Saturday 1 October 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
1 October   2016

So, Tamil Tigers are still alive through Sinhalese bodies?

I was working on my article yesterday, when the phone rang. I answered and it was our son advising me that the Good Guys were waiting at the front door to our block of apartments. They were delivering the oven – as arranged by our son. The funding was by my husband. Pradeep our son shared with me the responsibility of seeking and finding the most suitable oven. He shared the responsibility of  supervising the delivery and installation with his Dad – as Pradeep himself had to be present at the funeral of his friend’s father. I registered these details through a corner of my brain and said to Pradeep that if Dad did not respond – to ring on the landline. I said that without any conscious thought of ‘takeover’. But intuitively I did the right thing. My husband was due at work later in the morning and that was the logic I thought I was using when I made the suggestion to ring on the landline. At the time the phone rang – my husband was in the  room furthest away from the phone and hence I answered. When asking him to go over – my voice was a little raised and I felt that my husband was not happy about that. As is his way, he did not say anything but I sensed that he did not like it. I then asked myself ‘why I raised my voice?’. The answer came from within me – that it was to clear the pathway for the deeper owner to welcome the new oven to which was added the heritage of the old oven. In this instance – the oven was coming to me and I had the responsibility to give a respectable funeral for the old and welcome the new. No one else could have better honored the oven in our home than I. I did not ask my husband to pay, nor did I ask our son to select one for us. They both did their parts which they were Naturally good at and did so willingly. The rest had to be under my leadership as I was the best user of the oven that was being replaced after more than 20 years of active use. It was the body of the oven that was being replaced and not the spirit. The value that the oven represented was my cooking – to cater to multicultural tastes; the security and the hygiene. The mind of the oven is the consolidated value of all these qualities that are important to our family. Now I better appreciate the value of Hindu Philosophy – Tat Tvam Asi / Thou Art that. As I am the heart of the kitchen – I was also the Oven. I had the family duty to welcome the oven to preserve this heritage. That is how rebirth works.

In that frame if mind, I read the email headed ‘ Tamils killed by Prabakaran & LTTE – Are Tamils mourning or celebrating these deaths?

The Government celebrated victory over the LTTE. The above question confirms that Prabhakaran continues to live in the mind of the author and those who identify with the author. Ms Shenali Waduge is the author of this article published by Lankaweb.  The person who forwarded the email to me wrote:

[Good methodical research.
 Prabhakaran was a deranged megalomaniac. Wiping out the opposition to Tamil Eelam, Stalinist style, justified the "means" to that "end". It didn't matter whether the ethnicity was Tamil, Sinhala or Muslim. It didn't matter whether religion was Hindu, Christian, Islam or Buddhist.
 For him, the "means" justified the "ends"!  Sometimes, the "means" are cloaked respectably as "liberation movements" and their protagonists as "freedom fighters".  It's like one man's food is another's poison!]

Both of the above – one Australian and the other Sri Lankan,  are disrespecting the Sri Lankan President who recently claimed at the UN that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist country and that members of each religion need to find their solutions through their own pathways. Given that Prabhakaran was Christian of Hindu origin and given that majority victims listed by Ms Waduge  as having been killed by Prabhakaran were Hindus -  this is outside the jurisdiction of Buddhists. By bringing them under their jurisdiction – the author and the commentator have revealed their disrespect for the President and more importantly the Sri Lankan contribution to UN values through this President. If they are not able to follow their own President – how could non-Buddhists  be expected to follow the Sri Lankan President driven by the status of Buddhism?

Ms Waduge asks:

[How can you anyone agree to a separate mono-ethnic enclave  via a new constitution & devolution when clearly all these entities espousing for it have not only been killing Sinhalese, Muslims, foreigners but also killing the very people they say they are fighting for? Does the UNSG, UNHRC head, foreign envoys and all other nosy-parkers understand this! Isn’t it strange that the present TNA leaders together with all elements that have been supporting the LTTE underground are demanding to mourn the dead LTTE instead of mourning the Tamil victims of LTTE terror? Are Tamils actually elated that these Tamils are dead and happy that LTTE killed them?]

