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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
26  September   2016

Buddhism in Sri Lanka and Sharia Law in Australia

I was waiting for my bags at Sydney Airport’s carousel 15. A lady customs officer inspected my card and moved on to the next one. There was a series of questions about something that that passenger had brought. The lady officer moved on after delivering some harsh words to the guy. A few minutes later, I heard a male voice behind me – asking someone whether they had ‘spices’. I heard a young voice say ‘I am from England!’  I wanted to ask the lady whether they did not use spices in England? But when I looked at her – I changed my mind – thinking that she needed to ‘get even’ with the guy. As per her physical looks – she looked Indian – like our kids.  But her clothing was not Indian. Her message was that she was being questioned in that specific manner because she looked Indian. To my mind, she was saying that ‘now that you know I am from England – treat me as per my nationality and not as per my looks. The NSW Police needed much more than that to change their records to read that I was Australian. Until my actions – they kept writing that I was Indian and later when they knew I was born in Sri Lanka they listed me as Sri Lankan.

Then this evening as if there was a strong influence of the Sharia Law discussion  – currently underway in Australia – a female rang our intercom. When I answered she said words to the effect ‘Remove your car from the visitor’s parking area to the street.’ I asked her who she was? She said she was Carla from the Body Corporate. I did not recognize the name. In any case I said she needed to come up and speak to us – and do so with proper authority of the Body Corporate – which needed to quote the LAW under which she was acting. In order to explain our ‘facts’ I said that our son from Melbourne was visiting us and we were therefore using the visitor’s parking lot. The female said – remove your car or I will have it towed away! Then I said firmly – that she was speaking without authority – and if she had our car  our car towed away – we would take legal action against her and against whoever she was representing.

To my mind, we had not acted in breach of any rules. Had we parked in someone else’s slot – that would have been in breach of the law. We are particular not to use even the loading bay  beyond the allocated time. In any case – having lived here for so long as owners – I would have expected that female to be more respectful of us. The last time I checked – our car had not been towed away! But I would not put it past them and as per my experiences – it is merely because we look Indian. We have so far not acted against the law and if anything I have protested when some others did. I did so when the older owners were upset that they were being ‘told’ by younger owners/employees who got into management positions through majority vote. The ones overtly helped by me were White Australians.

 They say that mentally ill persons get active during full-moon. Those who are looking for someone to jump on – likewise get activated when there is active discussion on a subject and they do not have an avenue through which to express themselves. So they turn to the closest look-alike of their opposition/enemy. They may not know it – but they are likely to be influenced if they themselves are not practitioners of law in their own home-areas. They end up invading our privacy. There are many such invaders here in Australia. In fact – our fear of Terrorism is due to such ‘invasions’ on daily basis – including by juniors in practice of law ‘telling’ those to whom a place is ‘Home’. To me – there is no ‘senior’ to me at this place which has been my ‘home’ ever since it was built. I believe that the cumulative karma at my workplaces resulted in me owning this unit. That karma to own this particular place was accumulated largely in Sri Lanka – while I was working for Prima – a Singaporean company which had legal ownership of this property here in Coogee. When the new units were auctioned I noticed the Chairman – and went over to pay my respects to him. Now I realize that I was paying respects to my own heritage carried by Prima also. Every place where we get benefits relatively lower than that of the CEO and those who have control through management positions, becomes our ‘home’ to the extent we do not ‘take’ benefits by force or by cheating those to whom there is no other home. As a female of minority race working as a professional – I did accumulate such ‘Home Karma’ – including at Prima – and in this instance relative to Chinese workers closer in mind structure – to the Singapore legal owners.  Hence that karma manifested itself to support me – especially when I paid my respects to my past through the Chairman common to both Prima and Coogee View. These are deeper influences that motivate ‘ownership’ and hence need to be facilitated by those seeking Peace based Harmony rather than mere law based harmony which often is regulated through the surface mind of majority present.

