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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam – 03 May  2015
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The Fallacy of National Sovereignty

International  Laws could not save us Australians  from Indonesia’s Injustice, nor could Political influence. Our former Prime Minister the Hon Gough Whitlam said about the then Governor General ‘Well may we say ‘God save the Queen’ because nothing will save the Governor General’.  In terms of  Common Values the Execution of Bali 9 leaders is parallel to the 1975 Dismissal of the Australian Prime Minister by the Governor General.  In that case the Governor General allowed himself to be influenced by a Politician. In the case of Bali 9 leaders the Indonesian President whose position includes the position of Governor-General was influenced by the Politician in him. Hence the miscarriage of Justice.  There is little point in fighting against Death Penalty without recognizing the Dignity that flows due to the intrinsic  Sovereignty of Human Life. Sometimes it is more painful for all concerned where the individual concerned continues  living with a lowered / depressed mind, instead of accepting death  with a high liberated mind. My comfort came from my feeling that even if these young guys had been shown Clemency by the Indonesian President – their life in prison would not have been easy for all concerned including the prisoners themselves. Our own Australian Sovereignty would have been imprisoned in Indonesia. As a mother I would have also wanted my child to live as long as possible. But as an individual who has paid my dues – I would rather die with dignity of my Sovereignty than live as a dependent of a Politician dependent on votes. I invested in Sovereignty and I believe that that Sovereignty would work for me and also for anyone who has belief in me. By raising the experience to the higher level of liberation – these young Australians have added great value to Australia, to their Communities and Families. The lower mind dies with the body. The higher mind lives beyond the body.

 Part of that belief in Sovereignty is developed through Family, Community and Nation through its official structures. But once we discover the Truth through these structures – that Truth is our Guide. We need the approval of that Truth to restructure our systems. The investment we made through Andrew and Myuran are investments we Australians made in our own Sovereignty – to release It from the dictates of Indonesian leadership when they played the role of Australian Leaders in breach of Doctrine of Separation of Powers.

Most investors in Democracy and Diversity appreciate that there needs to be Separation of Powers between the Executive and the Judiciary – Management and Auditor. One is a maker of the outcome and the other awards rights and wrongs based on the outcomes produced. When a Judge produces her/his own outcomes – then that separation has been breached.

I am currently in Northern Sri Lanka advising a community here about the workings of the system of Dowry as per the laws of Thesawalamai – the Customary Law that confirms our Independence and Diversity. To the extent we practice this Customary Law we as a Community maintain our Sovereignty. But it is important that we practice it with respect to the original discoverers and previous investors in this system. In essence – there is separation between Man & Wife as per the laws of  Thesawalamai. Their duties were different - as it is between the Executive Government and the Judiciary. Hence the pathways through which wealth was inherited were also different. Man inherited from Father’s side and Wife inherited from Mother’s side. Without these values – the inheritance has only surface value. The inheritance would work for those to whom a place is their ‘home’. Hence Homelands of Sovereignty. Surface users are not able to access this deeper power and have the higher ‘Home’ experience. Hence a Sinhalese from Southern Sri Lanka will not be able to access the powers of Thesawalamai that a Tamil  who has invested in the Land of Thesawalamai would. It’s a natural entitlement.  The Land could be raised to the higher form and Nationhood could be recognized through Humans who have invested in other Humans to whom Thesawalamai Laws are ‘Home Laws’. Likewise – the practitioners of Separation of Powers between the Executive Government and the Judiciary.  All true investors in this system are naturally connected to each other through the higher Human Network. The powers would not work for those who have not invested in this Separation of Powers. In fact where within one common area  the force of investors in Separation of Powers is stronger than the force of those following the Monarchical Unitary State system as was the case in Sri Lanka from 1978 and in Indonesia after the end of Dutch rule.  In both instances the ‘users’ of majority looks moved back to the Monarchical system once they got into power. They became kings and queens by denying the period in-between.  Leadership status without belief leads to Dictatorship. The Sri Lankan Presidents – especially males – who desired to be Monarchs – went back in time and continued with the Colonial rule replacing the  Colonial rulers while saying the words that they were free of Colonialism. By denying the dues of Colonial Rulers – the new Ethnic leaders  failed to ‘include’ those values at the root level. Instead they entertained the desires of the voter to suit their desires and seriously damaged the system of democracy that they themselves invested in. In the case of Indonesia – current leaders have demonstrated that they have not given recognition to the Hindu rulers of that Land and that they did not get the approval of those ancestors who upheld Justice. Tamil King Ellan of the same dynasty as Emperor  Rajendra Cholan who ruled Indonesia, killed his own son when the cow whose calf was  accidentally killed by the prince rang the Bell of Justice in the King’s Palace. The gods gave back the lives of both  - the calf and the prince to the parents due to the equal level of respect demonstrated by the Great King towards the motherly feelings of the cow . I am not able to connect that value in the current Indonesian Leadership driven by votes. Myuran as a Tamil and as part of Hindu family - was entitled to be judged by those rulers of Indonesia as well – especially when it came to Governance powers beyond Administration.

