Wednesday 29 April 2015

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 29  April  2015

Indonesia’s Black-hole

Ordinary  Australians and Indonesians came together through the Bali 9 issue. That is the real power  that will develop  our regional goodwill. But the Indonesian Government failed miserably its own People and the International Community. In turn our Australian Government demonstrated high level of Good Governance. Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran did not die in vain. They facilitated this Goodwill sharing for hundreds of thousands of us. We must now vote in the Court of Natural Justice for the fall of this kind of leadership in Indonesia. The Indonesian President failed to hear us. But the god in every true Indonesian would have certainly heard us and the karma will be returned.  

To the extent our Australian Government hears us – they would be naturally empowered by our Spiritual Powers. To the extent the current Indonesian Government failed to listen to the Spirit of even one true Indonesian – it is no longer fit to govern.  A Clever Government becomes a Bad Government once it ‘shows’ more than it ‘feels’.

The one good outcome from this is the escape that Ms Mary Jane Veloso had from the firing squad. If  someone could have gone through the legal process to the entrance of death - without the authorities identifying  with this evidence on the basis of belief – then that Judicial system is unreliable including in the case of Bali 9.  This Belief was required to know that they were no longer capable of offending. Humility was needed to confirm that the Judgment was wrong. Indonesian President cheated his own Conscience. Ultimately all of us  have to live with our conscience. Our conscience is the ultimate judge and that judgment is positive for Andrew & Myuran.

Around 2.30 a.m. Australian time this morning – I had indicators that Myuran and Andrew were ok in spirit. The Divine message came through Lord Shiva –  the Hindu form of Power that helps us transcend the physical and the mental.   Myuran’s dedication to art helped him transcend above the reality around him. While the families were wailing  and the community was weeping Andrew and Myuran have remained calm. This alone confirms their higher dignity. When one is able to transcend the mind also – one is unaffected by what happens to the body. That was the message Jesus gave us. All of us who cared truly contributed to this transcendence – in them as well as in us.

Our Australian Prime Minister the Hon Tony Abbott our Foreign Minister the Hon Julie Bishop have been outstandingly good leaders in this issue. These are votes earned through the Lord’s system through everyday governance. Such votes raise the Politician to become Governor.

Indonesia for its part needs to examine the validity of its leadership. Every genuine Indonesian who feels that these executions were unjust – is contributing to Good Governance in Indonesia and when there are enough of them – Indonesia will eliminate the current leadership – as happened in Sri Lanka.  My mind recalls the memory of the 2009 tragedy that happened to Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka.  In relation to my statement "Whatever happens – we Australians must keep fighting to eliminate State Terrorism in our Region." , a Resident Sri Lankan  Tamil wrote:

Australia did not do so in the case of Sri Lanka. It may not be correct to expect Australia to do so in the case of Indonesia.’

I responded as follows:

[This is about working through the system of Belief.  As per my mind, there are two requirements:

1.      Those  outside Sri Lanka including Tamils  need to feel they are part of Resident Sri Lankans including Tamils
2.      Those outside should have invested in wider  global principles and values of their own free will – without expecting material return

These two would respond to each other and that was how the Tamil Diaspora raised the issue to the UN level

In the Bali 9 matter – I felt deeply for Myuran’s mother  who is a Tamil and who has had to work hard as a migrant facing so many challenges. Given that I have accumulated credit with the system of Natural Justice to work the Global system – I believe I was able to make a contribution through our Government. The issue has been raised to the UN level now and if you read my early articles on this – that is what I wanted. Hence I believe that my prayers have been answered.

Like with the Bali 9 organizers the UN had its limits with the Sri Lankan war at that time to prevent deaths of civilians and LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) leaders who were surrendering. But their further commitment helped eventually to remove the leadership that carried out the executions. Like with the civilians who contributed strongly towards this – Tamil civilians who believed empowered the UN towards this. Sri Lankan voters became the media to deliver as per that belief.  The current outcomes where the Rajapaksa regime is facing a barrage of accusations and arrests by law enforcement authorities, confirm that Justice delayed was NOT Justice denied. Sri Lankan Parliament voted yesterday to curb Presidential Powers. Indonesia needs to go along similar path to cleanse itself – starting with the Law enforcement authorities and Judiciary. A weak Leader invokes that weakness in idle minds.   

In the meantime – every Believer would continue to readjust the Karmic Cycle to deliver as per their belief.  The pain of families of Andrew and Myuran will  eventually be a sad valuation of their own limitations at that time. But gradually they would recognize that even at the time of Death – Andrew and Myuran have saved a mother. All mothers who seek would be able to draw on this Higher Energy that Andrew and Myuran have become.  Eventually they may be the Spirit that eliminates Death Penalty which has no place in democracy. 

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