In  1998 – when Ms Pauline Hanson asked migrants who could not assimilate to ‘go home’ – I got upset and I myself was looking for an outlet to show my dissatisfaction with Australian employers – back then it was University of NSW in particular. Unlike many others known to me – I did not relate directly between my Sri Lankan positions and Australian positions. This is because I completed my experiences  in Sri Lanka and satisfied the requirements of those organizations. I did not act in breach of the laws of those organizations. Hence the ‘structure’ that carries my heritage is still strong and I am able to continue with it. During my latest visit to Sri Lanka – when I went to meet my heir in the last position I held at Air Lanka/Sri Lankan Airlines, many juniors who did not work with me during my time at that place – expressed respect and admiration – stating to their supervisor and my heir that I looked much younger than the age I ought to be as per their calculations! Then my heir had stated that that was because my mind was pure. I felt good. I was made to feel good by my own heritage/karma.

 Now I realize that my experience at the University of NSW  happened so I would get educated by the system of Truth and its wonderful pathway – so I would share my Truth to help others release themselves from their attachment to high or popular status which even though they may seem lawful as per the  laws – applied actively at that place at that time - may not be as per the Law of Truth for that person relative to the core purpose of that place – as developed since its origin. This to my mind, in the case of a University, is Research until one finds the Truth and shares that Truth with the whole world in the discoverer’s mind. In the case of my home suburb of Coogee – it is ‘Home-ownership’ shared with all to whom Coogee has been home. This starts with the Aborigines and those who believe in Aboriginal ownership of Coogee – are as powerful as the holder of highest position in Coogee at the current time of action.

I believe that I learnt about the workings of true land ownership through the system of Natural Laws by taking on my Colombo Land matter – the outcome of which is determined through Prescription Ordinance. As per Prescription Ordinance 1871 of Sri Lanka, one who physically occupies land for over 10 years previous to making a legal claim -  is entitled to a decree in her/his favor. In exceptional cases the period needed is 30 years. To my mind, it is about belief above mere external knowledge presented as follows in the Colombo Court – on 20 September 2016:
[The Judgment: The honourable judge states as follows on pages 18 & 19 of the judgment:
When the evidence for the plaintiff in this case is taken into consideration it appears that the plaintiff  has paper title to the property in suit.
The 1st and 2nd defendants do not contest the plaintiff’s rights to this land by a deed. But the defendants plead that the first defendant has undisturbed and uninterrupted possession adverse to all others for well over 10 years and thereby acquired prescriptive title. It is on the defendants to prove that on a balance of probability that 1st and 2nd defendants have been in undisturbed and uninterrupted possession adverse to all others of this land to acquire prescriptive title. When the evidence of the plaintiff is weighed it appears that the 1st plaintiff or the 2nd plaintiff has not possessed the land in suit

The Base used for these Arguments is that the judgment is in breach of  the fundamental values underpinning Sections 3 & 13 of Prescription Ordinance 1871. It is submitted that the essence of the Law governing Prescriptive Rights is that Experience based Title is of higher value than Legal Title sans Experience. It is submitted that in a Court of Law,  legal Title ranks higher than Title by possession – except when the possessor satisfies the requirements of  Absolute Ownership Value with no recognition whatsoever of another’s title in any form through any pathway.  This kind of Absolute value is demonstrated by full physical possession and complete independence OR adversity/opposition of Equal value to any other form of Title. ]

Aborigines of Coogee were ousted from Coogee by White Australian occupiers :

[The Coogee Pier (1928-1934)
In 1924 construction started to build an 'English seaside style' amusement pier at Coogee Beach, on 24 July 1928, the pier was officially opened, reaching 180 metres out into the sea complete with a 1400-seat theatre, a 600 capacity ballroom, a 400-seat restaurant upstairs, small shops and a penny (machine) arcade. Unfortunately Coogee's rough surf damaged the pier and it was demolished in 1934. Life guards have recently discovered remains of the pier on the ocean floor about 50 metres out from shore]

To my mind, the overwhelming deaths of Australians of Coogee during Bali Bombing – the stated purpose of which was to preserve the belief based cultural values of Bali – was no coincidence. The Common belief through Hinduism meant that Australians were punishing themselves in Hindu Bali – as I was punished here in Coogee by lesser owners. Those who are true to Truth invoke such powers. Deaths of their bodies – would not stop such manifestations in the path of Truth. It is for these reasons that we need Equal Opportunity Laws in Multicultural nations where those who take up authority over others who carry strong ‘ownership’ forces would protect their homeland – including through deaths of the physical.