The parallel of  that in our Jaffna Tamil system is the promotion of males to leadership position through ‘money’ (the parallel of votes) at surface value. Hence Dowry system was seriously damaged due to the generalization of the transfers of money wealth. Every Jaffna Tamil who contributed to this – sold her/his Sovereign rights  as a Jaffna Tamil which rights were accumulated through practice of Theswalamai and/or belief in the architects of the Law of Thesawalamai. Such Jaffna Tamils who sold-out cannot work the ‘Homeland Powers’ of our ancestors. Hence they keep producing current outcomes to ‘show’ how clever we are – rather than demonstrate through independent living – that we are Sovereign. One who is truly Sovereign would not give priority to ‘showing’ that Sovereignty before ‘protecting’ that intrinsic Sovereignty. The Indonesian Leadership kept ‘showing’ more and ‘protecting’ less. One who is Sovereign would feel hurt when the Sovereignty of another is damaged. One who indiscriminately mixes the two pathways – Monarchy and Democracy – is not Sovereign. Such a person loses the investment s/he made in the system of Democracy through which the empowerment to higher authority is claimed.

From time to time Truth manifests Itself to remind that those who make outcomes for their selfishness are damaging their own connection to the intrinsic Sovereignty of a Community.  When they fail to right the wrongs during the current period – the wrongs become sins. They thus handover lesser value heritage to their next generation.

The Governor is the representation of those who have protected this Sovereignty for themselves as individuals and  for our family/community/nation. All human laws have their limitations and every individual is entitled to that intrinsic Sovereign power of the individual carried through the position of Governor. Governors are the human form of Natural Judge/God and they need to be driven purely by belief.   Under this power a Muslim who is yet to discover the  common Divinity of  Muslims as a Community - does not have the authority to punish except through Muslim laws. That punishment is through a Muslim pathway. Hence other cultures need their own Governors of Common Belief..  This was the reason why the Dutch codified the Customs of Jaffna Tamils as Thesawalamai Customary Law. The parallels of this Customary Law was recognized also in other parts of Ceylon/Sri Lanka.  In common they had the Governors-General to make decisions that required the approval of Truth.  

 An Australian of Sinhala origin wrote in response to my article ‘Indonesia’s Black-Hole’ :

[Gaja says that she is in communication with Lord Shiva. I suppose she has prayed for this God to intervene and save Sukumaran through some miracle. But such things never happen as there is no God like Shiva, Allah, Jesus or any other.]

Those who do not ‘Believe’ are entitled to make statements such as the above.  But then their contribution is limited to the physical and the mental. We do not see Love or Truth. But most of us identify with Love and Truth as per our own inner Experiences. We do not ‘see’ or ‘know’ nation.  We can relate to country through the land we ‘see’ and the boundaries of a particular block of land and as per our calculations of our net positive contributions to the Nation as a whole. The Nation is above relativity and could only be identified with by a still mind. Likewise – with the body of an individual – we can say the person is dead. But the Spirit of the person – the Soul  could only be identified with.

I wrote on 29 April 2015, in the above mentioned article ‘Around 2.30 a.m. Australian time this morning – I had indicators that Myuran and Andrew were ok in spirit. The Divine message came through Lord Shiva –  the Hindu form of Power that helps us transcend the physical and the mental.   Myuran’s dedication to art helped him transcend above the reality around him.

To my mind, the above statement confirms my own higher level of identity. The way the Sinhalese interpreted was to eliminate the belief component from it.  Strictly speaking – that person should not take time off during Christmas or Easter in Australia and Vesak in Sri Lanka. Vesak is the day Lord Buddha was born  as well as attained Nirvana (Liberation). Tamil Hindus celebrate this day as ‘Chithra Pournami’ (Chithrai=April in Hindu Calendar Pournami=Full Moon) ,  to remember and honor their  mothers who have passed away from the physical. Just because the body is not there does not mean that the person is not there. We identify with the real person and hence we commonly celebrate that higher mother. Without belief no anniversary has any meaning. With Belief one makes the experience Eternal. I was talking about that state for these young men who had settled their debt to Indonesia. Eventually the real comfort for the families of these young ones would come from identity with this transcendence despite unjust death punishment. It is unjust basically because Indonesia did not / does not have the authority to punish Australians of a different culture/system of Belief. Where there is no common law Administered through bodies such as the UN – every country must limit its jurisdiction to preventing entry of foreigners who have offended and/or repatriate foreign offenders to their Homeland. In terms of information shared also – we need to follow these jurisdictions to protect our  Sovereignty.

