Thursday, 8 September 2016

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
08 September   2016

The UN Message to Sri Lanka

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Velankanni. To many 08 September would be important due to various reasons. Mine is the celebration of  the day I found a picture of Mother Velankanni while I was teaching at St. Bridget’s Convent in Colombo and one of my students informed me that it was the feast of Mother Velankanni. I taught Accounting at that school – before going to work – at Associated Motorways Ltd. The teaching arrangement happened through a Muslim – Mr. Huzam Cader then the Director of New Olympia Theatre where I worked before joining Associated Motorways Ltd. Mr. Cader was an active parent contributing to the school’s welfare and also valued my services to his business enterprise. Hence the commonness. I was happy to have found the picture and felt good. Soon I had Mother Velankanni appearing in my dream also. An aunt of mine passed away when she was in India and I had a dream of her also around that time. When I conceived Gayathri – our third child – some said it was my aunt. I accepted it as their connection. Later, due to some connections I made through my experiences,  I felt that there was more credibility to this connection. But it really did not matter because Gayathri is now our daughter. The indicators – manifested without any conscious influence by us – help us work out why something happened and/or an individual trait that is special to that person. They would help us reconcile within – that such manifestations were Acts of God. Otherwise we risk going through emotional highs and lows due to not knowing the other side. As per Gayathri’s horoscope which my father-in-law had drawn up – her family would migrate beyond the boundaries of her birthplace. That aunt of mine also got married when she was a teenager and went from Arali – in Sri Lanka’s North to Burma – to become the first lady of a big business family.  When we have experiences around the same time and they manifest in diverse forms there would be a deeper commonness, the presence of which we feel but often do not identify with consciously. Anniversaries are celebrated towards honoring such commonness which resides as belief. They must not be measured through the same yardstick used in current relationships. Mother Velankanni is believed to have appeared to Portuguese sailors caught up in  a storm in the Bay of Bengal. Many of my actions at the time I had the dream were towards going overseas to earn money to build a home on the land in Colombo. I made many sacrifices towards this and I feel that Gayathri had the ‘genes’ / the Reserves for such travel. They combine at the deeper level to influence us from within.

The war in Sri Lanka is still kept active by both side members whose minds are more active in war-mode than in reconciliation or peace modes. We were exposed to many of them during the visit of the UN Secretary General to Sri Lanka. The statement most recently discussed in Parliament is the various meanings attributed to the  UN Secretary General’s line of relativity between  the Sri Lankan war and those of other nations. As per the Daily Mirror report ‘Govt. says UN Chief didn’t refer to a ‘massacre’ in SL’:

Joint Opposition MP Dinesh Gunawardane who moved the motion said the UN Chief had wrongly stated that there has been a massacre in Sri Lanka like the ones that had taken place in countries such as Rwanda and Srebrenica

Unless the Commonness between the UN and the Joint Opposition led by former President of Sri Lanka, and war-hero,  is stronger than their respective Diversity – one cannot mark the other wrong. We do not lose our Truth through time based Rebirth. Likewise Truth will not get lost through distance from Sri Lanka to the American led UN. All other judgments would get lost in the sea of hearsay dividing the two. To the extent Mr. Ban Ki-Moon lacked belief in Sri Lanka – he would have been driven by hearsay. We now learn that as per the UN Chief Sri Lanka is at the same level of status as Rwanda and Srebrenica. A truly Sovereign Leadership would not be affected either way by such relativity. One who elevates her/himself falsely to the leadership level including through associations with high level institutions such as the UN, is likely to be affected by such relativity. Did the Sri Lankan Government take the side of leaders who acted to curb abuse of Government power in those two nations? If no, then Sri Lanka was an outsider to those wars as those Governments would have been to Sri Lanka’s wars. To Mr. Ban Ki-Moon – this was an opportunity to compensate victims of Government Power with the support of UN power. It effectively negates the Terrorism label carried by the Tamil side. The position of UN is now stronger due to that sharing of status in compensation mode.

As per fundamentals in Accounting – past period transactions should not be actively included in reflecting the results of current operations. They need to be shown separately. The Horoscope of an individual likewise is the Balance Sheet of past life of that individual. If activated in current period – the outcomes are not comparable due to time based boundaries being removed. Post war development likewise cannot be measured accurately if war transactions are indiscriminately mixed with current transactions. Genuine war-crimes inquiry would help draw this time-based boundary – so the nation could heal itself through Truth. The level at which we know ourselves is the level at which we know others. Once the Sri Lankan Government or its self-appointed opposition knows itself – it would know its opposition – anytime anywhere – even if it were the UN. 

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