In the emotion-driven Sri Lankan war – one is either Sinhalese or Tamil. Likewise one is either Buddhist or some other religion. The immediate past President, Mr. Rajapaksa, was able to bring together the minds of those Sinhalese who were of the same mind-level as the LTTE. The war-crimes threat together with other actions of the then Government confirm, that others could not have defeated the Tamil Tigers. Former Norwegian Development Minister and peace envoy to Sri Lanka, the Hon Erik Solheim is reported to have written/said  as follows about the then President of Sri Lanka:

 ‘Prabhakaran is a military genius. I have seen him in action etc., etc. to which the President had responded: ‘He is from the jungles of the North. I am from the jungles of the South. Let’s see who will win!’ It was very prophetic. Later the President met Minister Solheim in New York and reminded him of their conversation on the ‘military geniuses,’ of the jungles of the North and South, and who would win. The East had by that time, in 2007, been cleared and the President had said: ‘Now see what’s going to happen in the North,[ it will be ]the same.”’

Truth lives in jungles in animal form. Truth lives in heaven as formless Divinity. In the Sri Lankan context, if the former is Lion, the latter is Buddha. Both cannot be honored as leaders at the same place at the one time. This is why the leadership of  SLFP had to divide and separate.

As per the Hindu pathway – the animal and god are both present within the one temple – one in the Altar and the other outside the altar – as the Opposite quality to the Divine quality in the Altar. In a  successful merger - the animal would  be used as vehicle. The Lion is Mother Durga’s vehicle. Mother Durga is the Energy form of Weapons of war. The Lion is the vehicle on which Mother Durga travels. If one is Truth, the other is what happened at the physical level. The mere use of body power –including through majority force – confirms that those who claim victory through such animal powers – are of lower mind-order. When they get into positions of high status – they tend to expect those of higher mind-order to accept their authority and come within the control of the lower mind-order. As per the Durga legend – Divine Powers had to take the form of Mother,  to defeat  Mahishasuran – one with extreme brawn power. The Mother is capable to carrying invisible powers as Energy and hence is known as Shakthi. Relatively speaking father has to ‘show’ status and power and hence the lesser level of invisible powers. When fighting against those of lower mind-order – without damaging the Natural attributes of the species one needs  this invisible divine power. Hence Mother Durga came on the lion to defeat the Mahishasuran.

Sri Lanka is a Land carrying a history of  animal power  in Ruling position. Where the status of  Buddhism is used to describe this animal power – Buddhism is disrespected. Ms Waduge who raises the question about Tamils slain by Tamil Tigers – does not raise the question of Sinhalese slaying Sinhalese – despite Article 9 in the Constitution which requires Sri Lankan leaders to promote Buddhism. All Sinhalese who died by being in the Army – were without the protection of  Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution. Yet no one questioned the Government of that time – including the current President who was part of that regime that failed in its duty to Buddhism.

Had the previous government included Tamil leaders in high Administrative positions – the LTTE would have been defeated within Tamil areas. More importantly – the wider world would have understood that the LTTE was an exception to the Tamil Leadership and not the norm.  But one who stretches the ‘fault’ to cover educated Tamils like Mr. Wigneswaran continues to block the path of the higher outcomes that Tamils as a Community are capable of producing. Mr. Wigneswaran does represent the victims of war more than any other Tamil Sri Lankan leader. Yet Mr. Wigneswaran’s Natural position is often taken-over by Sinhalese leaders. Take for example – the following report :

Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran boycotted the opening ceremony of the National Sports Festival 2016 at the Duraiappah Stadium in Jaffna yesterday.
Speaker Karu Jayasuriya was the Chief Guest of the event and Wigneswaran had also been invited.
However, the Northern Province Chief Minister did not take part in the event and his seat was seen vacant.