This month, just few days before I left Sri Lanka – I responded to the message of the Sri Lankan President   at UN General Assembly – that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist country. As per the system of Truth – this makes the natural coalition of all other minority religions – the opposition of the Sri Lankan Government. That is essential in Democracy – which requires an Equal Opposition to be functionally Democratic. It is therefore the duty of minority religions to take the position of Equal Opposition to the Government wherever the decision maker deviates from the law. A Buddhist officer in Sri Lanka, is taken to have used Buddha Sasana before making a decision. Hence the parallel of the secular laws of Democracy apply – and the officer needs to state which law authorized her/him to so act – especially where there is conflict between the Buddha Sasana and the Secular Law in regards to that particular subject matter.

There is merit and there is belief. As merit  becomes secondary to  belief based assessment – it becomes more and more challenging to use the logical pathway. To continue to use merit while the believer is hurting would invoke the Truth of that place beyond the current period.  Customary laws – including religious laws are strongly based on Common Belief. When they are used in preference to Common laws applicable to all – the ‘opportunity’ for conflict is automatically brought into existence. The reason is the difference in the mind-order of those using their own practices as if they were based on ‘law’. The deeper our belief – the greater the opportunity to merge with the root.

In the case of Sri Lanka for example, majority are Buddhists and therefore would connect to each other as per the Buddhist pathway. Given that they have the power to elect Government through majority by including Buddhism AFTER getting into power through Secular laws – amounts to disloyalty to the Secular laws. Every person who is brought under the authority of the Government through such secular laws is supported by Natural forces particular to that place from the very beginning, to the extent such a person surrenders her/his investment to the system of Truth. When I for example, sat in my Coogee home and cried when I felt cheated by Management of University of NSW strongly under the influence of American returns, I was connecting to the University through Coogee also. When a true owner hurts – it’s a natural curse and when a true owner is happy – it is a natural blessing. Yesterday when I put my foot down with Carla mentioned above whose behavior was uncivilized – I was protecting Coogee from getting cursed through those lesser believers in my Community – the Tamil Community which carries the label that it produced the worst Terrorists of our times – the Tamil Tigers. The fact that I did not take my emotions to them and thereby compensate myself for loss of status as per the practices of White Australians and those  by whom they exercised majority power -  but instead help/ed  them develop their investments in order to Common level – confirms to my mind that I carry the Australian investment in Commonness – beyond Australian shores – to strengthen Australia’s global values. Communities need privacy to cure themselves internally through Belief. But often – those in power start their own alternate governments and claim them to be belief based bottom up self-governance. Towards this they shrink the world to the size manageable by them.

This morning I received a good example of this pattern of  function by narrow minded leaders:

Have you thought about your body? The body is just a place/house where the soul resides. Once the soul departs it has no function and is either buried or cremated. So why not donate the organs in your body, to save one or more people.  


You are invited to join TWDG for afternoon tea as we engage with the Donate Life Campaign. 
• Showcasing the stories of donor families, living donors and transplant recipients 
• Hear the experts demystify the myths and get an understanding about Organ and Tissue Donation]

I responded as follows to the group:
On that basis should not the death of bodies of war victims in Sri Lanka,  be taken to be of zero value to them and of protective value to wider community in whose name they claimed to fight? Would this have had greater meaning  if they had dedicated their cause to wider community? Is the Group promoting such dedication at least now – so wider community would be saved by the body parts that are no longer useful to those souls? There are a few within the Group who do personally serve those Tamil victims living with less able bodies than they were used to prior to the war. I worked closely with a few of them. I have NOT dedicated my body to them. But I have merged my mind with theirs to cure them of their weaknesses.

Have the  of members of  Group   donated their organs first to those victims of war who are still living with lesser limbs? Has Mrs VD who is preaching to Tamils donated her body parts to Tamil victims of war who are in need of body parts?

