Sunday 4 September 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
04 September   2016

UN is finally Connecting with Sri Lankan Truth

 I washed the two shirts for the opportunity-shop we manage at Vaddukoddai junction, in Sri Lanka’s North. They were hand-washed as is the case with all our clothes here. I could buy a washing machine but then the folks here would not feel the relativity. They would excuse themselves as needing rest more than I. Many youth and women here enjoy more idle/rest time than I do. I believe also that the value of the shirts is in the hard-work of the donors to which I have added mine in terms of money, status and common policy.  Economic value alone makes it a project – standing alone at that time and at that place. When we take the Human values and the higher Common Policy values – the economic value of the item is last on the line of hierarchy. The value of the shirt is now higher due to my shared  feelings for the original designers and makers. That makes it a global program. An activity that includes time and/or place beyond the current is tending towards program. A time based program is hierarchical in structure – due to time being an invisible but known component. A place based program is lateral due to the diverse outcomes being visible at the same time. Hence the need for Equality to produce the other side with confidence. One that includes both – time and place beyond current borders - is program of Absolute value. Voluntary services tend to be high in this value.

As per Government news report under the heading - ‘The debt burden is felt by the North’  Minister Ranatunga has stated:
 “When developing the country, the country won’t be separated stating it’s the South. We hope to develop the country as a whole. North, South, East, and West equally. The problem we had in the recent past was money. We became a nation with debt. This affects those who are in the East, West, and South and also to those who are in the North. But we have increased the development in North East rapidly. The coastal passenger transportation service project, which we begin today in Jaffna, is one of these development steps. Under this, we hope to improve and develop the living conditions of the inhabitants who live in the North Islands.

The main criterion that led to Mr. Ranatunga becoming Minister is his status as cricketer of global standards. Did he then play cricket in  North and East – at the same level he did in South and West? The current role needs to continue from the old. Otherwise it must be clearly treated as a stand-alone project and not indiscriminately mixed with programs – especially those relating to the ethnic conflict that has been a program in Sri Lanka.

In Southern India – well-known musicians usually carry the name of their place of origin as part of their name. Seerhali Govindarajan comes to mind first. Seerhali is the name of the place of origin of musical genius Mr. Govindarajan.  It’s like saying Jaffna/Yarl/Eelam  Gajalakshmi. When we value the heritage – our mind order includes their real values. Then our performance becomes program where economic values become least of our concerns.

War development work needs to be a program that carries the name of the place of its origin – i.e. – Jaffna/Yarl/Eelam . That’s when the minds get healed in protected environment. Jaffna needs not only healing but the protection of  the  healed Jaffna-mind that has included the physical fighters as part of the Jaffna Community. Those who name them as Terrorists – are outsiders. Outsiders have to be driven by Objectively measurable Common outcomes and use their own mind-order to include the other through ‘outcomes’ and not rely on mind-mergers. Outcome based approach is needed to promote Diversity. Hence – in North & East – the Government is the Opposition of the People due to our internal divisions having become global knowledge.

The recent controversy over Tamil Homeland being listed as place of origin for internal purposes – in Australian census documents is an example of this value. The value shown is different to the value included in the mind of the processors who use census records. A person of Jaffna origin would have a different mind order to a person of Colombo origin – even if they were both Tamils. Most of it is confidential – and needs to remain so – if current merit is more actively used than past heritage. Even if we do not consciously do so – Nature adds the past to us – when we are at that place and our mind carries strong karma in that regard – be it positive or negative. It is for this reason that Hindu Tamils have built into their marriage-culture the matching of  horoscopes when the two side families are not biologically closely related or known to each other and the marriage is arranged by families. Where the couple make their own choice – they use current merit and so long as this is active – the old would not affect their relationship. Places are sacred or ghostly – due to these Energies carried by the Land. When we are passive – they act on their own. To my mind, when I left the University of NSW – after contributing to the establishment of the Democratic pathway in my areas of responsibility – those remaining could not control the genie that was let out of the bottle of Tradition. It was let out when the University that had much ‘idle-capacity’ by using the name of Tradition – sought economic success under the leadership of Americans – a bit like the current Government of Sri Lanka.

