mine. To my mind, there were two reasons as to why the burning happened. One is that I walked out to do something more interesting and the second is that I did not really need the tea. Hence my mind also was not in the kitchen. The mind of heritage value would have called me back on time. I keep kicking myself mentally so the preventive forces in Rani’s loving home would be made stronger. If I ‘excused’ myself I would add ‘carelessness’ to the mind of Rani’s home in addition to taking such carelessness with me. I believe that such self-discipline through internal kicking - is a main reason why I was protected even in war areas whilst many others got exposed to the dangerous mind orders of those environments. No home environment is dangerous. If war is a program to Sri Lankans then that becomes their home-environment.

The Sri Lankan war happened due to various reasons. It was not due to a single force that manifested on project basis. We give it our own reasons and all those reasons to the extent they are belief based - would naturally merge to form the true picture. The problem is not with those who express their belief but rather those who express policy as if war is a program through which benefits are allocated.

As per the Daily News article ‘NEW CONSTITUTION :SOLUTION TO NATIONAL QUESTION: Sampanthan Sees viable political resolution through Constitutional reforms’:

[Sampanthan was addressing the representatives of the organisation “Women in Good Governance” in Trincomalee.
Continuing on the same issue Sampanthan said “the new Constitution should guarantee justice, peace and prosperity for all citizens of the country regardless of their ethnic, religious or social differences.”
He observed that the Tamil National Alliance was supporting the process with the main aim of finding a lasting solution to the issues faced by the Tamil people.
Sampanthan also stressed that Tamils will not take up arms in the future to win their rights but added that if the current process fails then it may deal a massive blow to achieving lasting reconciliation.]

Tamil youth  who did take up arms did not seek the permission of Political leaders to do so; nor were the Political leaders able to bring them back to the ‘program’ of Equal Opportunity in a Multicultural society. It’s interesting that the above was stated in a Women’s forum. How many women has TNA identified as being Good Governors – not only through Politics but various aspects of Tamil life? It’s only when TNA kicks itself for not being more focused on women leadership that it would have the natural mind-order needed as Equal Opposition at National level.

The lesson is within Thesawalamai itself. The Dowry system is Equal Opportunity Policy due to specialization. The dowry system was abused by lesser minds driven by desire but to the extent we wronged the policy to uphold Truth – we contribute to new Policy for the next generation/s. Until then the existing policy must remain – even if it does not make sense. The mind order happens through regular living. One needs special focus through intellectual discrimination to override this by elimination or restructure. In  Democracy – majority vote-takers decide on policy. The duty of the minority is to share its Truth in that issue and not add to policy as if it were alternate policy-maker. Man and Woman are each other’s opposition in a democratic family. When one talks policy the other must express Truth experienced by practicing  previous policy.

In an autocratic system – the two side functions need to be special – so one would not think s/he could do the other’s job. Hence they needed the separation from each other. Dowry was part of that system that recognized the work of women that was less visible than man’s work. Dowry was given to show the Equal valuation of the daughter – so that the daughter who would soon be mother would not lack self-confidence due to others’ lower estimate of her family value. That dowry confirms the less visible contribution that the daughter made to the family to strengthen it from within. When it becomes invisible – it is of heritage value. Likewise, minorities  – using their Truth to show the other side of Policy. When this is done – the system of Democracy itself would join forces with those minorities. TNA needs to seek and find women who have demonstrated this heritage value. That’s when they would fill their place as Leading Opposition in National Parliament.

Every completed experience / relationship – naturally restructures our mind-order. Truth helps us complete the experience as if we are both sides of the policy. Once completed that mind is of heritage value. Tamil areas of Sri Lanka where minorities – including due to gender and caste - experienced pain and loss due to majority force in their home areas – carry this mind of minorities as heritage. Mothers who could not stop their sons from joining their armed forces – and/or prevent other mothers’ sons from enforced recruitment, but were always there for their sons to come home to carry this value. Each time mothers and sisters cry for their lost sons – they curse also those who recruited their children through influence and/or by force.

As for the blows to ‘lasting reconciliation’ – the question is whether the TNA is proposing the same policy as the Government or whether it is talking about Reconciliation between the values of Tamil side through its own policies and the values allocated by the Government or whether it is expressing its Truth which needs no reconciliation.

Those to whom LTTE are Terrorists – even after ‘declaration of victory/closure of war’ -  the Lankan war is a program in their mind. Those to whom the war was a ‘project’ would add the net value to their ongoing programs – such as Equal Opportunity & Education for Life.  Recently a young guy of Vaddukoddai origin said that they learnt in the training session at their workplace that when something goes wrong one could conclude that it was because of the visible part that got damaged and replace it or go further and inquire into why that part got damaged and keep going deeper and deeper to know the Truth of that part until one  becomes that part. I acknowledged that that was the pathway to finding the root-cause. The root-cause is the combined Truth of all contributors to that place or to that time. Where there is Equal opposition – it is place based and where the powers present are unequal and relative – with a big gap between the highest and the lowest – it is time based by the higher side. With LTTE – the war was place based. Without LTTE any manifestation is the sole responsibility of Sinhalese who have the power to form government through majority vote. That was pre-LTTE civil riots which current governments seem to have eliminated from their minds.

TNA becoming the leading Opposition in Parliament confirms the heritage value of Tamils which are beyond the control of current custodians of power. Every Tamil who fought for independence by remaining within the boundaries of minority position – and did so genuinely – accumulated this heritage power which comes to the aid of those who value their elders. When current occupants of a position fail to receive our contributions – God / Nature /  Truth – receives them and keeps the Energy invisible but developing naturally – to manifest at the right time at the right place.

Those of us of Sri Lankan origin – who uphold the Sovereignty of  Sri Lanka, genuinely paying tribute to our Sri Lankan elders – including those of British, Dutch and Portuguese origins – would invoke those powers in support of our contribution. This may not be acknowledged by the current custodians of power but it would work the system from within – as Shakthi/Energy – commonly known as Mother Power.

The question Tamils need to ask is whether they really need Tea / Equal status at a time when Jaffna is challenged  by reverse autocracy – often mistaken as democracy. TNA has the responsibility to write its own discoveries about itself in the ledgers of Sri Lanka – whose real powers combined to promote Tamils to Equal position at National level. This happened when Sinhalese kicked themselves. The more we write our Truth – the stronger the root of Equal Opportunity for Tamils in Sri Lanka. There is no greater call on us than to write our own Truth. Tamil women of older generation have to first kick themselves for failing to exercise their powers as seniors over their children. Daughters who chose to earn a living by going outside – need to kick themselves for failing to denounce LTTE which did not reflect Equal leadership at the top. This was my discovery through my direct experience at Vanni in 2003 by being part of Vanni. Until we demonstrate gender based equality in our leadership structure – we need to preserve and stay within the boundaries of minority including at National level when presenting policy. Now that we know that Natural forces of Democracy are with us – we must manifest our Truth – that we failed  to practice gender-based Equality but used women to suit our own selfish purposes – often due to the women failing to take their internal positions of responsibility as per the common family Truth. 

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