Those using Tamil as the nuclear force – need to limit their worlds to Tamil Community when relating in the name of Tamil. Can’t have it both ways – can we?  If the Body is useless to the soul – of the individual – it would be useless to the body of another. Only an heir of the individual who dies – would naturally carry the remains as heritage. Not those who related through body similarities – including Tamil language similarities.
The message confirms that the Group is being led by those lacking in commonness within themselves also. The organs shared are often the inner ones – closer to the mind than the outer ones which vary in shape and form and are therefore not easily combined with other bodies. The less visible organs are the more functionally compatible ones. The body of a person must be honored through funeral ceremonies particular to the community that that person belonged to. The body thus is raised to the level of the mind and hence is burnt/cremated. Burial and cremation are such ceremonies through which the body is raised to the mind level. It is NOT discarded as an orphan.  Only those who believe in the  Common Medical Profession more deeply than their respective cultural ceremonies – would empower those who receive their organs. Others donate for name and popularity.  The mind must be one through Common Belief before we could add real value through such donations. As per the name the entitlement needs to be limited to Tamils to whom NSW is home. Their donations needs to be limited to this community group only. It’s not open to the Public  

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

The other example that surprised me was from a Tamil name listed on the side against Muslims. The involvement of Mr. Daniel Nalliah is reported as follows:

[According to his biography published by the Catch the Fire Ministries, Daniel Nalliah was born in Sri Lanka to minority Sri Lankan Tamil parents who spoke English as their first language. However, he was schooled at the Nugegoda Tamil Mahavidyalaya in Colombo, where all teaching was in done in Tamil. He was introduced to the "ways of God" by an Australian missionary. In his youth, he played at a number of night clubs in Colombo as a drummer before turning to religion. He also worked as an underground missionary in Saudi Arabia before migrating to Australia in 1997.[4]
After moving to Australia and founding Catch the Fire Ministries, Nalliah travelled extensively, preaching to congregations in a number of countries. He asserts that he witnessed the healing of blind, deaf and crippled people at his prayer sessions and also claims that a dead girl was resurrected after he prayed for her.[1]
Vilification of Muslims lawsuit[edit]
On 9 March 2002, Daniel Scot spoke at a seminar regarding Islam, sponsored by Catch the Fire Ministries. The seminar was attended by three Australian Muslims; two of them were asked to attend by May Helou, an executive member of the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) and an employee of the Equal Opportunity Commission, Victoria.[citation needed] The third person was asked to attend by ICV members while he was at the ICV office. The three Muslims, along with the Islamic Council of Victoria, later launched action under the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act, claiming that the intent of the speech had been to vilify Muslims rather than to discuss Islam itself. After being considered by the Equal Opportunity Commission, the case was heard by the Victorian and Civil Administrative Tribunal', becoming the first real test case under the act.
In a landmark ruling on 17 December 2004, the tribunal ruled that Nalliah, Scot and Catch the Fire Ministries had breached the law. Judge Higgins heard further submissions regarding "remedies" early in 2005. Nalliah publicly condemned the verdict and declared his intention to continue fighting the case, potentially as far as the High Court of AustraliaThe Age newspaper quoted him as stating "We may have lost the battle, but the war is not over. The law has to be removed, there is no question."[5]
On 22 June 2005, Judge Michael Higgins of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal delivered his final verdict on the religious vilification issue regarding remedies. He found that financial compensation would be inappropriate, but ordered Nalliah and Scot to take out newspaper advertisements to the value of $68,690 which summarised the findings in the case. Nalliah criticised the ruling, comparing the legislation to "sharia law by stealth".[citation needed] He also said that he would rather go to jail than comply with the ruling. Lawyers for the defendants had previously appealed to the Supreme Court of Victoria, in an originating motion alleging that Higgins showed signs of bias, that there were errors in the decision and that the act itself was unconstitutional. Following the decision, an appeal was lodged with the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court and the originating motion was dropped. The appeal was heard in August 2006.
The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, an interfaith public interest law firm based in Washington DC, had intervened on Scot's behalf, engaging in discussion with the Attorney General of Australia, providing legal representation with local counsel and providing legal arguments employed for the legal appeal.[citation needed] On 14 December 2006, the Supreme Court of Victoria upheld the appeal and ordered that the matter be redecided without hearing new evidence by a judge (other than Judge Higgins) of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.[6] The Islamic Council of Victoria was ordered to pay half of Scot's and Nalliah's legal costs of the appeal.]

