Friday 23 September 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
23  September   2016

The Hindu Uprising in Jaffna

‘Ask and you shall be given’ says Christianity. The tuk-tuk from my friend’s place to CBD carried pictures of the Christian Holy Family. While we paused at a major intersection our driver got talking to the driver of the tuk-tuk next to ours. The talk was about the erosion in the body of the other’s vehicle. Once we started moving – our driver wrote off completely the other guy’s story – claiming that his declarations of income were impossible to reach. But one who observed him at the surface would have not connected to this real picture – not about the other driver but about himself – that he was looking  for an opportunity to find fault with the other.

I diverted the conversation to my faith in Our Lady. That helped me release myself from having to make the effort to discredit this guy as a Sinhalese against a Sinhalese. The President of Sri Lanka may ‘show’ that majority Sri Lankans are good Buddhists and do so to encourage order in everyday living. But at the professional level – more and more Buddhists are turning to Hinduism. Most buses in Colombo carry Hindu deities in addition to Buddhist images. When the minds combine – they invoke the other side automatically. That was how Tamils became equals at National level – confirming their true investment in Sri Lanka.

 The President declared through a global forum that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist country and that members of all other religions were entitled to follow their own. Processed as per democracy – this entitled Hindus to declare their separation from majority Buddhist areas. The Hon Wigneswaran – a Hindu leader who shows it as such to wider world – became the instrument through whom the President of Sri Lanka invoked the Natural Opposition to Buddhist leadership. Where the powers are strong they manifest themselves. We become mere instruments.

As per the report ‘Wigneswaran urges Tamils to join mass protest in Jaffna tomorrow’:

[ITAK – the largest constituent party in the TNA – and TELO are not participating in the demonstration. TNA Spokesman and Jaffna District MP M.A. Sumanthiran, who is a member of ITAK, said the party was not opposing the demonstration but only urging people to consider the timing of the controversial event]

To my mind, it is understandable that the Hon Sumanthiran would not become the instrument of Hindu uprising to protect Itself for its own believers – especially after the President / Governor invoked his Truth as a Buddhist and gave form to the separation of powers between religions. It then becomes the duty of those who show themselves as Hindu, Muslim or Christian leaders to manifest the other side through their respective religions – given form through majority amongst minorities. In this instance that is the Hindu religion and the leader who shows it  most at Political level is Mr. Wigneswaran. The Hon Sampanthan could have but he want to retire as a ‘good’ guy.

The TNA’s political stand is reported as follows:

We are not opposing the protests. We only urge the people to consider the timing of the rally. It is a time when the TNA is engaged in serious negotiations with the Government on a settlement to the Tamil question,” Sumanthiran told Daily FT yesterday.  ITAK Leader Marvai Senathirajah has already spoken out in the north against the demonstration organised by Wigneswaran’s TPF, saying that Tamil representatives were engaged in a process to find solutions for long standing grievances, in which their bona fides should be very clear. Senathirajah has also questioned how the Tamil people could stand with Devananda and others who worked with the Sri Lankan military forces until the end of the war.’
TNA’s ‘so called’ serious negotiations did not prevent the President from claiming at the UN – with the main responsibility  to follow the Common pathway – from declaring that Sri Lanka was a Buddhist country. The above claim by Mr. Sumanthiran confirms that he did not have the Natural Power of Truth to hold the position of Leader of the Opposition. The Leader of Tamil Opposition in Parliament has to be a Hindu. All Hindus – especially from India – empower such leadership whenever Hindu Sovereignty is threatened.

Lord Krishna said that God comes to us in the form of our Belief. Even one Hindu whose belief in Hinduism is deeper than the President’s belief in Buddhism – is enough to invoke the Common Faith. A President who came into power on the promise of using the Secular system to eliminate corruption – became a traitor of his voters by using Buddhism slogan in the UN with its rich supply of democracy. All religions by nature are hierarchical in structure. Buddhism and Democracy therefore do not merge naturally at systems level.

The timing of Chief Minister Wigneswaran’s call – confirms Hindu power over Sri Lankans. The Hon Douglas Devananda who is well known in Jaffna for his services as Minister for Hindu Affairs – is a Natural leader of such a group. They may use the politically correct title of Tamil uprising. Language is merely the outer form of  common beliefs that a group has. The deepest belief even without the numbers has the natural leadership position. If this is Buddhism in Colombo – it is Hinduism in Jaffna. Even Lord Muruga of Kathirgamam has to respond to that true call. The group has this Hindu’s complete support for a peaceful manifestation of their rights – using the Political language of Land but not protest against Buddha in Jaffna.

A Buddhist friend who trusts me said to me that ‘Buddha never came to her when she was in trouble’. There was also Krishna picture at that place. I looked at Krishna and smiled. I said to my friend – later – ‘Buddha came but you did not recognize him’. At that place where I was urging my friend to be less conscious of the outer wealth – I was Buddha. My friend who relatively speaking shows a more prosperous life-style in form was showing Krishna. UN as per its form is follower of Krishna more than Buddha. So, Krishna invoked Himself in Jaffna.

The Vaddukoddai declaration of  ‘Sovereignty’ had the support of Hindus because it was made in a predominantly Hindu area. The Parliamentary elections that followed confirmed the natural legitimacy of this declaration. The LTTE divided the community by using Tamil. Language is the parallel of Money. If we draw benefits at money/language level – then we lose the opportunity to derive value at the higher level. Until majority Sri Lankans become higher thinkers we need to ‘show’ the Equal value of the Opposition – through the forms available to us. Hence the need for Physical Possession in claiming Prescriptive Title. The pathway needs to be ‘Adverse to’ the Legal pathway. Democracy as well as Buddhism cannot be the official pathways at the same time at one place. The Declaration of Buddhism is confirmation of that ‘Adverse to’ pathway by the Sri Lankan head of state. It naturally invoked Hindu manifestation which is also the Adverse to pathway in an area that is yet to invest strongly in the secular pathway. So long as Buddhism foremost claim is alive  – it is the duty of every Non-Buddhist to match it through their own diversity. That duty is owed to Sri Lanka as One Nation. A country progresses to becoming a Nation through Truth / Belief that happens on its soil. The form is relative and is needed by those using the physical pathway – as in UNDISTURBED physical possession in claiming prescriptive title. The Buddhists must be feeling disturbed and hence the reconfirmation. Without this the physically driven would think that they are orphans. Mature religious practitioners would not fear such isolation. They would enjoy the privacy. Those driven by majority power – would need to know that they need to physically occupy to claim ownership. There are more of this kind amongst Buddhists than amongst Hindus. In India it is the other way around. That is the other side of majority power.

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