Monday 12 September 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
11 September   2016

Ape Aanduwa & Naam Thamilar

Priest Radha  Aiyar was about to have a fall and I spontaneously reached out and supported him. Once he was steady back on his feet I said to our coordinator that this was why I wanted that area cleared of stones. Then Radha Aiyar said that arrangements should not be done to cater to one man’s convenience. I said to Radha Aiyar that to us he was not any man; he was special due to his belief in other Kali, who brought him to us when we had a need. So saying I handed over the little jug of water to wash the deity under the Bo Tree. Then Radha Aiyar blessed me. I felt good. When it comes to Temple ceremonies – Radha Aiyar has developed the power to bless. When it comes to common areas, Radha Aiyar seeks my blessings. A little later our gardener showed me the young tamarind shoot growing in the middle of the Bo tree. His grandsons had noted the tamarind shoot. At the bottom near the trunk of the Bo tree was a neem shoot. Both are various aspects of Mother Shakthi. Our gardener said that the tamarind shoot was coming back after about 45 years. I confirmed that I remembered the tamarind tree with the Bo tree we prayed at as children. But later when I returned there was no trace of the tamarind. Only the Bo tree stood tall and wide. I feel happy with all three holy plants being present. To my mind, the Tamarind tree represents Mother Kali depicting Courage; the Neem tree – Mother Health; and the Bo Tree – Mother Saraswathi/Wisdom. I felt that the sacrifices and efforts that went into developing Positive Energies at that place were being confirmed as having been accepted by the Angels of that place. I felt I was part of that Development. The Bo tree which is sacred to Buddhists also – survived the test of time. Hence it represents Wisdom through the higher educational pathway – which our family represented in that area.

I was therefore naturally not happy when I read the report ‘Vaiko demands recall of Lankan envoy in Malaysia’. It meant that Mr. Vaiko was interfering with the internal affairs of Sri Lanka as well as Malaysia. As per this report:
[He alleged that Mr. Ansar tried his best to deny visa when he was scheduled to attend the World Tamil Congress in Penang.
“He took steps to send me back to India,” Mr. Vaiko alleged.
‘He was instrumental in branding Tamils who support the Sri Lankan Tamil cause as LTTE members’
‘He was instrumental in branding Tamils who support the Sri Lankan Tamil cause as members of the LTTE]

I was unhappy because Mr. Vaiko is not local to Sri Lanka to have the intuitive feeling for the land. Motherland is rich in intuitive power. As a Tamil Mr. Vaiko does  not have automatic access to positions in the Sri Lankan Tamil issue. He ought to have been born here to have such authority due to Sri Lanka being Motherland. The rest has to happen through proper structures. To the extent we Sri Lankan Tamils fought for our Motherland rights – and forewent earned benefits – we cleared the way for the Land to communicate with us and to lead us.

If Mr. Vaiko was unhappy with the way the Lankan Government treated him – he has every right to take appropriate action on individual basis. By making suggestions at policy level – Mr. Vaiko confirms lack of respect for Common Policy of another country. One who respects his own Motherland would not disrespect another’s Motherland. This kind of deviation usually happens when we are  influenced more by outcomes and less by structures.

The Hon M.G.Ramachandran to whom Sri Lanka was Motherland by birth, also was known to have supported the LTTE by giving them ‘free money’. They both fit the Tamil saying that the barber who did not have customers shaved the cat. In the case of Mr. M.G.Ramachandran – he was an actor most of his life and came into politics due to his popularity through acting. He was idle in politics and he did not have the intuitive wisdom to identify naturally with the People. LTTE was the cat that MGR and Mr. Vaiko got hold of to fill their idle time/mind. One who has failed to respect the Sovereignty of another would end up diluting his own feelings for his homeland.

We develop or disintegrate natural structures every time we discover Truth and/or are within the circle of a true person’s Energy. The Sri Lankan Tamil issue facilitates participation by those outside Sri Lanka. A belief based claim could be made with validity once we are within that circle of Shared Energy. I said to a guy who indiscriminately mixes private business with common policy – that he lacked the connection to his own Truth to naturally invoke others’ true and natural powers. I said hence it was important for him to Separate business from Public Service. I pointed out that he who found fault with a young family member-in-law who used his kids’ toys roughly – included that young family member in the list entitled to receive football socks  that we were donating to the Sports club. When he felt the pain of abuse of the toy that his son had bought for his baby-daughter – he developed a certain degree of separation towards the young guy who was related by marriage. But when it came to my work and structures – he failed to apply that line of separation – intuitively nor did he consciously use my rules to discriminate intellectually to determine entitlements to receive the socks. I said it was fine for him to be business-minded but he needed to wait until those urges for outcomes / benefits were satisfied – to take leadership positions in Public life. He would be a negative force is he were facilitated to be leader before then.

LTTE were good in the business of fighting. MGR as a politician owed his loyalty to political leaders and not to armed fighters. Likewise Mr. Vaiko. Failure to do so would damage his own structure as an Indian. He then adds to his circle of people a damaged structure which has the negative effect of disintegration. This ‘Naam Thamilar’ (We are Tamils) movement – when used with disregard for Nationalism on the basis of Land – has the effect of losing one’s mother to enjoy surname of high status father. When one gives up on the mother – one loses the intuitive connection with those in the local environment. Sacrifices of earned benefits – lead to natural development of structures and high positions. Abuse of high positions to enjoy immediate benefits – disintegrates and damages relationships. We Sri Lankans need to respect our land first. The ‘Sinhalese only’ guys also say ‘Ape Aanduwa’ – our government. One who truly cares would share quietly and not keep publicizing. The current Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka – is continuing with the structure of this Naam Thamilar attitude. The Hon Wigneswaran automatically disintegrates his own mind structure – developed as a senior in Judicial Services. Once we go past relativity – we are safe from such disintegration. The disintegrated mind is a high risk of mental disorder – a problem on the increase here in Vaddukoddai – as stated by its own People.  One who claims mine and ours without position confirms or particular common need confirms insecurity due to disorderly mind. 

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