Tuesday 13 September 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
13 September   2016

Lawyers interfering with Doctors?

As per the New Indian Express article ‘Tamil lawyers forum asks UN to set up scientists' team to examine allegedly poisoned ex-LTTE cadres’:

[The Tamil Lawyers’ Forum (TLF) has petitioned the Office of the UN Human Rights Commissioner to set up a committee of scientists and medical professionals “of international repute” to examine former cadres of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who have been complaining of illnesses and debilities of various kinds which they allege are the result of the injection of some poisonous substances while they were held in captivity by the Sri Lankan army after the end of Eelam War IV.     
“The very nature of poisonous substance makes it difficult for medical personnel to identify or detect such substance on the mere examination of victims. It is the duty of scientists with medical background and expertise and not merely medical doctors to identify the effects of the ingestion of external substances in the body,” the petition said making a case for such a committee.]

The question that comes to my mind is ‘How much of this is influenced by the Chief Minster’s personal mind as a Judicial expert?’ Is the Commonness as Tamils - greater than the Diversity in the professions to facilitate any member of the group called ‘Tamils’ to express on behalf of the whole? This is an important question in regards to National Unity. National Harmony could be achieved through respect for Diversity. Where Commonness is weaker than Specialty each must remain within their own boundaries to facilitate harmony. As a person carrying the high status as Judicial Senior – Mr. Wigneswaran ought to have preserved the value of Doctrine of Separation of Powers – especially after he also criticized the former Government of acting in breach of it – in the case of dismissal of former Chief Justice – Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake.   

Another example of such breach is revealed through the Ceylon Today article ‘Cardinal against secular State’ as follows:

[Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith claims that he believes that the 9th clause in the 19th Amendment to the Constitution must remain unchanged, in the drafting of the new Constitution.
He made this statement with regard to the proposal to create a secular state in Sri Lanka.
"A group of individual have presented a proposal for the new Constitution to make the country secular. They have voiced their opinion to include it in the Constitution. We see this being implemented in other countries and they lack religion and discipline. That is the world outside. Buddhism has enriched our country and culture for over 2000 years now. Therefore, by bringing in the secular State, Sri Lanka will rob Buddhism of its place in the country," he stated. He also thanked President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for assuring that such steps will not be taken.
Cardinal Ranjith made these comments at the 100th anniversary of the Holy Cross Church, Gampaha]

The position of Cardinal was achieved through Christian religion and it has validity for subjective judgments only within the borders of that religion. A Christian position-holder therefore has no authority to certify Buddhism based achievements positively or negatively. To so criticize, the religious leader needs the authority of Common Secular Principles and Laws. At others – non-Buddhist religious leaders need to take observer status and not actively participate. The Priest may be expressing his own fears of losing status as a religious leader – if People found solutions by using the secular system. Likewise lawyers tempted by global influence based largely on hearsay.

In the order of Body, Mind and Soul  - in the world of Law - there are Facts, Subjective Expressions of the legal mind and Truth. In terms of Christianity – to my mind – they are the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Father and Holy Spirit combine to produce Son. Likewise,  Facts and Truth combine to produce Quality/Special Guna of a person. A person / group must not be limited to individual thoughts based on ‘free information’. To progress from Freedom to  Independence, one needs to have the Experience of Fact so it would become Truth. Son – has form. Holy Spirit is Formless. In Hinduism we pray to Lord Shiva – to raise the mind to Truth – by eliminating the Body. Lord Shiva being the Lord of the Mind helps raise our experiences with that person whose body is no longer alive – to the Common Soul level – so they become part of the Divinity that protects and supports us. Tamils and Sinhalese who truly mourn the death of their loved ones in war – have the authority of this Universal Soul Power but only if they raised the mind to soul level through Prayers and their own Conscience. Prayers is the Religious pathway and Conscience based reconciliation is the Secular pathway. One can practice both at different times but not at the same time.

Tamil lawyers likewise could use the pathway of Thesawalamai Customary Law and seek as Tamils. They do not have the authority of their own Lawyers’ Conscience to jump from Thesawalamai to UN’s laws. Victims have that right and a politician representing those Victims has the Common right to raise it to global authority – but only after all internal official processes have been followed and exhausted. Mr. Wigneswaran’s legal expertise ought to have formulated this pathway. That is his duty to his status as Justice Wigneswaran. To be fully political – the form of Judge must be eliminated  through self-sacrifice. Then in terms of law – Mr. Wigneswaran would become an observer. The observed fact would then be activated as per the current position of Politician – to effectively raise the matter to global level. Truth would answer to any reliable law. A law born of Truth will lead to Truth.

When we take observer status we still the mind in terms of personal benefits. A mind that becomes active in a new position -  before raising the past position to soul level – would keep expecting benefits earned through the old position. Lord Krishna says to Prince Arjuna – that only the action of sending the arrow is Prince Arjuna’s. Where the Arrow ends up and the effects it produces are not Prince Arjuna’s. The difference happens through the pathway of cause and effect. As I often say about electronic systems – we know that it works and hence we use and expect as per our users’ experience. We do not ‘see’ nor do we ‘know’ the logic of how it works. As per my discovery – if we rely on our own investments in the past – we would identify with the outcome that happened due to those contributions. Within those we have the support of Truth/Holy Spirit – to work the system as ours. Hence Tat Tvam Asi/Thou Art That – Destination as per Hindu Philosophy.

Cardinal Ranjith has revealed that he did not mourn the death of Christian Tamils – including LTTE Leader Prabhakaran who converted to Christianity – killed due to war. Whether Prabhakaran truly believed in Christ or not does not matter here at group level. The structure of  Sri Lankan Christianity must include the Truth of Tamil Christians also – even if they carry the Terrorism status allocated by secular laws – especially where their own religious status  have been made ineffective/less effective by Buddhism’s leading status. Likewise, doctors’ verdicts on medical issues cannot be indiscriminately overridden by lawyers who carry the special status of lawyers. Their god would look different to the doctor’s god – just as Jesus looked different to Krishna. Krishna was born in prison and became king and king-maker. Krishna assumed  the position of chariot-driver to become the driving force of those who had the position entitlement. That is also the role of retired seniors like Mr. Wigneswaran.

Sinhala Only and Buddhism foremost arrows were sent by Sinhala Buddhists. Those arrows joined forces with the forces of others who used majority force in their own areas and felt free of supervision. Majority force becomes dead once one’s physical sight ceases and one starts using others’ observations as hearsay. The arrow is dead beyond the force of the individual and unless there is Common force from then on – the arrow is dead arrow. Likewise the war and the laws that are sent from Parliament. Common forces – positive or negative – are picked up on the way. If therefore Buddhism foremost is kept alive in the Constitution Sri Lanka’s government dies when it goes beyond Buddhist borders – which are also Sinhalese borders. In this instance – the Buddhist arrow picked up Sinhalese majority power residing within Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith. As per my knowledge , the name Malcolm is common with Western world and the name Ranjith is particular to Sinhalese. The particular has made the surname – like Buddhism becoming the surname and Sri Lanka becoming the first name for those living in that part of the world. Hence the coalition with China by many governments of Sri Lanka – who think they are ‘free’ just by saying the word Sovereignty. IN Truth it does not have enough power once it leaves the Parliament and areas where majority present are Parliamentarians and those strongly under the influence of Parliamentarians.

Those who are strongly influenced by dead bodies would make cemeteries of their places of residence. Those who transcend particular power to become Common would create heavens even in cemeteries.  

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