The UN Chief’s expressions while in Sri Lanka are reported as follows:

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today said “very hard lessons” were learnt from the “serious mistakes” of the United Nations (UN)  during the final stages of the war in Sri Lanka and that more lives could have been saved had the UN been more actively engaged.’ UN could have saved many more lives in Sri Lanka – Ban Ki-moon -

As per my knowledge - this is the first time the UN Chief has admitted to the shortcomings of the UN and that to me is due to the power of the Land where Truth was manifested. One who is not able to or does not physically and/or mentally contribute to or prevent manifestations – becomes an instrument of Truth. The absolute victims of Sri Lankan war are those who did not physically and/or mentally contribute to either side. When we remember and honor them – we purify our minds and the place where it happens becomes sacred. Through the above confession, the UN Chief has confirmed that he in his own way also has been true to his position.

But the way UN was at that time – it could not have saved pain and loss for the victims any more than it already had. Once Truth cleans UN Mind – especially at the top – then the UN would in future prevent such for those who believe in the UN values. This is the example that leaders need to learn from. In contrast when the two Presidents of Sri Lanka went to the UN – they sang the theoretical ‘we are clever’ song – which translates itself as ‘we are Buddhist superiors’ once they return to home-ground where majority rule influences them to become idlers in Public Administration. One has to be humble to include ancestors and therefore the heritage-minds towards Consolidated value. Then they would meditate and not idle. If they want to show how clever they are – then current work needs to be more active than past memories.

After I offered our premises for the local folk Dance-Drama – a group of young organizers approached me. They started telling me about help from their relatives in Switzerland at the same time they were claiming that they were a backward village. I then  said to them that the pain of one who cries that there was no salt in the soup and the one who cries that there was no sugar in his milk were the same. They are different parts of society due to cultural differences. Hence one cannot be directly related to the other. I said that now by living as part of them but without the status I had earned by donating our land – I knew that the village of Thunaivi has too much salt in its soup and that ‘foreign donors’ who paid the money in return for status within the Diaspora, had too much sugar in their milk.

I learnt my lesson about turning them back to their claim in Chennai – India. Our daughter wanted a snake pendant and I noticed one at one the stalls at Ashta Lankshmi temple. I asked for the price and the young lady in charge said Rs. 14/-. I said that it was Rs. 10/- at the other stall. The young lady promptly said ‘Then go and buy there’.  I smiled and bought the pendant with the chain. I was not so stingy as to bargain over Rs 4/-. But I am particular not to be cheated in places that are my ‘home’. Foreigners – be they buyers or donors – would not experience the other side. Hence it is between themselves and the outcome that are visible to them. This is why the line of separation is needed for producers to show their own outcomes independent of ‘foreigners’ – including cultural foreigners within one country.

When we consider a group to be foreigners – we need to use the visible effects pathway. Hence objectivity needs to lead in democracy. Where we consider the other side to be internal – we connect mind to mind and hence visible outcomes – including deaths – become secondary. Death on its own does not make us victims – except in the eyes of foreigners. The minds of those who died in the common cause – must continue to live with us insiders – so we would value them forever. That is true independence. It is towards this that separation is needed until independent outcomes are produced without being in breach of the law.  If we compensated ourselves through lesser values – we would not carry the minds of those who died in the cause but become foreigners to them through ‘time’. Civilians who died in the war are the first heroes of   Independent Sri Lanka – Independent not only of Colonial Rule but also of enforced Ethnic Rule. If victims fought for money compensation – then that would be like me buying the washing-machine and promoting justification of idle-time by the native women of Thunaivi who lack vision beyond their local boundaries. That was also the problem of UN in terms of Sri Lanka. The seed was sown when the LTTE were listed as global terrorists by UN which is foreigner to Sri Lanka in terms of Equal Opportunity issues. 

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