In Australian Universities the parallel of the Governor is the Chancellor. At the University of New South Wales – both Chancellors of my time – Sir Anthony Mason and Dr. John Yu – identified with me as a Sovereign contributor to the University system. But the Vice Chancellors who as per my assessment were driven by their own desire for credit, suppressed me and had me arrested for Peaceful Assembly.  This is my parallel of the Dismissal experience by the Hon Gough Whitlam. I sought and accessed the blessings of Australian elders who gave us the Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901.  The purpose of that legislation was to prevent intrusion by outsiders to damage the work values of individuals and institutions and therefore their Sovereignty. Like Australian Federal Police - with the Bali 9 – New South Wales Police did not have the authority  of the law to arrest me. Yet they did. I wrote my own Judgment through my Truth which would be accepted as is by Chithragupthan when the Police have their judgment day through the system of Accountability.

In both countries – Sri Lanka and Indonesia – this higher Governor position  was used by Political leaders to change back to Monarchical structures.

In Australia the Governor General needs to  be beyond Administrative pathways – independent of those Administrative pathways. The Governor thus  represents the Monarch who is not any particular person but the consolidated investment all in Australia have made in that structure that has heritage value and cannot be measured through the current system. Today the full-moon day of April in the Hindu Calendar – is also the day when we celebrate Chithragupthan – the Judge  who gives structure as per our Truth, the whole Truth  and nothing but the Truth when we leave our mortal coils. His Judgment for Andrew and Myuran would have been very positive.

In the case of Bali 9 matter, it was reported that:
 ‘Victorian Supreme Court judge, the Hon  Lex Lasry - the long-time anti-death penalty campaigner said the Australian Government should form a group of "eminent persons" including lawyers, retired judges and people with specialist knowledge in the field to provide advice’
There is also talk about private member’s Bill to legislate to prevent unjust information sharing with foreigners. But all these would only improve the looks of the system. They would not facilitate access to the powers of those to whom Australia has been ‘home’. Only those who believe that Australia is ‘home’ and all Australians to whom this land is home is their Family – would access those powers. Despite the Dismissal and election of the Politician who abused Governance Power as Prime Minister – the Hon Gough Whitlam was identified with by Australians as a taller and more dignified leader than the Hon Malcolm Fraser who acted in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers to become Prime Minister.

If lawyers and judges who have repeatedly acted in breach of this Doctrine by producing their own outcomes on behalf of the side they wanted to win – and/or against the side they do not like - lead this group of ‘eminent persons’ they would infect our belief systems with their own legal system’s weaknesses.  The lawyers who fought against the death penalty – were personally good lawyers in a weak system in both countries. We would have more distractions through such groups – and dilute our investment in discovering our own Truth and empowering ourselves through our cultural systems of Belief – in our own privacy.   Most of us who were not handicapped by legal credits – were able to help the Bali 9 leaders raise their consciousness above the legal system.

To my mind, the role of the Australian Federal Police (AFP)  is our primary concern. Every part of a Sovereign Nation would be Sovereign. Unless a part of our Government is Sovereign it does not have the authority to act on behalf of the whole nation of Australia. Ensuring that the AFP acted purely on the basis of work performed Independently by the AFP is of utmost importance to protecting Australian Boarders from unjust foreigners.  We need to first address the breaches by our own authorities before going externally to enlist the support of other nations. The punishment is the last step in this path of injustice. Valuing the rights of the common Australian citizen against invasion by those who have a different value system is the priority for Australia to protect its own Sovereignty.

A Sovereign Nation would naturally identify with another Sovereign Nation. Hence in this issue – both countries failed to uphold the laws relating to Sovereignty. The Australian Government under the leadership of the Hon Tony Abbott did make amends to a degree. We now need to look at prevention of such interference of Governance pathways of the Citizen by the State.  Where a citizen seeks intervention – the Government and its Agencies need to become facilities and not hijack the matter and produce their own outcomes in breach of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers. Where there is no lawful basis – one is safer to follow one’s own Truth which is the highest lawful pathway for everyone. The way Bali 9 ought to have respected the laws of Indonesia – the Australian Federal Police – ought to have respected the sovereignty of the citizen.  Our consolidated efforts to support the families – have raised the value of this experience to the higher level and we need include this values to restructure our laws and policies relating to Sovereignty of the Nation.  

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