When the People of Thunaivi decided a few months back - to invite Mr. Wigneswaran as the Chief Guest for an opening ceremony in Thunaivi village – they overlooked me despite the deep service by me to the village. Even though Mr. Wigneswaran receives my emails – he did not show any sign of having read them to write in support or in opposition.  The event went ahead and I was back in Sydney. I did not receive even an invitation. This is because of fear of my criticism of their pathways. Those who earn the leadership of the Chief Minister – would not have had any fear. Those who did not ought to have included one who had the credits at the higher level – and that was myself. This happened when the Development Secretariat was declared open with the Government Agent being the Lead Administrator. Without either – their own credit or submission to one who had the credit – it was their desire for quick status Equal to the folks on the other side of the road – that drove them. I did not interfere back then. But now when they keep asking me to name an event funded by us – as  ‘Thunaivi event’ I keep insisting that they need to include Sangarathai – who are usually employment providers. If my mind-order is brought down to the level of Thunaivi-only leaders – I would lose the drive to facilitate employment and would disconnect and fight for separatism.

In the above Sports event – Mr. Wigneswaran is in parallel position to myself in Thunaivi. Relative to  Speaker the Hon Karu Jayasuriya, Mr. Wignewaran has foregone much to be with the People of Northern Province at grassroots level. It is now the DUTY of Jaffna to honor Mr. Wigneswaran and that is exactly what Mr. Wigneswaran has done on behalf of true Jaffna leadership. Unless invited by the People of Northern Province through their elected representatives – outsiders do not have jurisdiction. Jaffna cannot be turned into Buddhist land by such influence. Every Minister in Sri Lankan Government has the first duty to promote Buddhist pathway. Effectively therefore – every Minister is a Buddhist Leader due to article 9 of the Constitution.

So says the Truth of the Constitution Itself. Today is the first day of the Nine night Hindu Navaraathri festival dedicated to Education through (1) Courage based on physical power, (2) Money wealth and (3) Intellectual mind-order. To many of us – many within the LTTE had Courage. They killed at that level and were ready to die at that level. The law that they had little knowledge of can only be applied on them by a Government that includes them as part of  itself. A Hindu, Christian or Muslim cannot therefore be punished by a Buddhist driven by Buddhist mind-order. Now that the President has declared the Truth – that Sri Lanka is Buddhist country to his mind – all Buddhists lose the authority to judge LTTE or any other non-Buddhist who is driven by her/his religion. Article 3 of the Constitution states:

[In the Republic of Sri Lanka sovereignty is in the People and is inalienable. Sovereignty includes the powers of government, fundamental rights and the franchise.]

Article 14 states:

14. (1) Every citizen is entitled to – ………………………… (e) the freedom, either by himself or in association with others, and either in public or in private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching; (f) the freedom by himself or in association with others to enjoy and promote his own culture and to use his own language;

Sovereignty means Truth. One who is Sovereign cannot be punished or rewarded by others who do not believe in her/him.  Waging war as a minority is part of Hindu culture. Whether this was done by the LTTE through Hindu Scriptures – is for Hindu leaders to decide. Where a Buddhist judges a member of LTTE – it is in  breach of Articles 3 and  14 (1) (e ) of the Sri Lankan Constitution. Even if one Hindu who has included the LTTE as part of her/his community judges them through Hindu principles – the State has no authority over them. That is how I read Mr. Wigneswaran’s message.

Until the Tamil Tiger in the mind of the Sinhalese Lion is eliminated through Truth discovered – one would invoke the other to maintain its side’s natural attributes. The animal is driven by the seen and the heard. I have been publishing my discovery of Truth through deep search – often  by  becoming part of the environment that seems to be and is riddled with animal behavior.  This may result in injuries and elimination of my body. But my mind continues to live through those who believe in Truth – the same way I have become the heir of others who upheld Truth. Truth is eternal and hence the mind driven by Truth – lives beyond the body. By carrying the LTTE beyond their physical body – Sinhalese are confirming that they are the heirs of the LTTE.

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