To my mind, Mr. Nalliah became part of the Majority force in Australia. The parallel of this Tamil in Sri Lanka is the LTTE chief – Velupillai Prabhakaran who also converted from Hinduism to Christianity and who was seeking his own alternate of majority rule by shrinking his world. He was groomed by Australians driven by their majority force. At the deeper level – the Common reason is whether one is seeking belief based rule which when given vertical form would be time based and when given lateral form – would be place based majority at a particular time. In Sri Lanka, Tamils who are the second largest race – became leading opposition when Sinhalese disconnected with their ancestors by leaving out Colonial Rulers which places were taken by Tamil leaders who continued to practice the Colonial culture. I find that relative to a Sinhalese I am better able to interpret the Colonial laws due to this ‘undisturbed and uninterrupted possession’ required for bottom-up  belief based ownership. Those elected by majority force are cheating the system of Democracy when they make laws that give them authority on alleged claim of ‘time based belief’.   Mr. Rajapaksa the immediate past President of Sri Lanka indiscriminately mixed the two systems and is now facing the threat of war-crimes inquiry. Buddhism first/foremost is another version of that. They are due to ‘attachment’ to the physical. True belief empowers from within. By joining majority here in Australia – Mr. Nalliah and the above Tamil who recommends the fashionable organ donation through a group claiming to be closely related to the war victims of Sri Lanka – also confirm that they have given into the temptations of majority power through assimilation. The mind that lacks independence would be ‘taken-over’ by those who ‘seem’ to be in power. But the ultimate winner is the one who submits the fruits of her/his work to Truth Itself and thus loses her/his particular identity. Such a person invokes Natural powers and hence needs to be not challenged by those relying on majority endorsement. They are the untouchables – living close to Nature.

They empower the land which is ‘home’ to them not because someone says so but because they feel so. The land where such owners get disturbed gets punished by Truth Itself. Such punishment is healthy for the whole – so the mind racing towards unearned pleasures gets steadied  and is raised to the intellectually driven system with dual carriage. Such a mind knows the other side of pleasure if one did not pay one’s costs – physically at equal level or through respect through relativity.

Many Buddhists are now turning to Ramayanam and it is understandable due to the big war happening on Lankan soil. Buddha’s experiences were realized on Indian soil.

Sharia Law is like Thesawalamai in Northern Sri Lanka. It is applicable only to those who are more Muslims than they are Australians. The highest level at which any religious law could be legitimately expressed is National level. Under time based system – Buddhism in Sri Lanka which is practiced to qualify as being ‘undisturbed and uninterrupted’ would qualify as a leading religion. But in Democracy – the Land connection determines the majority power. Given that Buddha was born in Northern part of the Indian Subcontinent and Sri Lanka is in Southern part – and is closer to Tamil Nadu – the birthplace of Lord Muruga philosophy – Tamil leadership in Sri Lanka through Democracy – would continue to be supported by the system of Truth – provided at least one Tamil includes her/himself as part of Sri Lanka as a whole. Such a person would identify with her/his contribution through Equal status as opposition to majority side. Thesawalamai is based on Truth of locals. Likewise Sharia law within local community in Australia – needs to be endorsed through secular law where such ruling is needed due to Common Australian Beliefs and Values. Without such express endorsement – it remains just a customary value and cannot be extended beyond the local community. The original ruling in Mr. Nalliah’s matter was healthy for Australia. Mr. Nalliah – a practicing Christian did not have the authority to speak about Islam. Doing so was the parallel of  the Executive interfering with the Judiciary – to takeover power. In Sri Lanka that was due to Buddhism and in Australia it is due to Christianity being given first place in the minds of leaders who use democracy for mere living. Bottom up Democracy needs to be Truth based to invoke the power of Universal Truth.  

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